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Mote takes over as dean of OSU Graduate School (11/27/2018 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Federal report: Climate change imperils some farms, but there’s hope (11/26/2018 Capital Press)

How OSU helped NASA land its InSight Mission craft on Mars (11/26/2018 Portland Business Journal)

A Legal Battle in the Coachella Valley Could Transform How California—and the Nation—Uses Water (11/26/2018 Pacific Standard)

No cause for alarm after 5 earthquakes hit 100 miles off Oregon coast (11/16/2018 The Oregonian)

PNW woodlands will be less vulnerable to drought, fire than Rocky Mountain, Sierra forests (11/16/2018 Science Daily)

Otter fans float plan to bring sea otters back to Oregon coast (11/14/2018 KLCC)

Snowriders brace for El Niño as Bachelor unlikely to open by Thanksgiving weekend (11/14/2018 Bend Bulletin)

Construction Starts on OSU's Research Ship (11/8/2018 Marine Technology News)

Water scarcity fuels tensions across the Middle East (11/1/2018 NBC News)

A Vault of Glass and the Deepest Volcanic Eruption Ever Detected (10/30/2018 New York Times)

New glacial melt data collected from the ocean floor at Leconte Glacier (10/29/2018 KFSK)

Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year (10/28/2018 NPR)

Typhoon Yutu spurs disaster in a remote U.S. territory (10/26/2018 Grist)

These are the most dangerous U.S. volcanoes, scientists say (10/26/2018 National Geographic)

Oregon's Extreme Drought Looks Set to Continue (10/25/2018 Pacific Standard)

World's Deepest Volcanic Eruption Creates Nightmare Garden of Glass (10/24/2018 LiveScience)

The Big Meltdown: As the Antarctic Peninsula heats up, the rules of life there are being ripped apart. Alarmed scientists aren’t sure what all the change means for the future. (10/23/2018 National Geographic)

The Climate Won’t Stop Changing In 2100 (10/19/2018 The Nation)

River Renewal: Renegotiating the Columbia River Treaty (10/15/2018 Terra)

Trump may not know what’s behind warming, but scientists do (10/15/2018 Associated Press)

Risk insurance for fishermen? It’s a thought (10/10/2018 Newport News-Times)

Wave energy buoyed by land purchase, marine surveys (10/5/2018 Newport News-Times)

2018 one of worst low-oxygen years for ocean off Oregon (10/3/2018 KTVZ)

Christopher N. K. Mooers (1935–2018) (10/3/2018 Eos)

Quake warning signs proposed for Portland's vulnerable buildings (10/3/2018 The Oregonian)

Oregon State research vessel 'Oceanus' parked on Portland waterfront (9/28/2018 KGW)

Ocean research and cruise just part of the lesson plan (9/28/2018 Columbia Press)

Oregon sees low-oxygen seasons in coastal waters (9/20/2018 KATU)

Are glaciers behind perplexing shift in paleoclimate Ice Age patterns? (9/19/2018 GlacierHub)

OSU, coalition get ocean observatories grant (9/18/2018 KTVZ)

New Tech Makes Scientific Data Cheaper And Easier To Secure (9/17/2018 OPB)

AT SEA: Local students join ocean research (9/17/2018 Lincoln City News Guard)

Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU (9/14/2018 The Oregonian)

Scientists learn why Mount St. Helens is 'out of line' (9/3/2018 KTVZ)

Ocean Scientists Discover Hundreds More Methane Seeps Off PNW Coast (9/2/2018 OPB)

Water Shortages, Intensified by Climate Change, Threaten World’s Hotspots (8/30/2018 The Washington Diplomat)

OSU, Utah to estimate U.S. plant transpiration (8/30/2018 KTVZ)

Climate change means smoky summers will be more frequent, experts say (8/22/2018 The Oregonian)

Can the Great Lakes continue to fend off an increasingly thirsty world? (8/16/2018 Ensia)

In a warming world, the fight for water can push nations apart—or bring them together (8/16/2018 Quartz)

How Warming Could Speed up the Sea (8/16/2018 Hakai Magazine)

Morning Energy: Scientists Link Ocean Flows to CO2 Rise (8/14/2018 Politico)

Tracing atmospheric rise in CO2 during deglaciation (8/14/2018 EurekAlert!)

Is the ‘Big One’ looming? (8/9/2018 The News Guard)

OSU scientists named climate change report lead authors (8/7/2018 KTVZ)

OSU study: Quakes can trigger others halfway around Earth (8/2/2018 KTVZ)

Researcher: Get used to wildfires; they're getting worse (7/31/2018 KEZI)

Oregon scientists: Pyrosomes could be here to stay, studies take on urgency (7/31/2018 KATU)

Oregon coast quake cluster a reminder that someday 'big one' will hit (7/30/2018 The Oregonian)

New Project From OSU Libraries Highlights Faculty Work On Climate Science (7/25/2018 KLCC)

As heat continues, experts warn of potential water woes this summer (7/25/2018 KATU)

OSU experts not concerned by 11 earthquakes (7/24/2018 KEZI)

OSU study: Cutting carbon emissions will limit sea level rise (7/16/2018 KTVZ)

Central Oregon reservoirs a cause for concern (7/14/2018 Bend Bulletin)

Scientists may have solved a huge riddle in Earth’s climate past. It doesn’t bode well for the future. (7/11/2018 Washington Post)

Antarctic Penguins Find an Unlikely Ally: Fishermen (7/10/2018 National Geographic)

OSU is purchasing land north of Waldport to begin PacWave energy test site project (6/28/2018 Oregon State University)

What's the Gulf Coast's future in confronting rapid environmental changes? (6/27/2018 Times-Picayune)

Scientists use hydrophone to listen in on methane seeps in ocean, hope next to estimate volume (6/26/2018 Phys.org)

‘Narco-deforestation’ may boost disaster risks in Central America (6/19/2018 Reuters)

Warned 30 years ago, global warming ‘is in our living room’ (6/18/2018 Associated Press)

Quake expert: Portland needs to shake up seismic retrofits (6/12/2018 Portland Tribune)

$88M grant allows Oregon State to contract construction of second new research vessel (6/12/2018 KVAL)

New kind of refugees — from coastal climate change — expected to migrate to Tucson (6/7/2018 Arizona Daily Star)

Bacterial Measurements Predict River Characteristics (6/1/2018 Technology Networks)

Wave Energy Testing Site Passes Hurdle (5/31/2018 Think Out Loud, OPB)

Brick By Brick: Many of Portland’s Historic Brick Buildings—And Their Residents—Won’t Survive an Earthquake. What Can Be Done? (5/30/2018 Portland Mercury)

OSU shares plan for harnessing wave energy (5/25/2018 Digital Journal of Commerce Oregon)

Remembering Mt. St. Helens as Cascade event looms (5/17/2018 KOIN)

Lessons from Montecito: Science's Credibility Is At Stake (5/14/2018 Wired)

Sensitive ice stream has been draining Greenland glaciers for 45,000 years (5/14/2018 UPI)

Central Oregon in shadow of volcanoes deemed high priority (5/10/2018 Eugene Register-Guard)

Could a volcano erupt in Central Oregon? (5/9/2018 Bend Bulletin)

Oregon the second-most covered state with volcanic rock next to Hawaii (5/4/2018 KVAL)

The shape of things to come (5/3/2018 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Op/Ed – JUST THINK: WATER—WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED, BUT SHOULD WE? (4/27/2018 Tillamook County Pioneer)

Oregon's transformative wave test center pushes state toward energy conquest (4/24/2018 Portland Business Journal)

OSU wave energy test site reaches licensing milestone (4/24/2018 Coos Bay World)

PDI to Supply Centerboard for OSU's New Research Vessel (4/24/2018 Marine Technology News)

Can You Guess What America Will Look Like in 10,000 Years? A Quiz (4/20/2018 New York Times)

Living with the Weather Machine (Nova special) (4/19/2018 PBS)

Statistics sharpen our satellite view of forest biomass (4/9/2018 Environmental Research Web)

'Prevention is the best remedy': Tests find pet medications in Northwest waterways (4/5/2018 KMTR)

More communication needed regarding disposal of pet pharmaceuticals (4/4/2018 Science Daily)

Study finds human and animal foragers respond in similar ways to change (4/3/2018 Oregon State University)

Study suggests estuaries may experience accelerated impacts of human-caused CO2 (4/2/2018 Phys.org)

AP FACT CHECK: Science contradicts EPA warming memo (3/29/2018 Associated Press)

The Impermanence of Permafrost (3/27/2018 Hakai Magazine)

What climate change means to our crucial snowpack (3/23/2018 Seattle Times)

CityStream: Citizen Scientists & Snow (3/22/2018 Seattle Channel)

Oregon State names three distinguished professors Oregon State University has named Edward Brook, Joey Spatafora and Janet Tate as its 2018 Distinguished Professor recipients, the highest academic honor the university can bestow on a faculty member. (3/22/2018 Oregon State University)

Saving Winter (3/20/2018 Flathead Beacon)

How rivers can remember (3/19/2018 BC Book Look)

Lack of snow pack leaves the West hung out to dry (3/16/2018 Salon)

Scientists Say New Reservoirs Will Not Offset Dramatically Declining Snowpack (3/13/2018 KQED)

Gliders on the storm: From sharks to ice shelves, monsoons to volcanoes, the scope of ocean monitoring is widening (3/8/2018 The Economist)

Warming trends: Climate change to shorten Mt. Spokane’s season (3/4/2018 Spokesman-Review)

OSU study: snowpack declines across the West (3/2/2018 Portland Tribune)

Better late than never, snowpack doubles at Mt. Bachelor (2/28/2018 Bend Bulletin)

Moving hotspots: Scientists explain mystery bend in Hawaii-Emperor volcano chain (2/27/2018 Deutsche Welle)

Exploring The Interdependence Of Snow And Forest (2/21/2018 Jefferson Public Radio)

Study finds tuna fishermen who fish along ocean fronts can significantly boost revenue (2/20/2018 KVAL)

OSU chemists to study contaminants at military bases (2/15/2018 KTVZ)

Noisy Shrimp May Be Helping Gray Whales Find Their Prey (2/14/2018 OPB)

Melting ice sheets are hastening sea level rise, satellite data confirms (2/13/2018 The Guardian)

Satellites show warming is accelerating sea level rise (2/12/2018 ABC News)

Oregon’s warm winter and low snowpack makes summer drought likely (2/8/2018 Statesman Journal)

Roundtable: Will future wars be fought over water? (2/5/2018 TRT World)

The West is in the middle of a serious snow drought (2/2/2018 ThinkProgress)

Melting ice sheets (1/31/2018 BBC Radio)

1200-year mini Ice Age was caused by global warming (1/31/2018 Cosmos)

Peter Clark: Melting Ice, Rising Seas, and Climate Change (1/29/2018 AAAS)

New study shows freshwater input route from melting ice led to rapid cooling (1/25/2018 Phys.org)

How To Commit Science While You Ski (1/23/2018 Jefferson Public Radio)

What is the Cascadia Subduction Zone? Cascadia fault that could DESTROY California (1/23/2018 Express)

American lobsters feeling the heat in the northwest Atlantic (1/23/2018 Phys.org)

An acid solution? (1/22/2018 Oregon Coast Today)

ONE COOL SCIENTIST: Susan Howard a researcher in Antarctica (1/22/2018 News and Tribune)

Snowpack Near Record Lows Spells Trouble for Western Water Supplies (1/15/2018 Inside Climate News)

Study Finds Body Size of Marine Plankton, Currents Keys to Dispersal in Ocean (1/11/2018 R&D)

Heatwaves, wildfires, high water: Climate change is 'already here' (1/10/2018 KUOW)

OSU leads in Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles research (1/8/2018 The Daily Barometer)

New Gloucester's Bryce Neal seeks volcanic secrets beneath Yellowstone (1/7/2018 Sun Journal)

Science named nine scientific discoveries, advances, or trends as runners-up for the 2017 Breakthrough of the Year (12/22/2017 Science)

Science at the Border Between Ice and Ocean (12/11/2017 Eos.org)

Biodiversity surprises at bubbly deep-sea cold seeps along Cascadia fault (12/6/2017 Phys.org)

How Climate Change Is Impacting the American West Right Now (12/4/2017 News Deeply)

Study: Some areas could shake much less than others during 'Big One' (11/20/2017 KGW)

Run-Ups of Unusual Size: Not all waves are created equal when it comes to eroding sandy shorelines. Here’s a look at the physics that drives the big ones (11/8/2017 Eos.org)

New Gloucester student investigates Yellowstone supervolcano (11/8/2017 Sun Journal)

50 Ways an Earthquake Could Shatter—or Spare—These Major Northwest American Cities (10/25/2017 National Geographic Australia)

Shellfish growers: Acidification real threat (10/24/2017 Chinook Observer)

Southern Exposure: Coastal needs ripe for research funding (10/23/2017 The Daily Astorian)

Supervolcano Forensics: unravelling the mysteries of the Earth’s biggest natural catastrophe (10/20/2017 Research Features)

Possible La Niña could mean big winter for Central Oregon (10/18/2017 Bend Bulletin)

Rapp Marine to Equip New OSU Research Vessel (10/16/2017 Marine Technology News)

People love to live in places that are at risk for disasters, ‘and this is what happens’ (10/15/2017 Washington Post)

Sea change: The increasing acidity of our seas is a threat to marine life that for many species may be impossible to overcome (10/11/2017 Nature)

Going in for the Krill: An abundant but imperiled species draws scientists to Antarctica (10/5/2017 Terra)

Climate change, population growth may lead to open ocean aquaculture (10/4/2017 Phys.org)

Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide (10/4/2017 Phys.org)

"The Spirit Of Dialogue" (Geography professor Aaron Wolf discusses his new book, "The Spirit of Dialogue: Lessons from Faith Traditions in Transforming Conflict") (9/21/2017 OPB Think Out Loud)

Is the U.S. Overdue for a Catastrophic Earthquake? These Cities Are Most at Risk (9/21/2017 Time)

'Warm summers and stronger storms': Climatologist on climate change and extreme weather (9/20/2017 KVAL)

As oceans acidify, shellfish farmers respond (9/18/2017 High Country News)

When the Big One hits: Are you ready? (9/17/2017 Mail Tribune)

New Incentive to Develop Autonomous Marine Systems (9/7/2017 i-HLS.com)

Gulf Island Shipyards, LLC, awards functional engineering and design of the Oregon State University Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) to Gibbs & Cox, Inc. (9/5/2017 Markets Insider)

Despite historically wet winter, Oregon moving toward drought (9/2/2017 Statesman Journal)

Workshop to drill down on Newberry’s energy potential (9/1/2017 Bend Bulletin)

It's not just your imagination. Oregon summers are getting hotter (8/31/2017 OregonLive)

USA's largest estuary facing increasing acidification risk (8/28/2017 Science Daily)

Zooplankton got totally punk'd by Monday's eclipse (8/24/2017 LA Times)

Young Fir Trees Sap Stream Flow (8/23/2017 Corvallis Advocate)

Methane from tundra, ocean floor didn't spike during previous natural warming period (8/23/2017 Phys.org)

NSF grant bolsters OSU’s efforts in robotics, artificial intelligence, marine studies (8/16/2017 Robotics Tomorrow)

Record-shattering 2.7-million-year-old ice core reveals start of the ice ages (8/15/2017 sciencemag.org)

Will the Great American Eclipse make animals act strangely? Science says yes (8/9/2017 LA Times)

History shows Oregon should have sunny eclipse day (8/7/2017 KTVZ News Channel 21)

Oregon students, researchers in line for first eclipse images (8/4/2017 KTVZ News Channel 21)

From computation to the ocean, a scientist finds his fit (7/31/2017 Science)

New assessment identifies global hotspots for water conflict (7/17/2017 EurekAlert!)

OSU lands $122 million grant for new research vessel in Newport (7/13/2017 OregonLive)

The Q&A: Aaron Wolf (7/12/2017 Texas Tribune)

Earth's magnetic field 'simpler than we thought' (7/6/2017 EurekAlert!)

Krill hotspot in Antarctic region (7/5/2017 Phys.org)

Are we ready for the next major earthquake? (6/22/2017 NBC Nightly News)

Magma temperatures may help predict volcanic eruptions (6/17/2017 KTVZ)

Don’t miss the moment of totality (6/6/2017 Register-Guard)

Deep Thoughts on Shallow Waters (6/5/2017 Jefferson Public Radio)

Getting ready for the eclipse (5/28/2017 Democrat-Herald)

Central American forests decimated by cocaine traffickers (5/16/2017 Oregonian)

Plankton provides tool for taking the temperatures of past oceans (5/16/2017 Phys.org)

Data-Visualization Face-Off (5/5/2017 Livescience)

Why Not Develop Your Own Surf Forecast System? (4/15/2017 Surfer)

Teaching & Learning Spotlight: Demian Hommel (4/3/2017 Life@OSU)

Alaskan glacier at its lowest point in 900 years (3/31/2017 New Scientist)

OSU part of new NSF research program in the Arctic (3/22/2017 OSU News & Research)

OSU names Mix as distinguished professor (3/20/2017 Life@OSU)

Sediment core collection to be one of world's largest (3/14/2017 Global Times)

Warming temps could trigger extinctions in deep oceans (2/23/2017 Phys.org)

Low snowpack may become more common (2/22/2017 Science Daily)

Global ‘fish wars’ could break out (2/19/2017 Independent)

Women in Oregon fishing industry have important, yet invisible role (2/16/2017 Phys.org)

El Nino gobbled up California beaches (2/16/2017 Prothom Alo)

We Need to Regulate the Seabed (2/6/2017 Motherboard)

State still warming, despite frigid winter (1/27/2017 Phys.org)

Ice Study (1/23/2017 OPB)

Past warming signals major sea level rise ahead (1/20/2017 LA Times)

Oregon ocean tragedy underscores need for greater awareness (1/17/2017 Salon)

Oregon Coast Studied for Resiliency through Microgrids (1/13/2017 Microgrid Knowledge)

Warmer Waters Linked to Higher Levels of Shellfish Toxin (1/10/2017 Livescience)

How the Antarctic Ice Sheet is affecting climate change (12/12/2016 Science Daily)

AAAS and OSU announce 2016 Fellows (11/21/2016 Life@OSU)

Taking Cautious Steps to End a Dam Impasse (11/10/2016 EurasiaNet.org)

Study Blames Low 2015 Western Snowpack on High Temperatures (10/31/2016 ABC News)

Father and son team up to study glacier retreat near Petersburg (10/24/2016 KGW)

U.S., Canada to begin Columbia River Treaty negotiations (10/12/2016 Capital Press)

Universities Seek Smaller, Modernized Fleet of Research Vessels (10/12/2016 Chronicle of Higher Education)

Wet, windy weather to hit area (10/12/2016 Gazette Times)

Geological Society of America Honors Dawn Wright (10/11/2016 Business Wire)

Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a myth, warn experts (10/5/2016 The Telegraph)

Oregon could see warm start to winter (9/30/2016 Statesman Journal)

A taste of marine research aboard the Oceanus (9/27/2016 Newport News-Times)

OSU ocean research ship docked in Portland (9/16/2016 Fox 12 Oregon)

Scientists store glacier chunks in an Antarctic vault for safekeeping (9/11/2016 Grist)

Measuring glacier melt (9/8/2016 Think Out Loud: OPB)

Mobile Phone Data Helps Identify Displaced People Faster, Cheaper, More Accurately (8/18/2016 New Security Beat)

Oregon State University Seeks New Research Vessels (8/11/2016 Marinelink.com)

Subduction zones quakes more frequent than previous estimates (8/5/2016 Gazette Times)


Marinelli to head OSU college (7/15/2016 Gazette Times)

How Growing Sea Plants Can Help Slow Ocean Acidification (7/12/2016 Yale Environment 360)

OSU names marine science leader from Southern California to head college (6/30/2016 Life@OSU)

Crippled Atlantic currents triggered ice age climate change (6/30/2016 Science)

Citizen Scientists Train a Thousand Eyes on the North Pole (6/30/2016 EOS Buzz)

How Much of the N. Oregon Coast Did Not Exist 100 Years Ago? (6/29/2016 Beach Connection)

OSU researchers urge preparedness as the Cascadia Subduction Zone threatens (6/25/2016 Oregonian)

This Is How Drought Affects Oregon’s Outdoor Recreation Industry (6/24/2016 WXshift)

Newberry still in running for geothermal lab (6/14/2016 Bend Bulletin)

Oregon Coast Scientists' Remarkable Discoveries on Sea Stars, Underwater Vents (6/12/2016 Beach Connection)

Study: Native Oregon oysters uniquely suited to survive in acidified waters (6/10/2016 Oregonian)

OSU selects noted oceanographer to head Marine Studies Initiative (6/10/2016 Life@OSU)

Hydrothermal Vents And Methane Seeps Are Essential For Ocean Ecosystems, Global Climate (5/31/2016 HNGN)

Jammu and Kashmir prone to major earthquake: Study (5/19/2016 MSN)

Study zeros in on streams, carbon (5/14/2016 Bend Bulletin)

Suffocating the Ocean (5/9/2016 Pacific Standard Magazine)

Comprehensive report of world’s transboundary water basins finds hotspots of risk (5/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

Study finds limit on evaporation to ice sheets, but that may change (4/29/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU to issue RFI on ship project after design completion (4/27/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU to host national ocean science bowl (4/20/2016 Gazette Times)

The timescales of global surface-ocean connectivity (4/19/2016 Nature Communications)

Study Of Deep Turbulence Reveals Ocean Currents Insights (4/4/2016 Environmental Monitor)

West Coast scientists sound alarm for changing ocean chemistry (4/4/2016 OSU News & Research)

Ocean researcher offers pair of lectures (3/29/2016 Gazette Times)

In roiling West Coast region, a calm appraisal of sea level (3/22/2016 NASA)

PNAS Study: Carbon from land played a role during last deglaciation (3/14/2016 OSU News & Research)

Extreme events show signal of climate change (3/11/2016 OSU News & Research)

Anticipating the next mega-quake (3/6/2016 CBS News)

Mariana Trench: Seven miles deep, the ocean is still a noisy place (3/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

Peter Clark named OSU Distiguished Professor (2/16/2016 OSU News & Research)

The quake-maker you've never heard of: Cascadia (2/11/2016 WZVN-TV, Fort Meyers, FL)

What the Earth will be like in 10,000 years, according to scientists Peter Clark led the group of 22 climate researchers making the statement published in the journal Nature Climate Change. (2/8/2016 The Washington Post)

Study: Fish assemblages can change rapidly along coast as water warms (2/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU CEOAS researchers featured in CBS 60 Minutes video on Greenland To learn more see Greenland’s Petermann Fjord and Petermann’s Glacial History (2/1/2016)

2015 was Oregon's warmest year on record, data shows (1/8/2016 The Oregonian)

Underwater Icicles Are Salty, Weird-Looking and Deadly (1/5/2016 How Stuff Works NOW)

Climate change scientists urge candidates to lead on clean energy (12/10/2015 KTVZ)

The “Water Wars” Trap (12/9/2015 Slate)

Willamette Valley’s future: River temperatures to rise, snowpack to shrink, population to double by 2100 (12/5/2015 Register-Guard)

Geological Society of America honours chief scientist (12/3/2015 ee Publishers)

A Strong El Niño Will Lead To Another Warm Winter (11/25/2015 OPB)

The Sound of Skeptics (11/25/2015 Upworthy)

Nature Can Grind Mountains Faster Than Nature Can Rebuild Them (11/24/2015 Science 2.0)

Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events (11/18/2015 Science Codex)

Petermann-2015 Expedition Launches International Collaboration in Arctic Science (10/30/2015 ARCUS)

How Washington Transformed Its Dying Oyster Industry Into A Climate Success Story (10/28/2015 Think Progress)

A 99.9% chance of a big L.A. earthquake by 2019? Don't bet on it. (10/28/2015 LA Times)

At the Earth's core (10/5/2015 Gazette Times)

The New Yorker Festival 2015 - 9 on the Richter Scale (10/5/2015 Zimbio)

OSU receives $3 million grant from NSF (10/2/2015 Gazette Times)

OSU faculty recognized with ‘early career’ awards (9/30/2015 Gazette Times)

When Nature strikes: Tsunamis (9/30/2015 NBC)

What Mt. Hood’s fading summer ski season means (9/24/2015 High Country News)

Scientists: Erosion, Winter Storms Could Worsen Around World, Oregon Coast (9/23/2015 Beach Connection)

White Receives 2015 Ocean Sciences Early Career Award (9/23/2015 Earth & Space Science News)

OSU research grants set record (9/8/2015 Gazette Times)

Oregon Climate Service worries when the wettest forests burn (8/28/2015 Register-Guard)

Oyster growers fret about ocean acidification (8/28/2015 Register-Guard)

Greenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice Age (8/24/2015 EurekAlert!)

Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport celebrates 50 years (8/3/2015 The Oregonian)

The Really Big One (7/13/2015 The New Yorker)

Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming (7/9/2015 Science Daily)

Your idle computer could help scientists study the drought (7/6/2015 KPCC)

Oregon State University scientists plug into undersea circuitry to sense and analyze the mysteries of the ocean (7/6/2015 Register-Guard)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute names new president (6/30/2015 Boston Business Journal)

Warm-water mass off West Coast is focus of Oregon State University climate-change research (6/29/2015 Register-Guard)

Antarctica Is Home to Newly Discovered Yeti Crab (6/28/2015 Liberty Voice)

Study finds sudden shift in "forcing" led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet (6/23/2015 Phys.org)

El Niño Seen Strengthening, Unlikely To Bring Drought Relief (6/12/2015 KUOW.org)

OSU drops final ocean buoy off Newport as part of national aquatic research (6/3/2015 The Oregonian)

New study shows influence on climate of fresh water during last ice age (5/28/2015 Phys.org)

Subduction Thrust Investigation of New Zealand using Geothermics and Seismics (5/20/2015 Sting Cruise Blog)

Guides give geology lessons to visitors in Oregon’s Coast Range (5/19/2015 Seattle Times)

Installation Continues and O&M Begins at the Endurance Array (5/13/2015 Ocean Observatories Initiative)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/12/2015 Climate Progress)

Million-Year-Old Bubbles Reveal Antarctica's Oldest Climate Snapshot (5/11/2015 Livescience)

Ocean acidification on menu for Science Pub Monday (5/11/2015 Daily Barometer)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/7/2015 Climate Progress)

New program to train international specialists in water conflict resolution (5/7/2015 OSU News & Research)

Researchers measure giant "internal waves" that help regulate climate (5/7/2015 Phys.org)

Geologist outlines earthquake "time bombs" in a forthcoming book (5/6/2015 Phys.org)

Science Pub examines ocean acidification (5/5/2015 Gazette Times)

Oregon Scientists Lead Underwater Research (5/5/2015 KUOW.org)

Istanbul, Portland, Tehran And Jakarta All At Risk For Life-Threatening Earthquakes In The Future (4/29/2015 Huffington Post)

200-year lag between climate events in Greenland, Antarctica: Ocean involved (4/29/2015 Science Daily)

An active Oregon volcano could house a new renewable energy lab (4/28/2015 Portland Business Journal)

OSU geoscientist wins $250,000 award for global water negotiations (4/23/2015 Oregonian)

Finding Climate Clues in Ancient Polar Ice (4/20/2015 South Dakota Public Broadcasting)

Tsunami poses risk to almost 100,000 on West Coast (4/15/2015 CBS News)

OSU takes to the capitol (4/15/2015 Barometer)

Wiring the world below (4/5/2015 The Economist)

Sea change: OSU building interdisciplinary marine studies program (3/28/2015 Gazette Times)

Don't Torpedo The Dam, Full Speed Ahead For Ethiopia's Nile Project (3/26/2015 NPR)

Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle Announce the Winner of the Inaugural National Data Science Bowl (3/23/2015 Business Wire)

Antarctic warmth brings more snow, reducing sea level rise (3/18/2015 The Ecologist)

Oceans Are Losing Oxygen—and Becoming More Hostile to Life (3/13/2015 National Geographic)

New research reveals low-oxygen impacts on West Coast groundfish (3/11/2015 Phys.org)

As Oregon's warm winter ends, snowpack worries rise (3/10/2015 KTVZ)

Oregon scientist proposes Lego set about female geologists (3/6/2015 Oregonian)

Using satellites to monitor forest health (2/28/2015 Environmental News Network)

OSU Wins Grant To Help Underwater Drones Track Marine Life (2/25/2015 OPB)

Study outlines threat of ocean acidification to coastal communities in U.S. (2/23/2015 NSF)

Deep-sea vents celebrated (2/18/2015 Daily Barometer)

Scientists find deep-ocean evidence for Atlantic overturning decline (2/17/2015 Phys.org)

Oregon Snowpack at Record Lows (1/30/2015 ABC News)

Is it Okay to Eat Snow? (1/26/2015 Popular Science)

The Next Mega Tsunami (1/26/2015 National Geographic)

Scientists react to warmest year (1/16/2015 Washington Post)

Collaborative research on ocean acidification benefits Oregon (1/13/2015 Daily Barometer)

Listening for Echoes of Krill (1/8/2015 CONVERGE)

Deep bacteria may evolve even without passing genes on (1/7/2015 New Scientist)

Oregon State takes tsunami possibility seriously in science center expansion: Guest opinion (1/1/2015 Oregonian)

Effective Fresh Water Policy Requires an Educated Public, Reports OSU Hydrology Professor (12/31/2014 Virtual Strategy Magazine)

Oregon marine researchers offer $175,000 reward for 'big data' solution to identifying plankton (12/16/2014 The Oregonian)

Oregon Moves Toward Girding Schools Against an Inevitable Great Quake (12/12/2014 New York Times)

No laughing matter: Nitrous oxide rose at end of last ice age (12/10/2014 e-Science News)

Higher, more acidic ocean, less snow and forest fires are Northwest's top climate risks (12/9/2014 Idaho Statesman)

Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish (12/7/2014 The Scientist)

OSU earns high marks for science programs (12/4/2014 Gazette Times)

Greenhouse gases linked to African rainfall (12/4/2014 Phys.org)

Ocean biota responds to global warming according to study (12/2/2014 Phys.org)

Marine Studies aims for global excellence (12/1/2014 Daily Barometer)

NOAA, partners provide real-time ocean acidification data to Pacific coast shellfish grower (11/19/2014 NOAA)

Modern-day tech for modern-day explorers (11/18/2014 Daily Barometer)

Plan to tow thirst-quenching icebergs to Africa is on ice (10/30/2014 SciDev.Net)

Study shows three abrupt pulse of CO2 during last deglaciation (10/30/2014 Space Daily)

Bring on the snow (10/22/2014 Bend Bulletin)

Ocean rocks can capture methane, a potent greenhouse gas (10/14/2014 Portland Tribune)

Scientist: West Coast overdue for megaquake (10/14/2014 Fox Kansas City)

Environment: Report warns against unsustainable exploitation of deep ocean resources (10/7/2014 Summit County Citizen Voice)

Coming our way, tsunami 'debris' with a purpose (9/29/2014 Statesman Journal)

Research resolves discrepancy in Greenland temperatures during end of last ice age (9/4/2014 Phys.org)

Scientists Find Evidence of Active Methane Emission at Antarctic Seafloor (9/2/2014 Subsea World News)

Letter: Retired geology prof reflects on our shaky info about earthquakes (9/1/2014 Gazette Times)

NASA Langley Researchers Earn Distinguished Service Awards (8/25/2014 SpaceRef)

Sunlight To Blame For CO2 Release In Arctic Permafrost, Not Microbes (8/22/2014 Science 2.0)

Making Better Digital Maps in an Era of Standardization (8/20/2014 CityLab)

How often does Cascadia fault rip? Scientists disagree (8/9/2014 Seattle Times)

Breaking icebergs blast out noise (8/7/2014 Nature)

OSU faculty members named AGU fellows (8/6/2014 Gazette Times)

From 'Finding Nemo' to minerals—what riches lie in the deep sea? (7/29/2014 Phys.org)

Abrupt Climate Shifts in the Past Offer Warning for Future (7/25/2014 Scientific American)

Scientists Identify Possible 'Tipping Point' of Global Warming (7/24/2014 Nature World News)

OSU researcher says new USGS earthquake map can help officials plan and protect areas at risk (7/18/2014 Fox News)

Can we predict volcanic eruptions? Adam Schultz is helping lead the project. (7/17/2014 Christian Science Monitor)

Where Does Oceanic Methane Come From? (7/10/2014 Popular Science)

SAR11, oceans' most abundant organism, has ability to create methane (7/7/2014 Phys.org)

The Rickshaw Drivers of Kolkata, India (7/3/2014 NY Times)

Ocean's nasty plastic garbage is disappearing: What's going on? (7/2/2014 LA Times)

Krypton in Ancient Ice (7/1/2014 American Scientist)

Geology celebrates 100 years at OSU (6/30/2014 Life@OSU)

Ice sheets may have already passed point of no return (6/30/2014 New Scientist)

Study links Greenland ice sheet collapse, sea level rise 400,000 years ago (6/25/2014 OSU)

Robert Yeats donates professional library to Indonesian Institute of Science (6/24/2014 Life@OSU)

Found! Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle (6/14/2014 Yahoo News)

Greenland's Glaciers to be shown at Hatfield Marine Science Center (6/13/2014 Newport News Times)

Laser fluorescence could find life on Mars (6/12/2014 Science Codex)

Antarctic ice as old as 120,000 years (6/10/2014 IOL)

West Coast groundfish certified as sustainable (6/4/2014 Washington Post)

Where will the world's water conflicts erupt? (6/3/2014 Popular Science)

Dusk heralds a feeding frenzy in the waters off Oahu (6/3/2014 Science News)

Antarctic Ice Sheet unstable at end of last ice age (5/28/2014 Science Daily)

CEOAS students Jen Lam, Alejandra Sanchez, and Stephanie Grocke receive OSU Women's Center 2014 Student Leader Awards (5/17/2014 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Adam Schultz leading magnetic and electrical field monitoring part of iMUSH (Imaging Magma Under Mount St. Helens) study. (5/17/2014 Daily News Online)

Phil Mote's snowpack study mentioned in National Geographic Daily News (5/16/2014 National Geographic)

Rob Holman discusses benefits of coastline remote sensing (5/15/2014 SciDev.Net)

George Waldbusser on ocean acidification (5/13/2014 IIP Digital)

Tuba Ozkan-Haller paper co-author on the physics of ocean undertow (5/13/2014 Science Newsline)

Rick Spinrad to become NOAA Chief Scientist (5/9/2014 Science Insider)

Phil Mote a lead author of National Climate Assessment's chapter on the northwest (5/6/2014)

Burke Hales an author of study on snail shell dissolution due to ocean acidification (5/3/2014)

Andrew Thurber to address future of Earth's oceans at next Science Pub (5/2/2014 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Ed Brook talks about new method of dating ice (4/23/2014 Christian Science Monitor)

Anne Nolin: Low Snowpack Years More Common (4/7/2014 EarthFix)

Chris Goldfinger: Chile Dodged a Bullet (4/2/2014 New York Times)

Cascadia Quake: Our 'Big One' (3/23/2014 Del Norte Triplicate)

The Next Tsunami (3/20/2014 LA Times)

Quake-up call: 'Little red flags that the subduction zone is active' (3/14/2014 KVAL)

Missing Plane Defies Search Technology (3/10/2014 LA Times)

Global Average Temperatures Are Close to 11,000-Year Peak (3/8/2014 Scientific American)

Underwater Volcanoes (3/5/2014 BeachConnection.net)

Geochemist to Present Condon Lecture (2/25/2014 OSU)

Volcanoes, Including Mt. Hood, Can go from Dormant to Active Quickly (2/17/2014 OSU)

PDI to Supply Centerboard for OSU's New Research Vessel (11/30/-0001 Marine Technology News)


What Lies Beneath: Tiny Organisms Thrive Below Earth's Surface (12/30/13), Fox News)

2013 Weather Roundup: Wettest September Doesn't Offset Dry Year (12/27/13)

19 Super Bugs that Rule Earth's Hiddent Depths (12/11/13, New Scientist)

Coastal Survey: Oregon Beaches See More Short-term Erosion (12/9/13)

Scientists Calculate Friction of Japan's 9.0 Earthquake in 2011 (12/5/13)

Magma Ocean Could Have Given Early Earth Magnetic Field (12/5/13, LiveScience)

Pre-industrial Rise in Methane Gas Had Natural and Anthropogenic Causes (11/21/13)

Water Under Pressure (11/15/13, Aljazeera)

Science Policy Forum: Researchers Advocate for Climate Adaptation Science (11/7/13, Scientific American)

Scientists Close in on Planet's Oldest Ice (11/6/13, Scientific American)

Report: Wildfires, snowmelt, coastal issues top Northwest risks (11/4/13)

Oregon Coast Sneaker Waves Can Take Deadly Toll (10/17/13, Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Study Concludes Climate Change Will Wreak Havoc on Oceans by 2100 (10/16/13)

OSU Oceanography Dean to Speak at ARCS Foundation (10/15/13)

Colleges Pay Cost to Keep Research Afloat During Shutdown (10/11/13, Statesman Journal)

Why Shutting Down U.S. Antarctic Research Will Have Global Repercussions (10/11/13, Wired)

Through the Ice: On the Antarctic Seafloor, Life Thrives in Surprising Abundance (10/9/13, Terra)

Oceanographer Murray Levine Has Died (10/7/13)

Ancient Supervolcanoes on Mars? Claims Set Off a Scientific Rumble (10/2/13)

Whale of a Difference: Researchers Double Depth at which Technology Can Identify Whale Prey (9/27/13, Phys Org)

Researchers Describe Unusual Mars Rock in Science (9/26/13)

Dams Provide Resilience to Columbia from Climate Change Impacts (9/25/13)

OSU Study: Wildfire Debris Could Cause Early Snowmelt (9/19/13 KVAL, video)

New Study Finds Charred Forests Increase Snowmelt Rate (9/17/13)

Researchers Going Public on Quest to Identify Plankton Species (9/17/13)

OSU Researchers Part of New Panel on Ocean Acidification, Hypoxia (8/30/13, Terra)

New Study Examines Potential Marine Renewable Energy Conflicts and Mitigation Strategies (8/15/13, Oregon Sea Grant)

Study Documents Early Warning of West Antarctica at End of Last Ice Age (8/14/13)

Study Finds Novel Worm Community Affecting Methane Release in Ocean (8/12/13)

Climate Center at OSU Gets Major Grant to Study Forest Mortality (8/6/13)

Mapping the Columbia: Geography Student Create iBook Atlas of the Columbia River Basin (Terra, 7/30/13)

Study Explains Pacific Equatorial Cold Water Region (7/25/13)

Global Warming to Cut Snow Water Storage 56 Percent in Oregon Watershed (7/25/13)

New Study Finds 'Nighttime Heat Waves' Increasing in Pacific Northwest (7/22/13)

"Between River and Sea" (7/22/13)

George Waldbusser Discusses Ocean Acidification and Oysters (The Groks Science Radio Show, 7/16/13)

Scientists Outline Long-term Sea-level Rise in Response to Warming of Planet (7/15/13)

The Sounds of Science: Melting of Iceberg Creates Surprising Ocean Din (7/10/13)

'Rapunzel Project' Studies Humpback Vocalizations in Alaska (Terra, 6/28/13)

Ocean Acidification Killing Oysters by Inhibiting Shell Formation (6/11/13)

US Science Fleet's Future is Far from Ship-shape (Nature, 6/10/13)

Is a Lack of Water to Blame for the Conflict in Syria? (Smithsonian, 6/3/13)

Researchers Document Acceleration of Ocean Denitrification During Deglaciation (6/2/13)

OSU Geographer to Receive International Prize for Mediation (5/31/13)

Oregon 9.0: When the Next 'Big One' Comes, Will We Be Ready? (Terra, 5/25/13)

Occasional Raindrops Do Little to Address Drying State (5/10/13)

Study Traces Origin of Cirrus Clouds Primarily to Mineral Dust and Metals (5/9/13)

Swimming Beneath the Brinicles in Antarctica (Wired, 5/7/13)

Jack Barth Named 2013 TOS Fellow (The Oceanography Society, 4/15/13)

Esri Chief Scientist Receives Distinguished Teaching Honors (Esri, 4/11/13)

Some Deep-Sea Microbes Are Hungry for Rocket Fuel (National Public Radio, 4/4/13)

Rethinking Yellowstone: The Hotspot Theory Gets a Makeover from the Emerging Science of Magnetotellurics (Terra, 4/3/13)

Marine Predators and Prey Density (Academic Minute, 4/3/13)

How Climate Change Threatens the Seas (USA Today, 3/28/13)

Newport Researchers Seek to Reduce Bycatch in Groundfish Trawling (3/19/13)

Miami Marine Science Leader Named Director of OSU's Hatfield Center (3/18/13)

How Ocean Science Saves Money by Hitching a Ride (BoingBoing.net, 3/13/13)

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceanography (Science, 3/8/13)

Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years (New York Times, 3/8/13)

Past Century's Global Temperature Change is Fastest on Record (National Public Radio, 3/8/13)

Reconstruction of Temperature History Shows Significance of Recent Warming (3/7/13)

OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center to Unveil Japanese Dock Exhibit (2/27/13)

Study Finds Climate Change Impact on Stream Flow Differs According to Location (2/18/13)

Climate Contradiction: Less Snow, More Blizzards (Associated Press, 2/18/13)

Deadlier than a Hurricane: How the Science of Rip Current Prediction Could Save Lives (Pacific Standard, 2/8/13)

Ecampus Ranked Fourth in Nation among Public Research Universities (2/7/13)

Pacific Earthquake: Are Scientists Underestimating 'Superquakes'? (Christian Science Monitor, 2/5/13)

Oregon State University Wins Crucial Grant to Design, Build Ocean Research Vessels (The Oregonian, 1/30/13)

NSF Selects OSU to Lead Project Rejuvenating U.S. Research Fleet (1/30/13)

OSU Forming Consortium in New Field of Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing (1/29/13)

Ice Core Diaries (Terra, 1/23/13)

Analysis: Scientists Underestimated Potential for Tohoku Quake. Now What? (1/23/13)

Study Finds Prey Density More Important to Predators than Biomass (1/3/13)


2012 Weather: Bookend Wet Spells Sandwich Summer Drought (12/28/12)

Getting at the Answers (Oregon Stater (pdf), 12/10/12)

New Study Finds Major Differences in Motions of Volcanic 'Hotspots (11/25/12)

Oregon Volunteers Needed to Gather Precipitation Data (11/20/12)

OSU SMILE Program Celebrates 25 Years, National Award (11/9/12)

Mapmaking in the Desert (Terra, 11/2/12)

Study: High Stream Temperatures, Low Flow Creating Extreme Conditions (11/1/12)

Pacific Albacore Carry Barely Detectable Fingerprints of Fukushima Disaster (10/24/12)

Origin of Life Expert to Present Condon Lecture at OSU (10/26/12)

Earthquake Experts Condemn 'Appalling' Italy Manslaughter Verdict (MSNBC, 10/22/12)

Oysters' Future Imperiled as Oceans Turn More Acidic (MSNBC, 10/11/12)

Breathing Underwater (OSU Spotlight, 10/10/12)

Contributing to the Mars Mission (Terra, 10/10/12)

Aaron Wolf Featured in New Book, 'Ecoliterate' (10/10/12)

Forms from the Sea: Oregon Artists Reveal Hidden Worlds in Plankton Science (Terra, 10/9/12)

Fifty Years Later: Legacy of Columbus Day Storm Still Stands (10/2/12)

Ocean Acidification Emerges as New Climate Threat (Washington Post, 9/30/12)

OSU to Lead Research Effort Exploring Ocean's Response to Increasing Acidification (9/26/12)

As Arctic Ice Melts, So Does the Snow, and Quickly (National Public Radio, 9/25/12)

Under the Hood: Geologists Reveal the Steady Personality of Oregon's Signature Peak (Terra, 9/14/12)

OSU Scientist Part of Team Planning Mars Rover Exploration (8/29/12)

Spinrad to Head new NOAA Committee on Integrating Ocean Observing Systems (8/20/12)

13-Year Cascadia Study Complete -- And Earthquake Risk Looms Large (8/1/12)

OSU Scientists Part of Intensive Planning for Tricky Mars Landing (7/31/12)

Program to Monitor Harmful Algal Blooms to End Next Month (7/17/12)

Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds (New York Times, 7/10/12)

New Book Looks at Hotspots Around the World for Mega-Quakes (6/26/12)

Species Identified from the Japanese Dock that Washed Ashore (6/22/12)

OSU's New Natural Resources Academy Has a Global Appeal (6/22/12)

New Deglaciation Data Opens Door for Earlier First Americans Migration (6/21/12)

Lorenzo Ciannelli and the Flipping Fish (Confluence, Summer 2012)

Undersea Volcano Gave Off Signals Before Eruption in 2011 (6/10/12)

OSU Oceanographer Answers Why Japanese Dock Arrived in Oregon So Fast (KMTR TV, 6/7/12)

The Earth Burps and Burns: WeiLi Hong Measures Methane Emissions in Korean Ocean Waters (Terra, 6/6/12)

Running Clear: Gary Klinkhammer Turned Water Analysis into Environmental Protection (Terra, 5/30/12)

Evidence for Change: Rigorous Climate Science Trumps Our Senses (Terra, 5/25/12)

OSU Scientist Awarded Prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship (5/21/12)

Scientists Document Volcanic History of Turbulent Sumatra Region (5/16/12)

Prey Distribution, Not Biomass, Key to Marine Food Chain (5/2/12)

Stream Temperatures Don't Parallel Warming Climate Trend (5/2/12)

OSU Unveils New Seafloor Mapping of Oregon's Nearshore Ocean (4/23/12)

Peter Clark Named Guggenheim Fellow (4/13/12)

Hatchery, OSU Scientists Link Ocean Acidification to Larval Oyster Failure (4/11/12)

Study: Impact of Warming Climate Doesn't Always Translate to Streamflow (4/6/12)

Rising CO2 Levels Linked to Global Warming During Last Deglaciation (4/4/12)

CMOP Leads Research Campaign on Maiden Voyage of R/V Oceanus (3/26/12)

Scientists Document First Consumption of Abundant Life Form, Archaea (3/12/12)

Antarctic Salty Soil Can Suck Water Out of Atmosphere: Could It Happen on Mars? (2/27/12)

OSU Joins Earthquake Engineering Research Group (2/27/12)

OSU Begins New Natural Resources Leadership Summer Program (2/24/12)

Verena Tunnicliffe to Deliver 'Vents' Lecture on March 1 (2/23/12)

'Patchiness' Altering Perceptions of Ocean Predators, Prey (2/22/12)

Reality Check on Climate (Terra magazine, 2/21/12)

State of Change (Terra magazine, 2/20/12)

Scientists Help Coastal Communities Plan for an Uncertain Future (Terra magazine, 2/19/12)

Can Diving Mountains Start, Or Stop, Quakes? (MSNBC 2/17/12)

OSU Scientist Receives Prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship (2/15/12)

Dr. Shanaka de Silva Answers Your Questions About Supervolcanoes, Uturuncu and More (Wired 2/14/12)

How Will Global Warming Affect Oregon ('Think Out Loud' audio, OPB 2/14/12)

Growth Spurt at a Bolivian Volcano is Fertile Ground for Study (New York Times 2/13/12)

Scientists Discover Reason for Mt. Hood\'s Non-Explosive Nature (2/13/12)

OSU researcher part of Mars rover science team (2/2/12)

Oregon Preparing for Debris from Japanese Tsunami (2/1/12)

Ocean Observatories Initiative Conducts Coastal Glider Sea Trials (OOI 1/27/12)

Surf's Up: Scientists Help Coastal Communities Plan for an Uncertain Future (Terra Magazine 1/19/12)

Near-record Rain Causing Flooding Issues (1/19/12)

OSU to Retire One Research Vessel, Take Over Operation of Another (1/17/12)

Satellite Imagery Detects Thermal 'Uplift' Signal of Underground Nuclear Tests (1/10/12)

OSU's Dawn Wright to Receive National Award (1/5/12)

Brook, Ciuffetti Named AAAS Fellows (1/3/12)


Geologists wonder if the Northwest is up next for a giant earthquake (The Oregonian 12/21/11)

Atypical La Niña May Still Show Teeth But Dry Weather Prevails (12/21/11)

Scientists Find Microbes in Lava Tube Living in Conditions Like Those on Mars (12/15/11)

Strange Bedfellows: Magnetism and Climate (Terra 12/13/11)

Mapmaker for the Climate (Terra 12/6/11)

OSU's Abbott Receives Top Microsoft Research Award (12/5/11)

Scientists Describe New Species of Crab that 'Farms' Methane Vents (12/2/11)

Japanese Quake Lifted Seabed 16 Stories - Largest Recorded) (National Geographic 12/1/11

New Study: Climate Sensitivity to CO2 More Limited than Extreme Projections (11/24/11)

The Sperm Whale's Deadly Call (Smithsonian 12/11)

Massive Oyster Die-offs Show Ocean Acidification has Arrived (Reuters 11/22/11)

Oregon State University in Top Five of Institutions Most Prolific in Oceanography (Science Watch 11/13/11)

Geosciences Joins COAS to Form Powerful New College at OSU (11-7-11)

Family Matters: Patricia Gregg Is a Pioneer in Work-Life Balance for Scientists (Terra, 10-28-11)

Debris From Japanese Tsunami Slowly Making Its Way to the West Coast (10-26-11)

Rapidly Inflating Volcano Causes Growing Mystery (Fox News 10-20-11)

Largest Ocean Science Project in U.S. History Launches Soon Off Oregon Coast (Oregonian 10-19-11)

Scientists Find Possible Trigger for Volcanic 'Super-Eruptions' (10-12-11)

Microbe Census to Delve Deep for Earth's 'Invisibles' (Our Amazing Planet 10-12-11)

Ocean Observatories Initiative Moving Closer to Deployment (10-11-11)

Improved System to Observe Ocean (KEZI video, 10-11-11)

Federal Oceans and Polar Policy Expert to Direct Climate Change Center at OSU (10/7/11)

Lecture series to examine engineering approach to climate change (10/3/11)

Nature study: Rising CO2 levels at end of Ice Age not tied to Pacific Ocean (10/3/11)

Swirling Currents Help Spread Sea Life (MSNBC 9/15/11)

Speaking of Plastic (Terra, 9/14/11)

OSU to Join Scripps on Technical Support for Arctic Science Mission (9/8/11)

NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Streams Live Video of Undersea Volcano (8/25/11)

Undersea Cable Laid for 'Transformative' Ocean Observatory (8/24/11, Oregon Public Broadcasting)

NOAA, Port of Newport Dedicate New Marine Operations Center - Pacific Facility (8/20/11, NOAA)

Scientists Discover New Eruption at Undersea Volcano - After Forecasting the Event (8/9/11)

Ocean Observatories Initiative Conducts Endurance Array Tests (8/8/11, OOI)

Prehistoric Glacial Melting Similar to Concerns About Antarctica (8/1/11)

Pacific City Community Embraces OOI Addition to the Neighborhood (7/21/11)

Researchers Seeking to Use Popular 'Beach Cams' for Scientific Analysis (7/21/11)

Pacific City Community Embraces OOI Addition to the Neighborhood (7/21/11, Consortium for Ocean Leadership)

Researchers Seeking to Use Popular 'Beach Cams' for Scientific Analysis (7/21/11)

Quarter century later, methane deposits intrigue scientists, industry (7/13/11)

Tie-Dyed Ocean? Don't Be Alarmed, This Is Only a Test (7/11/11)

The Job Market: Taken for Granted, Creating Opportunities (7/1/11, Science)

Experts say an earthquake surely will devastate the Northwest (6/24/11, The Oregonian)

Warming Accelerates Sea Level Rise on U.S. East Coast (6/21/11, Scientific American)

Esri Appoints Dawn J. Wright as Chief Scientist (6/16/11)

Scientists Unlock Keys to Global Ocean Circulation (6/14/11)

Researchers See Unusually Rapid Decline in Water Source for Western Rivers (New York Times, 6/10/11)

The Spring of 2011 - When May Looked Like November (6/1/11)

Science paper: Existing regulations can tackle local ocean acidification (5/27/11)

Japan Earthquake Shifted Seafloor by 79 Feet (National Geographic, 5/19/2011)

A Slippery Slope: Warm Rains and Glacial Melting Trigger Dangerous Debris Flows (Terra, 4/22/11)

Images from Space Show Earth's Coastal Regions (KEZI TV, 3/31/11)

March Moistness: If It Seems Like the Sun Has Been a Stranger Lately (3/30/11)

The Varied Costs of Catastrophe (New York Times, 3/29/11)

OSU Scientists to Appear on Nova (3/29/11)

Oracle Powers Oregon State University's Leading Edge Climate Research (Marketwire, 3/29/11)

Data Streaming in from Space Station to OSU Lab (3/24/11)

Information on Tsunamis Available Online (3/23/11)

Ocean Observatories Initiative Conducts West Coast Inshore Mooring Tests (3/23/11)

Could the Recent Pacific Megaquakes Trigger a West Coast Tremblor? (Scientific American, 3/21/11)

What chance of a 'big one' in Tokyo? (BBC News, 3/21/11)

Pacific Northwest Faces Nearly Identical Risks to Japanese Quakes (3/11/11)

Ocean Views (Terra Magazine, 3/6/11)

Keeping an Eye on the Water (Albany Democrat-Herald, 3/6/11)

Wright Named Leopold Leadership Fellow (3/3/11)

Dangerous Ground: Hard Lessons Learned Since the 2001 Nisqually Quake (Seattle Times, 2/26/11)

Oregon Teens to Compete in Annual Salmon Bowl Competition (2/24/11)

Listening Post: Corvallis Seismic Monitoring Station Feeds Data to an International Network (Terra Magazine, 2/23/11)

New Zealand Earthquake Damage Illustrates Risks from Crustal Faults (2/22/11)

Hard Rock Story: Clues to the Planet Lie in Rocks from Underwater Volcanoes (Terra Magazine, 2/17/11)

Major Storms to Provide Welcome Relief to Pacific Northwest Snowpack (2/16/11)

OSU Oceanographer Dudley Chelton Honored by Meteorological Society (2/10/11)

How sonar technology is expanding our ocean understanding (Smart Planet, 2/10/11)

Oregon's Ocean Experts: No Matter What You Call Them, Big Waves Can Be Deadly (The Oregonian, 2/9/11)

Corvallis Science Pub: Life on Other Planets? (2/8/11)

OSU Expanding Fleet of Offshore Gliders as Part of Ocean Observatory (2/7/11)

'Lines in the Water' (Terra Magazine, 2/1/11)

'Plankton Planet: Microbes Hold the Key to Marine Ecosystems' (Terra Magazine, 2/1/11)

'Run Silent, Run Deep: OSU's Growing Fleet of Underwater Gliders Monitors the Ocean' (Terra Magazine, 2/1/11)

'Song for the Blue Ocean,' A Celebration of the Ocean, Held Feb. 18-19

OSU Publications in Ecology, The Environment Ranked Fourth in Nation (1/25/2011)

New Study: Loss of Reflectivity in the Arctic Double Estimate of Climate Models (1/18/11)

Jellyfish Blooms Plague the World's Oceans (1/13/11, Wired)

Newport Restaurant Named 'Orange Spotlight' Winner (1/11/2011)

OSU's Abbott President-Elect of Oceanography Society Council (1/10/11)

Scientists in Newport May Hold Key to Future of Alaska King Crab (1/10/2011)

Oceanic 'Garbage Patch' Not Nearly as Big as Portrayed in Media (1/4/11)


NOAA and Partners Expand Monitoring Program to Provide an Early Warning of HAB Events in Oregon (National Ocean Service)

OSU Professor Named Deputy Head of NSF's Office of Polar Programs (12/10/10)

Mystery of Slow Earthquakes Solved? (National Geographic 12/9/10)

Big Mouths, Glowing Spines (Terra Magazine 12/8/10, with links to videos)

Water Issues, Extreme Weather Among Concerns in Assessment Report (11/30/10)

Phil Mote, Oregon State University Climate Scientist, Weathers the Storm Growing Around Global Warming (Oregon Live 11/27/10)

Busy Microbial World Discovered in Deepest Ocean Crust Ever Explored (11/19/10)

OSU, Oxford, Others Launch Citizen Scientist Climate Modeling Initiative (11/17/10)

Tsunami, Volcano Eruptions in Indonesia Linked? (National Geographic 10/27/10)

OSU Scientists to Study Effects of Acidification on Shellfish (10/22/10)

OSU Alumnus Warren Washington Honored with Medal of Science (10/15/10)

Exploring How Jumbo Squid Use Oxygen to Survive (10/4/10, US News & World Report)

NOAA-Sponsored Scientists First to Map Offshore San Andreas Fault and Associated Ecosystems (9/30/10)

OSU Oceanographer Named a 2010 MacArthur Fellow (9/28/10)

2010 MacArthur Fellow - Kelly Benoit-Bird (9/28/2010)

OSU a Leader in Second National Climate Change Center (9/23/10)

OSU, Partners to Launch NOAA Regional Climate Consortium (9/22/10)

Climate Change Conference to Explore Ocean Impacts and Policy (9/3/10)

Scientists Concerned About Environmental Impact of Recycling of E-Waste (8/16/10)

Oceanography: Dead in the Water (8/11/10, Nature)

Arctic Rocks Shed Light on Ancient Earth's Inner Workings (8/12/10, Los Angeles Times)

The BP Cover-Up (8/10/10, Mother Earth News)

OSU Studying Rising Coastal Ocean Acidity (8/4/10, KGW News)

Acidification Threatens Wide Swath of Sea Life (Seattle Times, 7/31/10)

Harmful Algal Blooms on Rise Globally, But Oregon Monitoring at Risk (7/9/10)

OSU Scientist Receives Prestigious NSF Career Award (7/8/10)

'Stones on Ice: Greenland Streams Hold Clues to Future Sea Levels' (Terra Magazine)

Ships Leave Oregon Vulnerable to Oil Spills (Statesman Journal, 7/4/10)

Abrupt Shift to Summer Masks Record-setting Dampness of Early June (6/29/10)

Two OSU Scientists Named Lead Authors on IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (6/23/10)

Unshackling fisheries entrepreneurship: The case for catch shares (Oregon Live, 6/21/10)

Increasing Acidity Affects Oysters in Chesapeake Bay -- And Beyond? (6/10/10)

Scripps Alumnus to Win Prestigious Cody Award (Scripps News, 6/3/10)

Are Tsunamis Predictable? (DiscoveryNews 6/2/10)

Living on the Fault (Terra magazine)

Oregon Town Plans First Tsunami-Resistant Building (5/31/10, Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Odds Are About 1-in-3 that a Mega-earthquake will Hit the Northwest in the Next 50 Year (5/24/10)

Ocean Acidification Hits Northwest Oyster Farms (ABC News, 4/22/10)

City in Oregon Considers Beacon for 'the Big One' (NY Times, 4/14/10)

Dead Zone Update (Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Public Broadcasting, video)

Growing Low-Oxygen Zones in Oceans Worry Scientists (McClatchy Washington Bureau, 3/7/10)

Investigating Internal Waves (BBC News, slideshow, 3/5/10)

Oregon Teens to Compete in Annual Salmon Bowl Competition (3/2/10)

Northwest at Risk of Earthquake Like One in Chile (3/2/10, Associated Press)

Lessons from Chile: Tsunami Science, Sociology Have a Ways to Go (3/1/10)

State Re-maps Coast for Tsunami Areas (2/26/10)

More Than One: Long-Reigning Microbe Controlling Ocean Nitrogen Shares the Throne (2/25/10)

Absolute Humidity, Dry Conditions Tied to Seasonal Outbreaks of Influenza (2/22/10)

Seamounts Reach a Pinnacle in Upcoming Issue of Oceanography (2/22/10); Oceanography issue

Depths of Discovery: A Young Oceanographer Carries on a Legacy of Epic Seafloor Science) (Terra Magazine

Sensing the Seas: New Equipment Will Monitor Coastal Ecosystems (Terra Magazine)

Delaney to Present Inaugural Lecture Commemorating Hydrothermal Vents Discovery (2/11/10)

BPA Expects $6M Revenue Loss from Dry Weather (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, AP 2/9/10)

Warm Temperatures, Low Snowpack May Spell Trouble During El Niño Year (1/27/10)

As Storms Intensify, Washington Coast to Get Full Radar Coverage (McClatchy News 1/10/10)

By Landing Fleet, Small Port Sets Off a Storm of Envy (NY Times 1/8/10)

Five New, Short Online Videos Discuss Climate Change at the Oregon Coast (1/8/10)

OSU Names Federal Science Leader as Vice President for Research (1/7/10)


Nature Study: Hypoxia Tends to Increase as Climate Warms (12/14/09)

Despite Hollywood Hype Believers in Mayan Cycle Say 2012 Is Not the End of the World (The Oregonian, 11/17/09)

Undersea Gliders May Help Oceanographers Understand "Dead Zones" (NSF, 11/16/09)

Enormous Jellyfish Swarming in Warming Oceans (AP, 11/16/09)

Ocean acidification impacts coastal rivers) (Cosmos, 11/12/09

OSU Partnering with Naval Research Lab, Others on Space-borne Coastal Imaging (11/5/09)

Why Are Kilimanjaro's Glaciers Fading? (Time, 11/3/09)

Reunion to Mark Anniversary of OSU's Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents (10/29/09)

Killer foam: Was It a Freak Event or a Warning? (Oregonian, 10/28/09)

OSU Researchers Find Cause of 2008 Offshore Earthquake Swarms (10/26/09)

Hurricane Forcing: Can Tropical Cyclones Be Stopped? (Scientific American, 10/23/09)

Redrawing the Map: Scientists and Fishermen Team up to Find Seafloor Hazards and Habitats (Terra Magazine)

Antarctic Glacier Named After OSU Prof in Honor of NSF Stint (10/22/09)

Nature Study: Scientists Make Important Discovery About Equatorial Cooling (10/12/09)

Dead Zone: Mysteries of Ocean Die-offs Revealed (National Science Foundation)

Pacific Ocean 'Dead Zone' in Northwest May Be Irreversible (10/9/09)

Hypoxia in 2009 About Average, Researchers Say (10/9/09)

A New Look Beneath the Waves: Ocean Observatories Initiative Gets Underway (National Science Foundation, 10/5/09)

Experts Draw up Ocean Drilling Wish List (Nature, 9/29/09)

Crabbers forge unique partnership with scientists (Animal Planet, 9/18/09)

Scientists create first complete image of Himalayan fault, subduction zone (9/11/09)

NRL brings new hyperspectral atmospheric and ocean science to the International Space Station (Naval Research Laboratory, 9/10/09)

What Climate Change May Mean to Coastal Farms (OPB, 9/9/09)

OSU Will Help Coordinate Global ocean Observation Network (Oregon Live, 9/8/09)

Woods Hole of the West? That's What Newport Hopes to Become (9/5/09)

The Science of Ocean Observing (9/2/09)

OSU Major Participant in Initiative to Create Global Ocean Observatory System (9/2/09)

Ocean Observatories Initiative Receives Award (National Science Foundation and Consortium for Ocean Leadership, 9/2/09)

Study in Nature: Measurements of Conductivity Suggest Water in Mantle Associated with Subduction (8/19/09)

New Funds Will Help Create Oregon's Most Accurate Seafloor Mapping System (8/12/09)

COAS Turns 50 (Life@OSU, 8/7/09)

NOAA Selects Newport, Ore., as New Home of Marine Operations Center-Pacific (8/4/09)

OSU Celebrates 50 Years of Oceanography Research

Arctic Mystery: Identifying the Great Blob of Alaska (7/18/09, Time)

OSU to Mark 50 Years of Oceanography (7/9/09)

International Climate Change Researchers to Convene at OSU July 8-11 (6/23/09)

Is There a Super Volcano Under Mount St. Helens? (Oregon Public Broadcasting News, 6/11/09)

Crabbers Collaborate with OSU to Monitor Ocean Temperature, Hypoxia (6/10/09)

Geomicrobiology: Low Life (Nature, 6/10/09)

Scientists Make First Direct Observations of Biological Particles in High-Altitude Clouds (5/17/09)

OSU Scientists Look to Indonesia for Earthquake Clues (5/17/09, The Oregonian)

Life Aquatic with OSU Needs New Research Vessel (5/8/09)

Horning Conference to Examine Oceanography, Coinciding with OSU Anniversary (5/6/09)

Summer to Kill Swine Flu in U.S. and Mexico? (National Geographic, 4/30/09)

Climate by the Numbers: Modelers Explore Future States of the Planet (Terra, 4/30/09)

OSU to Offer Nation's First Online Fisheries Management Certificate (4/27/09)

Big Earthquake Coming Sooner Than We Thought, OSU Geologist says (4/19/09, The Oregonian)

The Change We Face in Our Energy Future (4/17/09, Op Ed, The Oregonian, Oregon Live)

OSU to Host Climate Change Seminars (3/31/09)

Sonar in the Sea (COSEE podcast, 3/20/09)

Rip Currents Could Play Role in Increased Coastal Erosion (3/11/09)

Why the Flu Thrives in Winter (3/2/09, New York Times)

Neah-Kah-Nie Wins Salmon Bowl Once Again (3/2/09)

Global Warming Roundtable with Oregon's Leaders and Movers (2/19/09, OregonLive)

Northwest Teens to Compete in Annual Salmon Bowl Competition (2/18/09)

Scientists Work on Forecasting 'Red Tides' (2/12/09, link to audio, Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Philip Mote, director, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon (2/11/09, Nature)

Researchers Find Key Link Between Influenza Prevalence, Absolute Humidity (2/9/09)

Portland Summit to Discuss Harmful Algal Blooms; Public Session Set on Feb. 12 (2/6/09)

OSU Oceanographer, Forest Hydrologist Named AGU Fellows (2/3/09)

New Tool Improves Reliability of Climate Models (1/21/09)

OSU Oceanographer Honored by National Society (1/27/09)

OSU Lands $5 Million Grant from Moore Foundation to Study Microbes in Hypoxia Zones (1/13/09)

Philip Mote to Lead Oregon's New Climate Research Institute (1/5/09)

So Much to Learn about the Oceans from Sand (New York Times, 1/5/09)


Oregon State University: front and center for marine science (Seattle Crosscut, 12/25/08)

Scientists Study Earthquake Swarm Near Maupin (12/22/08)

Obama Picks OSU Professor to Head Science Agency NOAA (Oregonian, 12/19/08)

Microbe Community Deep Beneath Arctic Permafrost Needs Study, Scientist Tells AGU (12/18/08)

2008 Pacific Northwest Ocean Conditions for Fish Among Best in Half-Century (12/18/08)

Dawn Wright Named Fellow of AAAS (12/18/08)

Benoit-Bird Awarded AGU Early Career Award in Ocean Sciences (12/11/08)

OSU Oceanographer to Lead National Ocean Observatory Initiative (12/9/08)

Did Icebergs Warm the World? (11/21/08)

End of Wecoma Could End OSU Research (11/21/08)

Inside the R/V Wecoma (11/21/08)

Anna Pakenham, Oregon Sea Grant Legislative Fellow 2009 (11/14/08)

OSU to Host UO Course that Helps Individuals Curb Global Warming (11/14/08)

OSU Scientist Honored with AGU's Early Career Award (10/31/08)

Alumni Honorees Return to Campus for OSU Homecoming (10/31/08)

Study Sheds New Light On Dolphin Coordination During Predation (10/20/08)

OSU/NOAA Collaborate on New Ocean Temperature Forecast Service (10/14/08)

Researchers Study Coastal Hazards of Increasing Wave Heights, Rising Sea Levels (10/9/08)

Climate Change May be Sparking New and Bigger 'Dead Zones' (Scientific American, 10/08)

Report Outlines Scientists' Concern About Environmental Impact of Wave Energy (9/29/08)

Ocean Floor Geysers Warm Flowing Sea Water (9/23/08)

Jellyfish Gone Wild (NSF special report, 9/18/08)

Submersible Robots Explore the Ocean's Depths (MSNBC, 9/9/08)

Cold Water Rejeuvenates Oregon Ocean, Salmon (Oregonian, 9/8/08)

Complex Ocean Behavior Studied with 'Artificial Upwelling' (9/2/08)

OSU Names Four Candidates for Climate Research Job (9/2/08)

New Map Shows Oregon's Territorial Sea, Marine Seabed Habitats (8/26/08)

New Analysis of Earthquake Zone off Oregon Coast Raises Questions (8/25/08)

Economic Impacts of Invasive Species May Rival that of Climate Change in Oregon (7/23/08)

NASA Mission to Answer Lingering Questions from Deep Blue Sea (UPI 6/25/08)

Laser Fluorescence Could Find Life on Mars (6/23/08)

Behind the Scene: Scientists See Squid Attack Squid (6/13/08, LiveScience.com)

Debate Over Geologic "Hotspots" Continues, as New Paper Traces Origins of Samoa (6/10/08)

Scientists Say Caution Prudent, as 200 Countries Agree on Ocean Fertilization Moratorium (6/6/08)

Scientists Discover Stinging Truths about Jellyfish Blooms in the Bering Sea (5/30/08)

New Study Finds Increasing Acidification of Pacifc Ocean's Continental Shelf (5/22/08)

Surf's Up and It's Not Good Vibration: Wave Heights Measured over 30 Years (APP.com 5/20/08)

New Atlases Use NASA Data to Chart Ocean Winds (NASA Mission News, 4/17/08)

Pacific Northwest Quakes May Trigger Temblors in California (Seattle Times, 4/3/08)

Scientists Eye Possible Link Between Cascadia Zone, San Andreas Fault (4/1/08)

Public Forum Thursday in Newport to Address Ocean Observation (3/12/08)

Not So High and Dry, After All (The Oregonian, 3/9/08)

Carbon Input Must Near Zero to Avert Danger, New Studies Say (Washington Post, 3/9/08)

Northwest Dead Zone ("Living on Earth" audio and story, 3/7/08)

New Study: Long-term Climate Change May Be Tough to Reverse (2/25/08)

Feds Diverting States' Tsunami Preparedness Money (The Oregonian, 2/24/08)

After 19 Years at the Helm of Oregon Climate Service, George Taylor to Retire (2/21/08)

Climate Change Creating Major Impacts on World's Oceans (2/17/08)

Low-Oxygen Events Unprecedented, Disrupt Ocean Ecosystem (2/15/08)

Search Begins for Director of New OUS Climate Research Institute (1/31/08)

Three OSU Oceanographers Named Fellows of AGU (1/30/08)

Small Earthquakes Shift Views (Seattle Times, 1/28/08)

Gov. Kulongoski Announces Global Warming Commission; Dean Mark Abbott Named as Vice-Chair (1-24-08)

2004 Oregon Quakes Were in "Locked" Area of Tectonic Plate Boundary (1-23-08)

OSU Class Heading to Antarctica (1-11-08)

"Frontiers in Science" Lecture on Ocean CO2 and Acidification by Christopher Sabine (1-3-08)


Dawn Wright Named Oregon "Progessor of the Year" by CASE, Carnegie Foundation (11-28-07)

Extreme Tides in November, December Provide Hazards - and a Challenge for Scientists (11-18-07)

Scientists Mull Ecological Impacts of Wave Energy Projects (11-2-07)

OSU Researchers to Study Effect of Floods on Estuaries (9-17-07)

OSU Receives $1.1 Million to Install New "Hurricane" Wavemaker (9-14-07)

Team of Oregon Scientists to Study Harmful Algal Blooms Off Coast (9-13-07)

Conservation Biology Program at OSU Ranked First in Nation (9-5-07)

Summit Camp in Greenland Tries to Be 'Greener' (9-5-07)

OSU Teams With Woods Hole, Scripps on Ocean Observatories Initiative (8-23-07)

Ocean Biology, Productivity Driven by Jet Stream (8-8-07)

Mark Abbott Decides to Return as Dean of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences (8-3-07)

Crater Lake's Mystery Moss (8-1-07)

OSU Scientists Detect Low-Oxygen Zones Forming Off Coast for Sixth Straight Year (7-27-07)

Beach Erosion Experts from Around the World Gather at OSU for Conference (7-27-07)

Stronger Hurricanes Mean Whopper Waves (7-26-07)

EarthScope National Office to be located at Oregon State University (7-17-07)

Climate Change Impacts Researched by OSU (7-16-07)

Deadly Rip Currents are "More Common Than Rare" (7-6-07)

Popular SeaFest Celebration Returns to the Oregon Coast on June 23 (6-6-07)

OSU Distinguished Professor Patricia Wheeler Speaks on the Arctic Ocean (5-14-07)

The Planet NASA Needs to Explore (5-10-07)

OSU Researchers to Study Site of 2004, 2005 Indonesian Quakes (4-30-07)

Scientists Link Volcanic Eruption with Major Historic Global Warming Period (4-26-07)

OSU's Marine Hatfield Marine Science Center to Host Earth Day Events (4-13-07)

OSU Oceanographers to Study at the North Pole for Clues to Arctic, Global Circulation (4-5-07)

New Rankings: OSU Scores High in Geoscience (3-14-07)