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CEOAS in the News

OSU, coalition get ocean observatories grant (9/19/2019 KTVZ)

Oregon sees low-oxygen seasons in coastal waters (9/20/2018 KATU)

Are glaciers behind perplexing shift in paleoclimate Ice Age patterns? (9/19/2018 GlacierHub)

New Tech Makes Scientific Data Cheaper And Easier To Secure (9/17/2018 OPB)

AT SEA: Local students join ocean research (9/17/2018 Lincoln City News Guard)

Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU (9/14/2018 The Oregonian)

Scientists learn why Mount St. Helens is 'out of line' (9/3/2018 KTVZ)

Ocean Scientists Discover Hundreds More Methane Seeps Off PNW Coast (9/2/2018 OPB)

Water Shortages, Intensified by Climate Change, Threaten World’s Hotspots (8/30/2018 The Washington Diplomat)

OSU, Utah to estimate U.S. plant transpiration (8/30/2018 KTVZ)

Climate change means smoky summers will be more frequent, experts say (8/22/2018 The Oregonian)

Can the Great Lakes continue to fend off an increasingly thirsty world? (8/16/2018 Ensia)

In a warming world, the fight for water can push nations apart—or bring them together (8/16/2018 Quartz)

How Warming Could Speed up the Sea (8/16/2018 Hakai Magazine)

Morning Energy: Scientists Link Ocean Flows to CO2 Rise (8/14/2018 Politico)

Tracing atmospheric rise in CO2 during deglaciation (8/14/2018 EurekAlert!)

Is the ‘Big One’ looming? (8/9/2018 The News Guard)

OSU scientists named climate change report lead authors (8/7/2018 KTVZ)

OSU study: Quakes can trigger others halfway around Earth (8/2/2018 KTVZ)

Researcher: Get used to wildfires; they're getting worse (7/31/2018 KEZI)

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