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Jammu and Kashmir prone to major earthquake: Study (5/19/2016 MSN)

Study zeros in on streams, carbon (5/14/2016 Bend Bulletin)

Suffocating the Ocean (5/9/2016 Pacific Standard Magazine)

Comprehensive report of world’s transboundary water basins finds hotspots of risk (5/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

Study finds limit on evaporation to ice sheets, but that may change (4/29/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU to issue RFI on ship project after design completion (4/27/2016 OSU News & Research)

The timescales of global surface-ocean connectivity (4/19/2016 Nature Communications)

Study Of Deep Turbulence Reveals Ocean Currents Insights (4/4/2016 Environmental Monitor)

West Coast scientists sound alarm for changing ocean chemistry (4/4/2016 OSU News & Research)

Ocean researcher offers pair of lectures (3/29/2016 Gazette Times)

In roiling West Coast region, a calm appraisal of sea level (3/22/2016 NASA)

PNAS Study: Carbon from land played a role during last deglaciation (3/14/2016 OSU News & Research)

Extreme events show signal of climate change (3/11/2016 OSU News & Research)

Anticipating the next mega-quake (3/6/2016 CBS News)

Mariana Trench: Seven miles deep, the ocean is still a noisy place (3/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

Peter Clark named OSU Distiguished Professor (2/16/2016 OSU News & Research)

The quake-maker you've never heard of: Cascadia (2/11/2016 WZVN-TV, Fort Meyers, FL)

What the Earth will be like in 10,000 years, according to scientists Peter Clark led the group of 22 climate researchers making the statement published in the journal Nature Climate Change. (2/8/2016 The Washington Post)

Study: Fish assemblages can change rapidly along coast as water warms (2/2/2016 OSU News & Research)

OSU CEOAS researchers featured in CBS 60 Minutes video on Greenland To learn more see Greenland’s Petermann Fjord and Petermann’s Glacial History (2/1/2016)

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