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Making Waves March 1, 2013

Seminars & Defenses

Monday, March 4, 9am, Burt 193. Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Logan E. Mitchell (Ph.D., Geology, Advisor: Dr. Edward Brook). " The Late Holocene Atmospheric Methane Budget Reconstructed from Ice Cores"

Tuesday, March 5, 4pm, Wilk 108. GEM Seminar Series: Alan Yeakley (Director, School of the Environment, Portland State University) "Portland-Vancouver ULTRA-Ex: Evaluating Relationships between Governance and Environmental Quality in Urban Ecosystems."

Wednesday, March 6, 4pm, ALS 4000. Water Resources Seminar Series: Jeffrey Nason  (OSU: School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering). "Novel approaches for examining the environmental fate and transport of engineered nanomaterials."

Thursday, March 7, 4pm, Wilk 108. Geology Seminar Series: Trish Gregg (CEOAS). "The Thermomechanics of Magma Chamber Growth and Failure in Large Silicic."

Friday, March 8, 4pm, Burt 193. Student Seminar Series: Dave Cade “Finding deep scattering layers in echograms." Danielle Asson "What's that on the beach? Designing a protocol to allow citizen scientists to participate in marine research."

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday, April 9th, 7pm. LaSells Austin Auditorium. Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Lynne Talley & Jeffrey Severinghaus. "Air Bubbles in Ice, Salt in the Sea: What Geochemistry Can Tell Us about Climate Change". **Lecture from 7pm-8:15 pm with a reception in the Guistina Gallery from 8:15 to 9 pm. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW...

Funding Opportunity

NSF: Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. The program furnishes operational support and air tickets between the U.S. and Southern Hemisphere, to artists and writers whose work requires them to be in the Antarctic to complete their proposed project designed to increase understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic and of human activities on the southernmost continent. The program does not support short-term journalistic projects. Due 5/31/13.

Job Opportunity

Support Scientist II at NOAA’s Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) for the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) in College Park, MD.  The job description is attached or you can find it here:  http://www.imsg.com/index.php/careers/current-opportunities/monsoon/. Please send resumes to jobs@imsg.com for consideration.

Travel Authorizations

Using Azumano Travel: CEOAS Accounting office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM.  In an effort to ensure your travel is authorized during our business hours: Airfare requests need to be submitted to Azumano travel no later than 3:00 PM in order for ticket to be issued the same day.  This is because Azumano needs time to work with the Traveler to find the best flight and have the itinery approved.  If Azumano does not receive Travel itinery email approval from the Traveler by 4:30 PM, the reservation will be held over to the next day with the knowledge that the fare is not guaranteed and subject to change overnight.  If Azumano receives itinery approval from Traveler by 4:30 PM, CEOAS Accounting will also have the airfare approved the same day. Please also keep in mind that Foreign Travel on Grants has to be approved before Airfare is authorized.  The Foreign Travel Authorization form will need to be signed by the Office of Post-Award Administration, so be sure to account for the extra time needed for this necessary step. Questions? Please contact travel@coas.oregonstate.edu

(AWRA) Annual Water Resources Conference- Call for Abstracts

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 2013 American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Water Resources Conference, Portland, OR, 4-7 November. CEOAS Faculty member Michael Campana will be co-chairing the conference. Abstracts due: May 10th.

CEOAS Congrats

CEOAS PhD Grad Student Susan Schnur was awarded a prestigious IODP Schlanger Fellowship from the Consortium of Ocean Leadership this year. This is a one year fellowship (and stipend) in which Susan will work on "A Synthesis of the Volcanostratigraphy and Porosity of Pacific Intra-plate Seamounts". Her proposal was selected out of a pool of 25 strong proposals ranging from paleoclimate studies to subduction zone seismology to ocean crust architecture to the deep biosphere! Congratulations Susan!

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch: Conversations Across Disciplines

Climate Club Sandwich Lunch: Conversations Across Disciplines series will focus on how other disciplines study climate change, present the latest findings in climate change research and scholarship, and provide an opportunity to meet colleagues interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.  This session will feature Chris Daly, Hilary Boudet and Raymond Malewitz.  March 20, noon to 1 p.m., StrandAg 348.  RSVP’s appreciated: 541-737-5705

Questions About Grad School?

Graduate School: Deciding whether to go, where to go, and how to get the most out of it once you’re there.  A special presentation by Dr. Richard Boone of the National Science Foundation for undergraduates considering graduate school and current graduate students who want to maximize their experience.  Feb. 26, 1:30 to 3 p.m. MU Journey Room.  Contact debra.mcintosh@oregonstate.edu to sign up.

Dance Your Dissertation!

Tired of trying to write about your research?  It?s time to DANCE it instead!! The Water Resources and School of Public Policy programs will once again host the Dance Your Dissertation or Thesis event in 2013. Open to all graduate students, MS and PhD alike! Open to all degree programs and majors - the more the merrier. Start planning now to communicate about your research through art - your own dance, poem, musical or other creative entry inspired by your research. This years event will be held on Thursday March 7 from 7 to 10 pm in the Corvallis Senior Center, 2601 Tyler St. Nw. There will be a $5 charge to help cover cost of refreshments. If you wish to enter your act and be eligible for one of the fabulous prizes, contact Mary Santelmann. Where did this get started? 

Past Corvallis performances by Program Director's Denise Lach and Mary Santelmann have yet to make it onto YouTube -- you will have to attend live to view!!

R/V Oceanus

It has been a while but the schedule is back online!

04 Mar/09 Mar Newport/Cordova           Transit/              6/NAVY-NRL/F

11 Mar/22 Mar Cordova/Cordova           wang, d/              13/NAVY-NRL/F

24 Mar/30 Mar Cordova/Newport           Transit/              7/NSF-OCE-BIO/F

03 Apr/15 Apr Newport/Newport           Smith, C/1155703      12/NSF-OCE-BIO/F

18 Apr/23 Apr Newport/Newport           Thomson, J/           5/NAVY-ONR-OAS/F

26 Apr/02 May Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     6/NSF-Unspecified/F

05 May/16 May Newport/Newport           Nabelek, J/1131767    11/NSF-OCE-MGG/F

19 May/31 May Newport/Newport           Reeder, D/N0001413WX20043 13/NAVY-ONR-OAS/F

03 Jun/14 Jun Newport/Newport           Toomey, D/1139701     11/NSF-OCE-MGG/F

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
Field site on Taylor Glacier, Dry Valleys, Antarctica. It is a sea of ice in the ablation zone of a glacier feeding out from an ice cap. The glacier is that color blue because there is a net loss of water mass (i.e. it doesn't collect snow) and how pure the ice is. The ripples are sun cups produced by wind and sublimation. In the background is the Asgard Range.

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