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R/V Pacific Storm

Pacific Storm

The R/V Pacific Storm is an 84' OA steel-hulled vessel with a 24' beam that is outfitted for year-round coastal service. The vessel can accommodate up to 7 people (beyond the crew) in three cabins for overnight and extended science missions up to 30 days duration. There are two showers and three heads. The vessel has excellent low-speed handling and positioning. A 5-ton articulating A-frame on the stern can launch and recover small boats, moorings, and sampling equipment. Features include a dry-lab, knuckle boom with a 5-ton lifting capacity, and 30' reach mounted slightly starboard of mid-ship that can service the entire back deck for loading/unloading supplies, boats, equipment, and other provisions. The aft deck area measures 27' long by 23' wide and can carry an inboard 22' Zodiac Hurricane RHIB. Additional boats or other equipment can be located behind the wheelhouse on top of the lab area. A series of 1500-watt lights illuminating both the deck and the waters in front of the vessel provide the capacity for around-the-clock work.

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