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Scientists store glacier chunks in an Antarctic vault for safekeeping (9/11/2016 Grist)

Measuring glacier melt (9/8/2016 Think Out Loud: OPB)

Mobile Phone Data Helps Identify Displaced People Faster, Cheaper, More Accurately (8/18/2016 New Security Beat)

Oregon State University Seeks New Research Vessels (8/11/2016

Subduction zones quakes more frequent than previous estimates (8/5/2016 Gazette Times)


Marinelli to head OSU college (7/15/2016 Gazette Times)

How Growing Sea Plants Can Help Slow Ocean Acidification (7/12/2016 Yale Environment 360)

OSU names marine science leader from Southern California to head college (6/30/2016 Life@OSU)

Crippled Atlantic currents triggered ice age climate change (6/30/2016 Science)

Citizen Scientists Train a Thousand Eyes on the North Pole (6/30/2016 EOS Buzz)

How Much of the N. Oregon Coast Did Not Exist 100 Years Ago? (6/29/2016 Beach Connection)

OSU researchers urge preparedness as the Cascadia Subduction Zone threatens (6/25/2016 Oregonian)

This Is How Drought Affects Oregon’s Outdoor Recreation Industry (6/24/2016 WXshift)

Newberry still in running for geothermal lab (6/14/2016 Bend Bulletin)

Oregon Coast Scientists' Remarkable Discoveries on Sea Stars, Underwater Vents (6/12/2016 Beach Connection)

Study: Native Oregon oysters uniquely suited to survive in acidified waters (6/10/2016 Oregonian)

OSU selects noted oceanographer to head Marine Studies Initiative (6/10/2016 Life@OSU)

Hydrothermal Vents And Methane Seeps Are Essential For Ocean Ecosystems, Global Climate (5/31/2016 HNGN)

Jammu and Kashmir prone to major earthquake: Study (5/19/2016 MSN)

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