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Making Waves July 24, 2015


Friday, July 31st, 1-2pm. Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room 3622. Student Defense: Ms. Jenny East (MS, Marine Resource Management). "Interactions around the Tabletop: Analysis of Family Use of a Touch Surface Exhibit at a Public Marine Science Center."

Reasons to be Proud of CEOAS

Congratulations to Rodrigo Duran who won best poster Early Career Researcher category in a recent society of applied and industrial mathematics in geosciences recently. Keep up the great work!

Alan Mix has been selected as the Emiliani Lecturer for AGU’s Fall Meeting, 2015. The Emiliani Lecture Committee received numerous nominations, and Mix was cited for his dedication and sustained contributions to the field. His tentative talk will be, “Searching for tipping points in Pleistocene climate: Are they real?  Are they portents for the future?”  Well done!

Dawn Wright has received the GSA’s Randolph W. "Bill" and Cecile T. Bromery Award for the Minorities. Besides serving as a courtesy professor at CEOAS, she is the first woman Chief Scientist at the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).

Proposal and Grant Workshop

CEOAS Accounting will be hosting a proposal and grant administration workshop on Aug. 6th at 3 pm in Burt 193. Stop by to hear about proposal and grant updates as well as new online resources.

Bring your laptop for one-on-one Cayuse help at the end of the workshop. The CEOAS proposal team will be available to answer specific questions related to Cayuse or your next proposal. The next big NSF deadline is Aug. 17th.

To: All Supervisors From: FOBC

As a reminder, it is extremely important that inactive employee records (including student employees) be terminated from the OSU payroll system in a timely manner.  Timely termination prevents unnecessary expense and potential risk to the university.

Please Note:  Though a position may already have an established end date (in an offer letter, on a job form and/or record), a separate termination transaction must be completed to effectively terminate the position and the employee.

Please notify your Business Center Human Resources Team as soon as you become aware of one of your direct reports vacating their position, or leaving OSU employment.

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week

An underwater digital still camera has proven its worth for the Ocean Observatories Initiative. Despite being tipped over and taking six months of close-up pictures of mud, the camera is now back to imaging benthic waters. It even survived the suctioned grip of a curious "benthic passenger" (aka, an octopus). Now that's one committed camera!

Watch as OSU scientists and engineers join Leg 3 of the "Visions '15 Expedition" on July 31.

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