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CEOAS in the News

The Really Big One (7/13/2015 The New Yorker)

Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming (7/9/2015 Science Daily)

Your idle computer could help scientists study the drought (7/6/2015 KPCC)

Oregon State University scientists plug into undersea circuitry to sense and analyze the mysteries of the ocean (7/6/2015 Register-Guard)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute names new president (6/30/2015 Boston Business Journal)

Warm-water mass off West Coast is focus of Oregon State University climate-change research (6/29/2015 Register-Guard)

Antarctica Is Home to Newly Discovered Yeti Crab (6/28/2015 Liberty Voice)

Study finds sudden shift in "forcing" led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet (6/23/2015 Phys.org)

El Niño Seen Strengthening, Unlikely To Bring Drought Relief (6/12/2015 KUOW.org)

OSU drops final ocean buoy off Newport as part of national aquatic research (6/3/2015 The Oregonian)

New study shows influence on climate of fresh water during last ice age (5/28/2015 Phys.org)

Subduction Thrust Investigation of New Zealand using Geothermics and Seismics (5/20/2015 Sting Cruise Blog)

Guides give geology lessons to visitors in Oregon’s Coast Range (5/19/2015 Seattle Times)

Installation Continues and O&M Begins at the Endurance Array (5/13/2015 Ocean Observatories Initiative)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/12/2015 Climate Progress)

Million-Year-Old Bubbles Reveal Antarctica's Oldest Climate Snapshot (5/11/2015 Livescience)

Ocean acidification on menu for Science Pub Monday (5/11/2015 Daily Barometer)

Carbon Pollution’s Harm To Sea Life Coming Faster Than Expected (5/7/2015 Climate Progress)

New program to train international specialists in water conflict resolution (5/7/2015 OSU News & Research)

Researchers measure giant "internal waves" that help regulate climate (5/7/2015 Phys.org)

Geologist outlines earthquake "time bombs" in a forthcoming book (5/6/2015 Phys.org)

Science Pub examines ocean acidification (5/5/2015 Gazette Times)

Oregon Scientists Lead Underwater Research (5/5/2015 KUOW.org)

Istanbul, Portland, Tehran And Jakarta All At Risk For Life-Threatening Earthquakes In The Future (4/29/2015 Huffington Post)

200-year lag between climate events in Greenland, Antarctica: Ocean involved (4/29/2015 Science Daily)

An active Oregon volcano could house a new renewable energy lab (4/28/2015 Portland Business Journal)

OSU geoscientist wins $250,000 award for global water negotiations (4/23/2015 Oregonian)

Finding Climate Clues in Ancient Polar Ice (4/20/2015 South Dakota Public Broadcasting)

Tsunami poses risk to almost 100,000 on West Coast (4/15/2015 CBS News)

OSU takes to the capitol (4/15/2015 Barometer)

Wiring the world below (4/5/2015 The Economist)

Sea change: OSU building interdisciplinary marine studies program (3/28/2015 Gazette Times)

Don't Torpedo The Dam, Full Speed Ahead For Ethiopia's Nile Project (3/26/2015 NPR)

Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle Announce the Winner of the Inaugural National Data Science Bowl (3/23/2015 Business Wire)

Antarctic warmth brings more snow, reducing sea level rise (3/18/2015 The Ecologist)

Oceans Are Losing Oxygen—and Becoming More Hostile to Life (3/13/2015 National Geographic)

New research reveals low-oxygen impacts on West Coast groundfish (3/11/2015 Phys.org)

As Oregon's warm winter ends, snowpack worries rise (3/10/2015 KTVZ)

Oregon scientist proposes Lego set about female geologists (3/6/2015 Oregonian)

Using satellites to monitor forest health (2/28/2015 Environmental News Network)

OSU Wins Grant To Help Underwater Drones Track Marine Life (2/25/2015 OPB)

Study outlines threat of ocean acidification to coastal communities in U.S. (2/23/2015 NSF)

Deep-sea vents celebrated (2/18/2015 Daily Barometer)

Scientists find deep-ocean evidence for Atlantic overturning decline (2/17/2015 Phys.org)

Oregon Snowpack at Record Lows (1/30/2015 ABC News)

Is it Okay to Eat Snow? (1/26/2015 Popular Science)

The Next Mega Tsunami (1/26/2015 National Geographic)

Scientists react to warmest year (1/16/2015 Washington Post)

Collaborative research on ocean acidification benefits Oregon (1/13/2015 Daily Barometer)

Listening for Echoes of Krill (1/8/2015 CONVERGE)

Deep bacteria may evolve even without passing genes on (1/7/2015 New Scientist)

Oregon State takes tsunami possibility seriously in science center expansion: Guest opinion (1/1/2015 Oregonian)

Effective Fresh Water Policy Requires an Educated Public, Reports OSU Hydrology Professor (12/31/2014 Virtual Strategy Magazine)

Oregon marine researchers offer $175,000 reward for 'big data' solution to identifying plankton (12/16/2014 The Oregonian)

Oregon Moves Toward Girding Schools Against an Inevitable Great Quake (12/12/2014 New York Times)

No laughing matter: Nitrous oxide rose at end of last ice age (12/10/2014 e-Science News)

Higher, more acidic ocean, less snow and forest fires are Northwest's top climate risks (12/9/2014 Idaho Statesman)

Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish (12/7/2014 The Scientist)

OSU earns high marks for science programs (12/4/2014 Gazette Times)

Greenhouse gases linked to African rainfall (12/4/2014 Phys.org)

Ocean biota responds to global warming according to study (12/2/2014 Phys.org)

Marine Studies aims for global excellence (12/1/2014 Daily Barometer)

NOAA, partners provide real-time ocean acidification data to Pacific coast shellfish grower (11/19/2014 NOAA)

Modern-day tech for modern-day explorers (11/18/2014 Daily Barometer)

Plan to tow thirst-quenching icebergs to Africa is on ice (10/30/2014 SciDev.Net)

Study shows three abrupt pulse of CO2 during last deglaciation (10/30/2014 Space Daily)

Bring on the snow (10/22/2014 Bend Bulletin)

Ocean rocks can capture methane, a potent greenhouse gas (10/14/2014 Portland Tribune)

Scientist: West Coast overdue for megaquake (10/14/2014 Fox Kansas City)

Environment: Report warns against unsustainable exploitation of deep ocean resources (10/7/2014 Summit County Citizen Voice)

Coming our way, tsunami 'debris' with a purpose (9/29/2014 Statesman Journal)

Research resolves discrepancy in Greenland temperatures during end of last ice age (9/4/2014 Phys.org)

Scientists Find Evidence of Active Methane Emission at Antarctic Seafloor (9/2/2014 Subsea World News)

Letter: Retired geology prof reflects on our shaky info about earthquakes (9/1/2014 Gazette Times)

NASA Langley Researchers Earn Distinguished Service Awards (8/25/2014 SpaceRef)

Sunlight To Blame For CO2 Release In Arctic Permafrost, Not Microbes (8/22/2014 Science 2.0)

Making Better Digital Maps in an Era of Standardization (8/20/2014 CityLab)

How often does Cascadia fault rip? Scientists disagree (8/9/2014 Seattle Times)

Breaking icebergs blast out noise (8/7/2014 Nature)

OSU faculty members named AGU fellows (8/6/2014 Gazette Times)

From 'Finding Nemo' to minerals—what riches lie in the deep sea? (7/29/2014 Phys.org)

Abrupt Climate Shifts in the Past Offer Warning for Future (7/25/2014 Scientific American)

Scientists Identify Possible 'Tipping Point' of Global Warming (7/24/2014 Nature World News)

OSU researcher says new USGS earthquake map can help officials plan and protect areas at risk (7/18/2014 Fox News)

Can we predict volcanic eruptions? Adam Schultz is helping lead the project. (7/17/2014 Christian Science Monitor)

Where Does Oceanic Methane Come From? (7/10/2014 Popular Science)

SAR11, oceans' most abundant organism, has ability to create methane (7/7/2014 Phys.org)

The Rickshaw Drivers of Kolkata, India (7/3/2014 NY Times)

Ocean's nasty plastic garbage is disappearing: What's going on? (7/2/2014 LA Times)

Krypton in Ancient Ice (7/1/2014 American Scientist)

Geology celebrates 100 years at OSU (6/30/2014 Life@OSU)

Ice sheets may have already passed point of no return (6/30/2014 New Scientist)

Study links Greenland ice sheet collapse, sea level rise 400,000 years ago (6/25/2014 OSU)

Robert Yeats donates professional library to Indonesian Institute of Science (6/24/2014 Life@OSU)

Found! Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle (6/14/2014 Yahoo News)

Greenland's Glaciers to be shown at Hatfield Marine Science Center (6/13/2014 Newport News Times)

Laser fluorescence could find life on Mars (6/12/2014 Science Codex)

Antarctic ice as old as 120,000 years (6/10/2014 IOL)

West Coast groundfish certified as sustainable (6/4/2014 Washington Post)

Where will the world's water conflicts erupt? (6/3/2014 Popular Science)

Dusk heralds a feeding frenzy in the waters off Oahu (6/3/2014 Science News)

Antarctic Ice Sheet unstable at end of last ice age (5/28/2014 Science Daily)

CEOAS students Jen Lam, Alejandra Sanchez, and Stephanie Grocke receive OSU Women's Center 2014 Student Leader Awards (5/17/2014 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Adam Schultz leading magnetic and electrical field monitoring part of iMUSH (Imaging Magma Under Mount St. Helens) study. (5/17/2014 Daily News Online)

Phil Mote's snowpack study mentioned in National Geographic Daily News (5/16/2014 National Geographic)

Rob Holman discusses benefits of coastline remote sensing (5/15/2014 SciDev.Net)

George Waldbusser on ocean acidification (5/13/2014 IIP Digital)

Tuba Ozkan-Haller paper co-author on the physics of ocean undertow (5/13/2014 Science Newsline)

Rick Spinrad to become NOAA Chief Scientist (5/9/2014 Science Insider)

Phil Mote a lead author of National Climate Assessment's chapter on the northwest (5/6/2014)

Burke Hales an author of study on snail shell dissolution due to ocean acidification (5/3/2014)

Andrew Thurber to address future of Earth's oceans at next Science Pub (5/2/2014 Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Ed Brook talks about new method of dating ice (4/23/2014 Christian Science Monitor)

Anne Nolin: Low Snowpack Years More Common (4/7/2014 EarthFix)

Chris Goldfinger: Chile Dodged a Bullet (4/2/2014 New York Times)

Cascadia Quake: Our 'Big One' (3/23/2014 Del Norte Triplicate)

The Next Tsunami (3/20/2014 LA Times)

Quake-up call: 'Little red flags that the subduction zone is active' (3/14/2014 KVAL)

Missing Plane Defies Search Technology (3/10/2014 LA Times)

Global Average Temperatures Are Close to 11,000-Year Peak (3/8/2014 Scientific American)

Underwater Volcanoes (3/5/2014 BeachConnection.net)

Geochemist to Present Condon Lecture (2/25/2014 OSU)

Volcanoes, Including Mt. Hood, Can go from Dormant to Active Quickly (2/17/2014 OSU)

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