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On the Horizon — September 1, 2017

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Want to know what's new in the RCRV project? Maybe you want to share with other. Well, look no further! Program Manager Demian Bailey has set up a blog...


Put Yourself on the Map

Attention, globe-trotting CEOAS folks! On the CEOAS web site we have what we call our “Out There” map, which shows SOME of the places that CEOAS faculty and students conduct research, take field trips, lead classes, or undertake other activities (see http://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/research/map/). I’d love to add more points to it, especially in places where there are gaps on the map now. Take a look at the map and let me know if you have done any kind of research, teaching, or even volunteer activities in places not yet noted on the map, and if you would, drop me a note with some info. Bonus points for pictures! (Also note that we’d like the map to reflect a diversity of faculty members and research disciplines, so we rotate points on the map, choosing diverse sets of “pins” each time.)

Send to Nancy: nancy.steinberg@oregonstate.edu

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
ASGARD cruise in the Chukchi Sea on R/V Sikuliaq with UAF and NPRB Arctic, deploying the multicore. Left to right: UAF Marine Tech Ethan Roth, CEOAS GRA Sarah Seabrook, bosun Paul St. Onge, and UAF graduate student Ann Zinkann. Photo by Brendan Smith

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