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The quake-maker you've never heard of: Cascadia (2/11/2016 WZVN-TV, Fort Meyers, FL)

What the Earth will be like in 10,000 years, according to scientists Peter Clark led the group of 22 climate researchers making the statement published in the journal Nature Climate Change. (2/8/2016 The Washington Post)

Study: Fish assemblages can change rapidly along coast as water warms (2/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU CEOAS researchers featured in CBS 60 Minutes video on Greenland To learn more see Greenland’s Petermann Fjord and Petermann’s Glacial History (2/1/2016)

2015 was Oregon's warmest year on record, data shows (1/8/2016 The Oregonian)

Underwater Icicles Are Salty, Weird-Looking and Deadly (1/5/2016 How Stuff Works NOW)

Climate change scientists urge candidates to lead on clean energy (12/10/2015 KTVZ)

The “Water Wars” Trap (12/9/2015 Slate)

Willamette Valley’s future: River temperatures to rise, snowpack to shrink, population to double by 2100 (12/5/2015 Register-Guard)

Geological Society of America honours chief scientist (12/3/2015 ee Publishers)

A Strong El Niño Will Lead To Another Warm Winter (11/25/2015 OPB)

The Sound of Skeptics (11/25/2015 Upworthy)

Nature Can Grind Mountains Faster Than Nature Can Rebuild Them (11/24/2015 Science 2.0)

Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events (11/18/2015 Science Codex)

Petermann-2015 Expedition Launches International Collaboration in Arctic Science (10/30/2015 ARCUS)

How Washington Transformed Its Dying Oyster Industry Into A Climate Success Story (10/28/2015 Think Progress)

A 99.9% chance of a big L.A. earthquake by 2019? Don't bet on it. (10/28/2015 LA Times)

At the Earth's core (10/5/2015 Gazette Times)

The New Yorker Festival 2015 - 9 on the Richter Scale (10/5/2015 Zimbio)

OSU receives $3 million grant from NSF (10/2/2015 Gazette Times)

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