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Making Waves April 19, 2013

Seminars & Defenses

Monday, April 22, 4pm, Burt 193. GEM Seminar Series: Maria Adelaide Ferreira (Researcher, Geography and Regional Planning Studies, Institute of Marine Research (IMAR), Portugal). "Insights into Marine Spatial Planning in Europe."

Tuesday, April 23, 3:30pm, Burt 193. POA Seminar Serires: Cheryl Harrison (CEOAS). "Lagrangian coherent structures in the California current system: detection, limitations and applications to larval transport."

Wednesday, April 24, 4pm, ALS 4000. Water Resources Seminar Series: David Goodrich (USDA—ARS). "Reducing the uncertainty of key water balance
components at the basin scale to aid watershed management."

Thursday, April 25, 12pm, Burt 193. OEB Seminar Series: Florian Scholz  (CEOAS). "Beyond the Black Sea Paradigm: The Isotopic Fingerprint of an Open-Marine Iron Shuttle."

Thursday, April 25, 4pm, Gilfillan. Geology Seminar Series: David Chapman (Energy & Geoscience Institute, University of Utah). "Global Warming:  The Science is Settled (for Most of Us), Now What Do We Do?".

Friday, April 26, 4pm, Gilfillan. CEOAS Student Seminar Series: Nate Lewis, PhD Graduate Student-MRM-Characterization of ecosystem structure and function recovery within the NOAA MOC-P mitigation basin Marine Resource Management. Raymond (Chris) Johnson, M.S. Graduate Student-Physics of Oceans and Atmosphere. Julie Watson, PhD Graduate Student- Geography.

Monday, April 29, 1pm, Weniger 247. Katie Stofer, Free-Choice Science Education, Advisor: Shawn M. Rowe, OSU HMSC and Oregon Sea Grant. “Visualizers, Visualizations, and Visualizees: Differences in Meaning-Making by Scientific Experts and Novices from Global Visualizations of Ocean Data.”

Funding Opportunities

Frank M. Cushing Science Policy Fellowship: A fellowship for marine science postdoctoral scholars and doctoral candidates interested in bridging the gap between science and policy by spending a year in Washington DC researching, developing and advocating for research and sound ocean policy. Frank Cushing was widely appreciated for his mentorship of young policy makers and his willingness to spend time sharing his expertise, experience and influence with the science community. This fellowship is designed to expose young ocean scientists to navigating the inside-the-beltway political landscape that Frank negotiated so successfully and for them to learn about the major contributions that he made to science. The Cushing Fellow will lend his/her expertise to the development and implementation of legislative, policy and outreach strategies on behalf of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. The position resides in the Public Affairs Department and will monitor and report on the status of legislation, analyze the impact of various policy and legislative proposals important to the oceanographic community, and help develop policy positions and outreach materials. Qualifications include: (1) Doctoral degree in marine science or related field, or PhD candidate status, communications or outreach and education experience preferred; (2) Ability to interact effectively with a wide range of stakeholders including federal officials, academics, private and government sponsors , and members of the ocean commissions and Ocean Leadership staff; (3) Strong writing, editing, presentation and speaking skills; (4) Strong organizational skills, including setting priorities, articulating strategies and managing for results; (5) Proficiency in working with all forms of public media and with MS Office applications including MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS – MAY 1, 2013

Click here for more information and to apply.


NSF – Water Sustainability and Climate (WSC), NSF 13-535, NSF Deadline: September 10, 2013. Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization: Because of the complexity of the teams formed in response to this solicitation, collaborative submissions can include a maximum of four institutions. Other participating institutions must be funded via subcontracts through one of the four lead collaboratives. Limit on Number of Proposals per PI: 2 Synopsis of Program: One of the most urgent challenges facing the world today is to ensure an adequate supply and quality of water in light of both burgeoning human needs and increasing climate variability and change. Despite the importance of water to life on Earth, there are major gaps in our basic understanding of water availability, quality and dynamics, and the impact of both human activity and a changing and variable climate on the water system. The goal of the Water Sustainability and Climate (WSC) solicitation is to enhance the understanding and predict the interactions between the water system and land use changes (including agriculture, managed forest and rangeland systems), the built environment, ecosystem function and services and climate change/variability through place-based research and integrative models. Studies of the water system using models and/or observations at specific sites, singly or in combination, that allow for spatial and temporal extrapolation to other regions, as well as integration across the different processes in that system are encouraged, especially to the extent that they advance the development of theoretical frameworks and predictive understanding. For more information please visit the site linked above.

Job Opportunities

The OSU Human Services Resource Center is currently hiring for 5 positions that will run from September 23, 2013 through June 13, 2014, with an opportunity to work over the summer if interested. The office deals with issues of homelessness, food insecurity, and poverty on our campus and in the community, through various subsidies and resources for students of Oregon State University. Applying will be available from now until April 26th. 2 Internal Coordinators- will directly manage office coordination and subsidies, 1 External Coordinator- will work with our Events and Outreach Coordinator in planning and implementing education programs and events for the campus and community, 1 Media and Public Relations Coordinator- will manage our social networking sites and newsletter, as well as public relations, 1 Finance Coordinator- will manage office finances, including office purchases and budgeting. Jobs are posted hereas well. For more information please contact: Kelsey Wilson: 541-737-3747, hsrc.officecoordinator@oregonstate.edu. Students will need to apply with a cover letter and resume.

Sasha Perlin

Alexander (Sasha) Perlin passed away Sunday 14 April 2013. Sasha is survived by his mother Valentina Kosareva, his brother Igor Kosarev, his wife Anya Kelbert, and his four children, Michael (20), Daniel (14), Sonya (3) and Boris (1). Sasha was born in St. Petersburg, Russia (1969). He graduated from the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (BS 1993) and from Tel-Aviv University (PhD 2000). Sasha came to OSU as a postdoc in 2000, afterward transitioning to a Research Associate with the Ocean Mixing Group. He not only contributed greatly to the success of the Ocean Mixing Group by carrying out the difficult analysis required of self-developed, highly specialized instrumentation, but he also published several fundamental papers on bottom boundary layers and the physics of ocean upwelling. He will be greatly missed as a valued colleague with an outstanding work ethic and a collegial, fun-loving spirit.

If you would like to leave a message to remember Sasha, a wordpress memorial blog has been set up at: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/rememberingsashaperlin/

Sasha Perlin

Ship Ops/ RCRV staffing update

Stewart Lamerdin has joined CEOAS as Marine Superintendent for Ship Operations.  Stewart joins us from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories where he has been since 1998.  He has held the position of Marine Superintendent at Moss Landing since 2007.   He will be officially in Newport beginning the last week of May and is currently contributing to Ship Operations management from Moss Landing. Demian Baileywill continue to wear both the Marine Superintendent and RCRV Project Manager hats until Stewart arrives. Clare Reimers is co-PI on this project and additional RCRV Project Support Office staffing will be finalized soon. Stay tuned!

CEOAS Alumni E-Newsletter

Please note that CEOAS has sent out the first of what will be a quarterly e-newsletter update to our alumni. An online version of the newsletter can be viewed here. If you know of an alum that did not receive this newsletter it's most likely because we need updated contact information. Please direct anyone that would like to receive future communications here.


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Graduation Reception- 6/14/13, 4pm

SAVE THE DATE! An Invitation to All Graduates in CEOAS (Geography, Geology, Earth Science, Environmental Sciences and CEOAS graduate programs, and their families). Friday, June 14th, 2013 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the courtyard west of Burt Hall.  Please stop by for refreshments and the opportunity to meet with the faculty and staff.

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch: Conversations Across Disciplines series will focus on how other disciplines study climate change, present the latest findings in climate change research and scholarship, and provide an opportunity to meet colleagues interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.  This session will feature Allen ThompsonPaige Fischer, and Gordon E. Grant April 25, 2013, noon to 1 p.m., StrandAg 348. RSVP’s appreciated: 541-737-5705

Housing Needed

A summer student researcher is looking for housing in the Corvallis/Albany area starting around June 1st.  She is hoping to bring her 2 dogs with her if possible, but is interested in all options that might be available.  Please contact Nataleigh Vann at nataleigh.vann@gmail.com if you have any suggestions for summer housing options.

R/V Oceanus

7 Apr/23 Apr Newport/Newport           Thomson, J/           6/NAVY-ONR-OAS/F
26 Apr/02 May Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     6/NSF-Unspecified/F
08 May/15 May Newport/Newport           Nabelek, J/1131767    7/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
19 May/31 May Newport/Newport           Reeder, D/N0001413WX20043 13/NAVY-ONR-OAS/F
03 Jun/14 Jun Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     11/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
17 Jun/23 Jun Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     6/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
26 Jun/03 Jul Newport/Newport           Bibee, L/             7/NAVY-NRL/F
07 Jul/17 Jul Newport/Newport           Reimers, C/1061218    8/NSF-OCE-CO/F
                                        McManus, J/1147407    2/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
20 Jul/29 Jul Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     9/NSF-Unspecified/F
01 Aug/14 Aug Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     13/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
18 Aug/24 Aug Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     6/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
28 Aug/10 Sep Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     13/NSF-OCE-MGG/F

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
Distance (online) Environmental Sciences student Stephanie Lange with Opus, a female penguin needing extra attention to cope with the loss of her mate Peeker. Stephanie was completing an internship at the Aquarium of Niagara (www.aquariumofniagara.org) for her Experiential Learning requirement.

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