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Making Waves December 19, 2014

Holiday Closure

CEOAS Holiday Closures December 24 - 26

The CEOAS Administration Building,  Student Services Office in Wilkinson, and the Publications office in Burt will be closed December 24 - 26.

The University will be closed December 25-26 and January 1.

OSU HOLIDAY Schedule 2014-2015

Staff Fee Privileges Forms

Staff Fee Privileges (Tuition Discount): OSU Employees or Family Members Attending Other OUS Institutions December 22, 2014 is the deadline to submit Staff Fee Privileges Approval Forms for family members attending other OUS institutions during Winter Term 2015.  December 31, 2014 is the deadline to submit Staff Fee Privileges Approval Forms for OSU employees attending other OUS institutions during Winter Term 2015.  The Staff Fee Privileges Approval Form, instructions, and information can be found here.  Completed forms should be returned to:  Forestry, Oceanic, & Atmospheric Business Center (FOBC) Human Resources, 154 Peavy Hall, Attn: Megan Hickman.  If you miss the deadline, please contact Megan Hickman, FOBC HR, megan.hickman@oregonstate.edu for appeal process information and instructions.

New Baby!

Otto Arnold Ullman
Born 11-25-2014, 5:11 AM
8 lbs 3 oz

Both Kate and Otto are recovering quite well, looking forward to seeing
everyone in the coming year.

Otto Arnold Ullman

Salmon Bowl is Coming

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  Salmon Bowl 2015, Oregon's regional high school marine science competition as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, is Saturday, February 28, 2015.  We need volunteers (no experience necessary) to assist as game officials (rules judge, science judge, moderator, runner) and support staff (food prep, game day logistics, room set-up and breakdown) during the competition.  We need as many volunteers as possible to make this event great, so please contact salmonbowl.volunteer@gmail.com if you are interested in helping or to have any questions.  This is truly a great and fun event, so be in touch, get excited, and let the Salmon Bowl season begin

CEOAS Geography News

Dr. W. Todd Jarvis and Kim Ogren (PhD candidate) each contributed articles to the Water Resources IMPACT special issue on North American Transboundary/Border Issues:

Jarvis: 'Transboundary Governance of Groundwater and Aquifers: You Can’t Separate One From the Other'

Ogren: 'Multi-Jurisdictional Challenges of Transboundary Water Management: Lessons From the Columbia River Treaty Reviews'

Both articles will be posted on the WaterWired blog  Jarvis: 17 December     Ogren: December 20. 

 Also: Dr. Michael E. Campana will be interviewed about water on the Sharon Kleyne Radio Hour, 10 AM PST, 22 December  http://www.sharonkleynehour.com


Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
The science party on R/V Oceanus deploy a WET Labs profiler off of Agate Beach as part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative Endurance Array initial deployment cruise. Two other moorings and three Slocum gliders were also deployed. This mooring design builds directly on the work done by our colleague Murray Levine to help develop and prototype vertical profiler technology.

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