August 13 & 14, 2010

Rafain Hotel and Convention Center,
Av. Olimpio Rafagnin, 2357
Foz do Iguacu — PR, 85862 — 210, Brazil






To establish the basis for the development of a research program focused on the physics, biology and geochemistry of the cross-shelf exchanges between the Southern Ocean and the eastern shelf of South America.


  1. Define present state of knowledge of the (physics, biology and geochemistry) cross-shelf exchanges in the Southwestern South Atlantic. That is, what do we know, what we suspect, and what we don’t know (but would like to know).
  2. Define the impacts of cross-shelf exchanges on the shelf and the deep ocean.
  3. From 1 and 2 establish research priorities.
  4. Discuss the basis for the establishment of a research program

Suggested Reading:


Annual balance and seasonal variability of sea-air CO2 fluxes in the Patagonia Sea: Their relationship with fronts and chlorophyll distribution

Global phytoplankton decline over the past century

Shelf-derived iron inputs drive biological productivity in the southern Drake Passage

The flux of iron from continental shelf sediments: A missing source for
global budgets

The continental margin is a key source of iron to the HNLC North Pacific Ocean

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Characteristics of suspended particulate organic matter in the southwestern Atlantic: Influence of temperature, nutrient and phytoplankton features on the stable isotope signature

The continental shelf benthic iron flux and its isotope composition

Submarine groundwater discharge: A large, previously unrecognized source of dissolved iron to the South Atlantic Ocean


An overview of physical and ecological processes in the Rio de la Plata Estuary

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Multiple thermal fronts near the Patagonian shelf break

The Mean Along-Isobath Heat and Salt Balances over the Middle Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf

The influence of the Brazil and Malvinas Currents on the southwestern Atlantic shelf circulation

On the Upwelling of Downwelling Currents

A numerical study of the Southwestern Atlantic Shelf circulation:
Stratified ocean response to local and offshore forcing

Disentangling the upwelling mechanisms of the South Brazil Bight

Subtropical Shelf Front off eastern South America

Malvinas-slope water intrusions on the northern Patagonia
continental shelf

Variability of the subtropical shelf front off eastern South America: Winter 2003 and summer 2004

Chlorophyll-a variability off Patagonia based on SeaWiFS data

On the relationship between satellite-retrieved surface temperature fronts and chlorophyll a in the western South Atlantic

Western Ocean Boundary Shelves: Coastal Segment

Western Ocean Boundary Selves: Pan-Regional Overview