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CEOAS in the News

The New Yorker Festival 2015 - 9 on the Richter Scale (10/5/2015 Zimbio)

OSU receives $3 million grant from NSF (10/2/2015 Gazette Times)

OSU faculty recognized with ‘early career’ awards (9/30/2015 Gazette Times)

When Nature strikes: Tsunamis (9/30/2015 NBC)

What Mt. Hood’s fading summer ski season means (9/24/2015 High Country News)

Scientists: Erosion, Winter Storms Could Worsen Around World, Oregon Coast (9/23/2015 Beach Connection)

White Receives 2015 Ocean Sciences Early Career Award (9/23/2015 Earth & Space Science News)

OSU research grants set record (9/8/2015 Gazette Times)

Oregon Climate Service worries when the wettest forests burn (8/28/2015 Register-Guard)

Oyster growers fret about ocean acidification (8/28/2015 Register-Guard)

Greenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice Age (8/24/2015 EurekAlert!)

Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport celebrates 50 years (8/3/2015 The Oregonian)

The Really Big One (7/13/2015 The New Yorker)

Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming (7/9/2015 Science Daily)

Your idle computer could help scientists study the drought (7/6/2015 KPCC)

Oregon State University scientists plug into undersea circuitry to sense and analyze the mysteries of the ocean (7/6/2015 Register-Guard)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute names new president (6/30/2015 Boston Business Journal)

Warm-water mass off West Coast is focus of Oregon State University climate-change research (6/29/2015 Register-Guard)

Antarctica Is Home to Newly Discovered Yeti Crab (6/28/2015 Liberty Voice)

Study finds sudden shift in "forcing" led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet (6/23/2015 Phys.org)

El Niño Seen Strengthening, Unlikely To Bring Drought Relief (6/12/2015 KUOW.org)

OSU drops final ocean buoy off Newport as part of national aquatic research (6/3/2015 The Oregonian)

New study shows influence on climate of fresh water during last ice age (5/28/2015 Phys.org)

Subduction Thrust Investigation of New Zealand using Geothermics and Seismics (5/20/2015 Sting Cruise Blog)

Guides give geology lessons to visitors in Oregon’s Coast Range (5/19/2015 Seattle Times)

Installation Continues and O&M Begins at the Endurance Array (5/13/2015 Ocean Observatories Initiative)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/12/2015 Climate Progress)

Million-Year-Old Bubbles Reveal Antarctica's Oldest Climate Snapshot (5/11/2015 Livescience)

Ocean acidification on menu for Science Pub Monday (5/11/2015 Daily Barometer)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/7/2015 Climate Progress)

New program to train international specialists in water conflict resolution (5/7/2015 OSU News & Research)

Researchers measure giant "internal waves" that help regulate climate (5/7/2015 Phys.org)

Geologist outlines earthquake "time bombs" in a forthcoming book (5/6/2015 Phys.org)

Science Pub examines ocean acidification (5/5/2015 Gazette Times)

Oregon Scientists Lead Underwater Research (5/5/2015 KUOW.org)

CEOAS News Archive (older stories)

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