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Making Waves July 19, 2013


Tuesday, July 23, 3:30pm, Burt 193. POA Seminar: Karan Venayagamoorthy (Colorado State University)."Mixing in stably stratified turbulence."

Wednesday, July 24, 4pm, Wilk 203. REU Seminar Series: Jim McManus (CEOAS). "Iron biogeochemistry in marine sediments: Why is iron important and why the bottom matters."

Funding Opportunites

NSF: Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change. The goal is to utilize key geological, chemical, atmospheric (gas in ice cores), and biological records of climate system variability to provide insights into the mechanisms and rate of change that characterized Earth's past climate variability, the sensitivity of Earth's climate system to changes in forcing, and the response of key components of the Earth system to these changes. Important scientific objectives of P2C2 are to: 1) provide comprehensive paleoclimate data sets that can serve as model test data sets analogous to instrumental observations; and 2) enable transformative syntheses of paleoclimate data and modeling outcomes to understand the response of the longer-term and higher magnitude variability of the climate system that is observed in the geological and cryospheric records. Due 10/13/13.

NSF: Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases. The central theme must be quantitative or computational understanding of pathogen transmission dynamics. The intent is discovery of principles of infectious disease transmission and testing mathematical or computational models that elucidate infectious disease systems. Projects should be broad, interdisciplinary efforts that go beyond the scope of typical studies. They should focus on the determinants and interactions of transmission among humans, non-human animals, and/or plants. This includes, for example, the spread of pathogens; the influence of environmental factors such as climate; the population dynamics and genetics of reservoir species or hosts; or the cultural, social, behavioral, and economic dimensions of disease transmission. Due 11/20/13.

Dreyfus Foundation: Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry. Applications should describe innovative fundamental research in the chemical sciences or engineering related to the environment. Examples include chemistry associated with: the climate, the atmosphere, aquatic or marine settings, toxicology, soil or groundwater. Also of interest are chemistry-related energy research (renewable sources, sequestration, etc.), and new or green approaches to chemical synthesis and processing, with a clearly stated relation to the environment. Applications are accepted from principal investigators that have well-established research efforts in environmental science or engineering. Funding is $120,000 over two years. Due 8/14/13.

Cayuse Browser Warning

If you are submitting a proposal through Cayuse in the next few weeks, be aware that Cayuse 424 forms are not working correctly with the latest update of Firefox (version 22). Cayuse technicians are working to correct this incompatibility. The Cayuse Help Desk suggests the temporary workaround of using Internet Explorer as your browser for Cayuse 424 during this time. (You could also revert to an earlier version, Firefox 21, and disable automatic updates until the fix is available.)

Deadline Approaching - Concept submissions for the Ocean Challenge: Mitigating Acidification Impacts

Concept submissions for the Ocean Challenge: Mitigating Acidification Impacts, are due Wednesday, July 31st. Visit the submission website at: http://www.pgafamilyfoundation.org/oceanchallenge/ for further details. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, as part of a larger ocean health initiative, and in collaboration with The Oceanography Society, is offering a $10,000 award for the most promising new science-based concept for mitigating environmental and/or societal impacts of ocean acidification. In addition to the award, the author(s) of the winning concept will be invited to submit a full proposal to the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for consideration. Authors of other highly ranked concepts may also be invited to submit proposals.

CEOAS @ daVinci Days July 19-21

Be sure to check out the CEOAS booth at this year's daVinci Days happening this weekend, lots of great displays and interactive fun for the whole family. OSU speakers will give presentations "from the Edge of Science" at 112 Kearney Hall on Saturday from 11 to 4 and Sunday from 12 to 5. CEOAS presenters include the following. For the full list of speakers and descriptions of their talks please visit: http://www.davincidays.org/science-tech/da-vinci-days-speakers

Saturday, July 20

11 a.m. Jack Barth and the ocean glider team: "Ocean Exploration with Underwater Gliders"

1 p.m.  Marty Fisk: "Curiosity on Mars - NASA's search for habitable environments"

3 p.m. Andrew Thurber: "Life in the Polar Ocean"

Jane Lubchenco will give the keynote on Friday, July 19 (7 pm, Whiteside Theater). http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2013/jun/jane-lubchenco-kicks-osu-speaker-series-da-vinci-days

Also, please note that we will be having a CEOAS Alumni Open House in the Admin Bldg living room TODAY, Friday, July 19th from 2-5pm. This will be a time for CEOAS Alumni that may be in town for DaVinci Days to swing by the offices for some light refreshments and check out the latest updates from CEOAS.

For more info on daVinci Days: http://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/fungi-flying-machines-and-finding-answers/article_4f7f1154-edcc-11e2-b4bc-001a4bcf887a.html

July Climate CIRCulator

The July Climate CIRCulator is available for viewing and is brought to you by The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) and The Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC).  If you would like to receive this monthly publication, please subscribe to the Climate CIRCulator.

Hands-On Science Communication Session for Grad Students at 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

If you are a graduate student attending the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2013 meeting, please consider submitting an abstract to the session below called 'Water Sciences Pop-Ups'. It is the first year this session will be held and it is our goal to empower effective science communication skills in early career scientists. For more information on the session or to volunteer for this event, please contact Sheila Saia (sms493@cornel.edu) or Mousa Diabat (diabatm@science.oregonstate.edu). Session Number: ED024 -- Water Sciences Pop-Ups Description: This session provides students the opportunity to give a brief, 5 minute TED-like presentation on their research and vision of the future of water sciences. The goal of this session is for students at an early career stage to gain practice communicating their research to other scientists and the general public. Abstracts should briefly summarize the focus of the student's presentation. Students are also encouraged to submit an additional media component, of their own work, highlighting the theme of their abstract. Examples of media include, video (1 minute max), photo, mural, or other creative art form. The text portion of the abstract must be submitted according to AGU abstract deadlines. Media should be emailed to Mousa Diabat by September 1 via preferred file type (file name should include the student's first and last name). If a link to the media is preferred, please include the link (e.g. YouTube link, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.) in your email to Mousa Diabat. Presenters will be selected based on career stage and content/style of their abstract and media with the goal of covering a diverse range of research topics and backgrounds in the water sciences. All students who submit abstracts to the session will be invited to a workshop on effective presentation and science communication skills.

Students will be contacted for permission to post media. This session is restricted to students. Students submitting to this session will be allowed to be a first author on another submission. Official AGU Session Link:


For More information:


CEOAS Coffee Service

Our coffee service is self supporting and we need to collect enough regularly to buy coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider packets, cups, creamer, sweeteners, etc. Cups are a major expense, so bring your own mug when you can! Upon request we have been serving Allann Brothers organic fair trade coffee and it does cost more so please remember to stay paid up. The price is 50¢/cup if you use your own cup. If you use a paper cup, the price is 75¢/cup. The price of hot chocolate is 50¢/cup; tea is 25¢/cup. If you prefer to pay ahead for your beverages, that’s fine – we just need everyone to pay their fair share so we can keep this service going. Remember on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. in the CEOAS Admin lounge everyone is invited to stop by for a cookie break. We'd like to keep this going but right now we are not receiving enough donation money to do so. Please be sure to give to the fund if you enjoy this service!

Housing needed, etc.

Visiting CEOAS faculty member from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan arriving in Corvallis in August for one year, with wife and child, looking for one bedroom, one bathroom (or larger) rental house or apartment, ideally no more than $700/month. Please contact Wenbo ZHANG zhwb_000@126.com. For more information about Dr. Zhang, please contact Adam Schultz (adam@coas.oregonstate.edu).

Wanted:  House or apartment to rent from August 31 - September 25, 2013 for 3 visiting scientists from the Universidad de Chile Santiago (2 professors and 1 senior graduate student).  Walking distance to CEOAS.   Please contact Anne Trehu (trehu@coas.oregonstate.edu; 541-737-2655).

Are you looking for a house sitter, pet sitter, or kid sitter? My 14 year-old daughter, Zeah (pronounced 'Zay-ah'), has experience in child care and cat care, and seeks more experience in these types of activities. She recently graduated from 8th grade in Linus Pauling top of her class, and she is fun, responsible, creative, self-disciplined, and upbeat. In fact, in addition to her chores, she cleaned our whole house from top to bottom as a surprise birthday present for me this spring. Is that the coolest gift ever from a 14 year-old or what?  If you see that she might be able to help you in your sitting needs, please email Heather Lintz:hlintz@coas.oregonstae.edu

Deadlines for submitting Staff Fee Privileges Approval Forms – Summer Term 2013

July 19, 2013 – Deadline for OSU employee or dependent enrolling at OSU. Where to send forms: Kelly Peck, FOBC, 154 Peavy Hall. What if I miss the deadline?Contact Kelly Peck, FOBC, Kelly.Peck@oregonstate.edu or Heidi Melton, OHR, heidi.melton@oregonstate.edu for information about the appeal process. Here is the link to the current staff fee form:  http://www.ous.edu/dept/hr/benefits/stafffee.

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
The Cartography and Geovisualization Group with friends exploring the beauty of Oregon (Crater Lake, June 2013).

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