Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

MRM Faculty

Name (website)InterestAffiliation
Paul AdamusWetlandsInstitute for Applied Ecology
Jonathan AllanCoastal geomorphologyDOGAMI
Scott BakerMolecular Ecology, Conservation GeneticsMarine Mammal Institute, HMSC
Jack BarthOcean dynamicsPhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Dan BottomFisheries (dan.bottom@gmail.com)Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Caren Elizabeth BrabyFisheriesOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Ralph BreitensteinMarine Invertebrate Taxonomy and EstuariesHatfield Marine Science Center
Laura BrophyWetlandsInstitute for Applied Ecology
Francis ChanEcosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, climate impacts on marine ecosystemsIntegrative Biology
Itchung CheungMarine Education and EngagementHatfield Marine Science Center
Lorenzo CiannelliFisheries oceanographyOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Bob CollierGeochemistryOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Joe ConeScience communicationOregon Sea Grant
Flaxen ConwayNatural resource policy and managementMarine Resource Management and Sociology
Lori CramerNatural resources sociologySociology
Tracy CrewsMarine Education and EngagementSea Grant
Tony D'AndreaShellfish AssessmentOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Lisa DeBruyckereNatural Resource Policy, Management, and Collaborative GovernanceCreative Resource Strategies, LLC
Ted DeWittMarine ecologyEPA
Cristen DonOcean policy and managementOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marine Reserves Program
Mary J. DonahueMarine debrisUniversity of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program
Jamie DoyleCommunity develop and educationSea Grant
Brett DumbauldMarine ecology & aquacultureUSDA
Jenny EastMarine Education and EngagementSea Grant
Hillary EgnaAquaculture and International DevelopmentAquafish Innovation Lab
Chris GoldfingerActive tectonics & seafloor mappingGeology and Geophysics
Kirsten Grorud-ColvertMarine ecologyIntegrative Biology
Sally HackerMarine ecology & estuariesIntegrative Biology
Robert HannahFisheries, marine biologyOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
William HanshumakerMarine public educationSea Grant
Michael HarteFisheriesWWF/ Marine Resource Management
Paul HeimowitzAquatic invasive speciesUS Fish and Wildlife Services
Sarah HenkelBenthic ecologyZoology
Scott HeppellPhysiological ecology of fishesFisheries and Wildlife
Selina HeppellMarine fisheries ecologyFisheries and Wildlife
Nancee HunterSTEM EducationCenter for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning
Robert LackeyFisheriesFisheries and Wildlife
Chris LangdonAquacultureFisheries and Wildlife
Peter LawsonFisheriesNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jim LerczakCoastal physical oceanographyPhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Saskia MadlenerScience film & video production77th Parallel
Julie E. MasuraMicroplastic marine debris, algal blooms, sedimentology, estuarine waterUniversity of Washington Tacoma
Kerry Carlin MorganScience education, wildlife conservationOregon Coast Aquarium
Tim Miller-MorganHuman-animal healthVeterinary medicine
Phil MoteClimate changePhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Mark NeedhamHuman dimensions of natural resourcesForestry
Walter G. NelsonImpacts of anthropogenic stressors; Population and community ecologyU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Craig RisienOcean observing systemsPhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Julie RisienMarine conservation, education and engagementSTEM Learning
Shawn RoweFree choice learningScience Mathematics and Education
Peter RuggieroCoastal GeomorphologyGeosciences
Steve RumrillMarine ecology & estuariesODFW
Suzanne M. RussellHuman dimension of fisheriesNOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
David SampsonFisheriesFisheries and Wildlife
Kipp ShearmanPhysical ocean processesPhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
Ana SpaldingMarine studies and policyPublic Policy
Brent SteelPolitical science & public policyPolitical Science
Ted StrubCoastal physical oceanographyPhysics of Oceans and Atmospheres
James L. SumichMarine biology & zoologyBiology Dept., Emeritus, Grossmont College
Gil SylviaFisheries economicsAgriculture and Resource Economics
Andy SzaboMarine mammalsAlaska whale foundation
Bryan TiltEnvironmental anthropologyAnthropology
Fiona Tomas NashMarine benthic systemsFisheries and Wildlife
Leigh TorresSpatial marine ecologyFisheries and Wildlife
Marta TorresGeochemistryOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Waldo WakefieldMarine fisheries & habitatNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
George WaldbusserBenthic ecology & sediment biogeochemistryOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Shelby WalkerMarine Education and EngagementSea Grant
Rob WheatcroftBenthic ecologyOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Angel WhitePhytoplankton & nutrient cyclingOcean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Briana WitteveenMarine MammalsUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks
Dawn WrightGISGeosciences

Last updated 4/17/2018