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CEOAS in the News

People love to live in places that are at risk for disasters, ‘and this is what happens’ (10/15/2017 Washington Post)

Climate change, population growth may lead to open ocean aquaculture (10/4/2017 Phys.org)

Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide (10/4/2017 Phys.org)

"The Spirit Of Dialogue" (Geography professor Aaron Wolf discusses his new book, "The Spirit of Dialogue: Lessons from Faith Traditions in Transforming Conflict") (9/21/2017 OPB Think Out Loud)

Is the U.S. Overdue for a Catastrophic Earthquake? These Cities Are Most at Risk (9/21/2017 Time)

'Warm summers and stronger storms': Climatologist on climate change and extreme weather (9/20/2017 KVAL)

As oceans acidify, shellfish farmers respond (9/18/2017 High Country News)

When the Big One hits: Are you ready? (9/17/2017 Mail Tribune)

New Incentive to Develop Autonomous Marine Systems (9/7/2017 i-HLS.com)

Gulf Island Shipyards, LLC, awards functional engineering and design of the Oregon State University Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) to Gibbs & Cox, Inc. (9/5/2017 Markets Insider)

Despite historically wet winter, Oregon moving toward drought (9/2/2017 Statesman Journal)

Workshop to drill down on Newberry’s energy potential (9/1/2017 Bend Bulletin)

It's not just your imagination. Oregon summers are getting hotter (8/31/2017 OregonLive)

USA's largest estuary facing increasing acidification risk (8/28/2017 Science Daily)

Zooplankton got totally punk'd by Monday's eclipse (8/24/2017 LA Times)

Young Fir Trees Sap Stream Flow (8/23/2017 Corvallis Advocate)

Methane from tundra, ocean floor didn't spike during previous natural warming period (8/23/2017 Phys.org)

NSF grant bolsters OSU’s efforts in robotics, artificial intelligence, marine studies (8/16/2017 Robotics Tomorrow)

Record-shattering 2.7-million-year-old ice core reveals start of the ice ages (8/15/2017 sciencemag.org)

Will the Great American Eclipse make animals act strangely? Science says yes (8/9/2017 LA Times)

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