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Making Waves January 23, 2015


Monday, January 26th, 4-5 pm, Burt 193. Student Seminar: Courtney Hann, Marine Resource Management. “Seasonal sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus distribution in relation to seamounts in northeastern New Zealand waters.”

Tuesday, January 27th, 3:30-4:30 pm, Burt 193. POA Seminar: Dr. Roger M. Samelson. "Air-Sea Coupling in an Eastern Boundary Current Region."

Wednesday, January 28th, 1-2 pm, Burt 193. Jack Barth: An update on the OSU Marine Studies Initiative

Wednesday, January 28th, 4-5 pm, Peavy 242. WR Seminar: Kevin Bladon, OSU Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management. "Forest HydroEcoPedoPyrology: Trans-disciplinary Research for Integrated Source Water Management."

Thursday, January 29th, 4-5 pm, Burt 193. G&G Seminar: Dr. Mo Davies. "It Came From Outer Space: Cosmogenic Be Archived in Marine Sediments."

CEOAS Day of Service: Saturday, February 21st, 2015

In an ongoing effort to foster a spirit of volunteerism in our college, GSC would like to encourage everyone to participate in the CEOAS Day of Service on Saturday, February 21st. In previous years, we have organized our Day of Service to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but we've change our date due to low turn out because of the 3 day weekend. As the GSC service liaison, I will send out a list of local organizations that welcome volunteers on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day if you want to volunteer independently. This year, two local organizations are prepared to host CEOAS volunteers on the morning of Saturday, February 21st, 2015, from 9am - noon

1. Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE)

SAGE is looking for volunteers to help with path maintenance, sheet mulching, live willow fence weaving, hoop house bed maintenance, possible early planting and weeding, as well as some other projects.

SAGE is a community garden dedicated to providing organically-grown produce to local food banks and soup kitchens, and it is located in the Bruce Starker Arts Park.  

2. SafeHaven Humane Society (SHHS)

SHHS is looking for volunteers to help with cleaning, which involves sweeping, washing windows, mopping, cleaning kennels, scooping yards, doing dishes, doing laundry, and/or dusting. After cleaning, you can socialize with some of the animals.

SHHS’s mission is to find permanent, loving homes for all animals entrusted in their care.

Friends and family are welcome to join in. Hopefully we can have more volunteers than last year! 

Sign up sheets are located in the CEOAS Admin lobby, the GSC board by Burt 193, and in Wilkinson 104. For more information, please contact Allison Einolf

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Coming Great Cascadia Earthquake

Chris Goldfinger will be presenting at Science on Tap in Portland on February 3rd.

"While we can’t predict exactly when the next Great Cascadia Earthquake will happen, we CAN forecast the probabilities from a long history of past earthquakes. The study of the geological history of the last 10,000 years of the Cascadia Subduction Zone has shown that there have been 43 great earthquakes (magnitude 8.0 or higher) along the coast of Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia. Some of these earthquakes were probably magnitude 9.0 or higher, and like the 2011 Japanese and 2004 Sumatran earthquakes, they probably also caused large tsunami waves that were devastating all over the Pacific. At this Science on Tap, Chris Goldfinger, PhD, professor of geology and geophysics at Oregon State University, will talk about the geology of Cascadia and his research on the recurrence interval of major earthquakes. While this research may not allow us to pinpoint a date for the next great quake, a better understanding of the geological forces at work can help us get prepare."

More details here.

Tax Times Nears

Starting January 22nd, W-2's will start being mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. Some may come with an unfamiliar return logo. See below.

USSE (United Shared Service Enterprise)

Project CONVERGE, Antarctica

Kim Bernard, CEOAS Assistant Professor in Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry, recently shared the blog for the work being done at Palmer Station in Antarctica. Dr. Bernard's research is here.

Science Pub

Kyle McDonald, CEOAS Faculty Research Assistant, will be giving a science pub talk for OMSI at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, February 2, 2015. See Science Pub Portland for more information.

Oregon Sea Grant Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program - Applications due February 20, 2015

Oregon Sea Grant is excited to announce our fifth Summer Scholars Program for eligible undergraduates. Summer Scholars will be placed for 10 weeks with an academic, government, or non-governmental organization, and will gain real life practice in marine resource science, policy, management, and outreach.

For more information about eligibility, placements and how to apply, go to: http://seagrant.oregonstate.edu/fellowships/summer-scholars

It's Not Too Late...

Salmon Bowl 2015 will take place on Saturday, February 28th, and we need you!  Our goal is to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help with the many facets involved in making this competition come to life!  We would like to recruit volunteers not only for the event on Saturday, but we also need volunteers to help with set-up on Friday, February 27th.

If volunteering as a game official sounds like too much of a commitment, then please consider volunteering as support staff. These positions don't require any training, just game-day commitment where you still get to interact with the teams and support a great event!

 To show our gratitude, all of our volunteers get a free t-shirt, free lunch, and a chance to win prizes during our raffle! Most importantly, you will receive that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from donating your time to a worthwhile cause. It may just be a game, but it's a game that promotes healthy oceans, one science question at a time.

 If you are interested in volunteering send an e-mail to Salmonbowl.Volunteer@gmail.com as soon as possible. If you have an idea of what volunteer position you would like, feel free to include that in the e-mail. If you're not sure, no problem! We will find the best spot to fit you in.  Lastly, if you know you want to be an official, please also include the volunteer training date you plan to attend. 

It's a big competition and we're going to need a lot of support. More importantly it's fun...really fun. So be in touch, get excited, and let the Salmon Bowl season begin!

Approaches to International Water Conflict Resolution and OSU's Contributions

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 7 p.m.  /  Corvallis-Benton County Public Library  /  Sponsored by the Marys Peak Group of the Sierra Club

Dr. Aaron Wolf will discuss conflict and cooperation over shared water resources internationally and in the US West, as well as OSU's role in facilitating water conflict resolution. 

Piero and Cassia

Jack Barth's former Ph.D. student, Piero Mazzini, now a postdoc at Rutgers University, and Cassia Pianca, who did her Ph.D. work under the guidance of Rob Holman, just got married. The wedding was in their native Brazil.

Piero and Cassia

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
Congratulations to Crystal Barnes on the arrival of her little one, Desmond Marcus Boles, born on January 22 at 2 a.m.

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