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CEOAS in the News

NSF grant bolsters OSU’s efforts in robotics, artificial intelligence, marine studies (8/16/2017 Robotics Tomorrow)

Record-shattering 2.7-million-year-old ice core reveals start of the ice ages (8/15/2017 sciencemag.org)

Will the Great American Eclipse make animals act strangely? Science says yes (8/9/2017 LA Times)

History shows Oregon should have sunny eclipse day (8/7/2017 KTVZ News Channel 21)

Oregon students, researchers in line for first eclipse images (8/4/2017 KTVZ News Channel 21)

From computation to the ocean, a scientist finds his fit (7/31/2017 Science)

New assessment identifies global hotspots for water conflict (7/17/2017 EurekAlert!)

OSU lands $122 million grant for new research vessel in Newport (7/13/2017 OregonLive)

The Q&A: Aaron Wolf (7/12/2017 Texas Tribune)

Earth's magnetic field 'simpler than we thought' (7/6/2017 EurekAlert!)

Krill hotspot in Antarctic region (7/5/2017 Phys.org)

Are we ready for the next major earthquake? (6/22/2017 NBC Nightly News)

Magma temperatures may help predict volcanic eruptions (6/17/2017 KTVZ)

Don’t miss the moment of totality (6/6/2017 Register-Guard)

Deep Thoughts on Shallow Waters (6/5/2017 Jefferson Public Radio)

Getting ready for the eclipse (5/28/2017 Democrat-Herald)

Central American forests decimated by cocaine traffickers (5/16/2017 Oregonian)

Plankton provides tool for taking the temperatures of past oceans (5/16/2017 Phys.org)

Data-Visualization Face-Off (5/5/2017 Livescience)

Why Not Develop Your Own Surf Forecast System? (4/15/2017 Surfer)

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