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Making Waves August 9, 2013


Wednesday, August 14, 4pm, Burt 193. REU Seminar Series: Peter Ruggiero (CEOAS). "Coastal Morphodynamics and Hazards in the US Pacific Northwest. "

Sending Proposals through Cayuse SP for OSU Signatures

At a recent Sponsored Programs training session, it was reiterated that before a proposal is sent through Cayuse SP for electronic signatures, it should have (at a minimum):

-  Abstract

-  Draft project description

-  Budget entered into 424, Fastlane, or NSPIRES forms

-  Bugdet Justification

-  Budget details (spreadsheet, labeled as “Budget, Internal”)

-  Subcontract budget, justification, and scope of work

-  Forms required by the sponsor

-  Submission notes if the proposal is not complete

-  If you submit through Fastlane, please Grant SRO Access now.

Sponsored Programs will NOT submit to NSF without your go-ahead.

An incomplete proposal sent through Cayuse SP does not guarantee that you have "met the 3-day deadline." The review period begins once you turn in the required elements. Sponsored Programs will try to accommodate you, but this is not always possible.

Call for Nominations (attn: Grad Students only)

Attention all CEOAS graduate students: The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is seeking nominees for the following two awards that will be presented at the CEOAS All College Meeting on Friday, September 27th, 2013. Both of these awards are open to nominations by all CEOAS graduate students. If you would like to nominate someone, please email a short explanation for your nomination to the Student Advisory Awards Committee (vestfals@coas.oregonstate.edu) with the subject line "SAC Awards Nomination 2013". The deadline to submit nominations is August 23rd.

The Pattullo Award for Excellence in Teaching: Professor June Pattullo played an instrumental role in the inception and early development of graduate education in oceanography at OSU. This award was first given in 1998 and is intended to recognize a teaching faculty member who has achieved excellence in teaching within CEOAS over a period of several years. The Pattullo Award for Excellence in Teaching acknowledges an outstanding teaching faculty member who is accessible and approachable, devotes time and effort into preparing for class, and encourages classroom discussions. Award recipients are to be nominated by graduate students only. The same person may not receive the teaching award more than once in seven years. No award needs to be given if no nominations are received.

Past Recipients:

2012 Burke Hales (OEB)

2011 Tuba Ozkan-Haller (G&G)

2010 Jack Barth (POA)

2009 John Nabelek (G&G)

2008 Kipp Shearman (POA)

2007 Jim McManus (G&G)

2006 Eric Maloney (ATS)

2005 Bob Collier (OE&B)

2004 Bill Smyth (POA)

2003 Charlie Miller (OE&B)

2002 Dudley Chelton (POA)

2001 Gary Klinkhammer (G&G)

The Jack Dymond Excellence in Mentoring Award: The Jack Dymond Excellence in Mentoring award was developed by students in 1999. It is intended to recognize faculty that go above and beyond in mentoring graduate students other than their own advisees. Faculty who embody this award are interested in helping students grow as individuals and serve as role-models for the CEOAS community, both academically and personally. Award recipients are to be nominated by graduate students only. You may not nominate your own advisor but nominations of committee members will be accepted.

Past Recipients:

2012 Julia Jones (GEOG)

2011 Marta Torres (OE&B)

2010 Lorenzo Ciannelli (OE&B)

2009 Jim Moum (POA)

2008 Eric Skyllingstad (POA)

2007 Kipp Shearman (POA)

2006 Ricardo Letelier (OE&B)

2005 Jim Good (MRM)

2004 Tim Cowles (OE&B)

2003 None awarded

2002 Scott Pegau

2001 Dawn Wright (GEO) & Charlie Miller (OE&B)

We look forward to your nominations!

CEOAS Goings On...

G&G & OEB invited hosted a BBQ on Wednesday to celebrate several momentous occasions: Rob Holman "retiring", Marta Torres named GSA fellow, Alan Mix named AGU fellow and last but certainly not least, Jim McManus leaving us to take on a new position in the mid-west. To remind Jim what sort of weather he'll be leaving behind, it was rather cool and cloudy out...a typical Oregon summer day. Congrats all!


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