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Making Waves January 18, 2013


Tuesday, January 22, 3:30pm, Burt 193. POA Seminar Series: Simon de Szoeke (CEOAS), " Atmospheric boundary layer cold pools enhance air-sea heat flux over the tropical Indian Ocean."

Tuesday, January 22, 4pm, Wilkinson 108. GEM Seminar Series:  Selina Heppell, (CEOAS Marine Resource Management), "Program Why Academics Should Get Involved in Fisheries Management."

Wednesday, January 23, 4pm, ALS 4000. Dorthe Wildenschild (OSU, School of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering), "Optimizing storage of anthropogenic CO2 in the subsurface via capillary trapping."

Thursday, January 24th, 4pm, Gilfillan Auditorium.  Geology Seminar Series: Wendy Bohrson (Central Washington University) "Centuries of Change at Mt. Etna: Evolution of the Historical Magma Storage System".

Friday, January 25, 4pm, Burt 193. CEOAS Student Forum-Steve Drake, "Mind the Gap:  A Glance at Pressure Perturbation Propagation through the Air in Snow". Wind ventilation may enhance water vapor exchange through snow. Data are presented to examine the relationship between wind speed and wind-generated pressure perturbations to a 1m depth. Sarah Strano, "Timing is Everything!  A look at how we use paleomagnetism to date sediment cores".

Funding Opportunities

NOAA climate Program Office: Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA). Competition 1 is soliciting proposals to two priorities: one RISA team focused on the South Central region of the US; and one RISA team focused on the upper Midwestern US. Competition 2 is soliciting proposals only from RISA teams and their partners to conduct projects relevant to one of four priorities: Preparing for floods in urban coastal communities; Scenario and management planning processes; Drought monitoring and prediction products to support decision making; and Climate impacts on marine and Great Lakes ecosystems. Letters of Intent due 2/5/13; full proposals 4/8/13.

NSF: Antarctic Research. The Antarctic Sciences Section supports research that expands fundamental knowledge of the region as well as research that relies on the unique characteristics of the Antarctic continent as a platform from which to support research. The Antarctic Sciences Section strongly encourages research using existing samples, models, and data as well as research at the intersection between disciplines. Due 4/15/13. 

Oregon Sea Grant: The Oregon Sea Grant Program invites preliminary proposals for research on important marine and coastal issues from researchers affiliated with any institution of higher education. Proposals will be entered into a highly competitive review and selection process. Proposed work may begin on either February 1, 2014, or February 1, 2015. Preliminary proposals: 2/15/1313.

ONR: STEM Education and Outreach for K-12 and Higher Education. The ONR is interested in receiving proposals for developing innovative solutions that directly support the development and maintenance of a robust STEM workforce. Successful efforts will be targeted towards one or more of the following: K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate STEM education. Due: 9/30/13. See BAA announcement 13-007.

Update: NSF Proposal Submission through Cayuse

Fastlane is still functioning and must be used for submitting collaborative NSF proposals. Fastlane will be going away sometime in 2013 and NSF is putting its development muscle into getting Research.gov ready for that transition. Recently, Office of Sponsored Programs has noticed some "flakiness" when submitting Fastlane proposals, particularly during heavy deadlines; within Fastlane, PIs give OSP permission to submit, however, occasionally OSP still cannot access. This caused some nail-biting deadlines in the first week of January. We are now being advised:

- With a Collaborative NSF proposal, build the proposal in FastLane and attach a pdf of the proposal with your Cayuse SP submission for signatures. Submit at least three full days before the agency deadline. (This is not a well-mannered courtesy; this is a requirement allowing enough time to handle this and other types of submission problems so that your proposal can, in fact, be submitted.)

- With non-collaborative NSF proposals, select the "Research.gov" opportunity and build the proposal in Cayuse 424.

CEOAS Congrats

Victoria Klein, a University Honors College biology major working with Dr. George Waldbusser was awarded the DeLoach Work Scholarship to enhance her academic training and to spend more time working in the laboratory on her thesis project. Ms. Klein is examining the effects of elevated carbon dioxide on oyster egg condition and larval success.

Jeremy Childress, a CEOAS MRM Alum, has been awarded the Ocean News and Techonology "Next Generation" Award which recognizes an individual ages 35 or younger who has already made valuable contributions through leadership positions within MTS. Jeremy works for the Sexton Company providing engineering and design serves in the development of custom underwater enclosures used in marine research applications. He is also the founder of the MTS Oregon Section.


Burt Hall Photo Board

The College is reinstating the photo board, displaying photos of all faculty and staff in the Burt entryway. (We had to remove photos of graduate students from this display in order to fit all staff in the newly merged college.) Your prospective visitors and colleagues want to see you and match a name to a face.
Two ways you can get your photo on the board:
1) Stop by Burt II, room 178A (next to the Wecoma model) on Thursday January 24th from 9 to noon. (There will be a second chance in February, DTBD)
2) Send a digital photo of yourself to pubs@coas.oregonstate.edu. This photo will be cropped so that people can see your face and so that your head is approximately the same size and eye-level as those in other photos. Please send a high-resolution photo. Please do not send a photo of yourself hiding behind a scuba mask or Antarctic parka, or a photo of yourself as a speck in the distance or a blur schussing down the mountain. Please provide a caption, particularly if this is a photo of you doing research that we can use for other purposes.

Newport selected as home of Pacific Marine Energy Center

CORVALLIS, Ore.  – The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, or NNMREC, which is based at Oregon State University, has chosen Newport, Ore., as the future site of the first utility-scale, grid-connected wave energy test site in the United States – the Pacific Marine Energy Center. Full press release here.

NSF Project Reporting in Research.gov

Beginning March 18, 2013, PIs will be required to submit their annual, final and interim project reports in Research.gov, NSF’s modernization of FastLane. See the Dear Colleague Letter at http://1.usa.gov/V5Ys8j for details.

REMINDER- CEOAS Volunteer Day of Service- 1/21/13

SAC would like to encourage everyone to participate in our Day of Service. Three great local organizations that help our community are prepared to host CEOAS volunteers:
1. Chintimini Wildlife Center -CWC is looking for volunteers to help with painting outbuildings, cleaning cages, removing noxious weeds, planting native species, or shoveling gravel. CWC’s mission is to provide medical care for injured and orphaned native wildlife with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat, and to foster a connection between people and wildlife through education.
2. Children's Farm Home -This year we'll be helping the Children's Farm Home move into their newly renovated Old School. The Children's Farm Home offers assistance and stabilization for children and families dealing with an acute mental illness diagnosis, with residential treatment for 60+ children ages 5-18. *** If you have a truck, please bring it along to help with the move.***

3. City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation -Quite fittingly, we'll be volunteering to help improve Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Work may include improvements to Walnut Barn (carpentry, staining) or trail maintenance, depending on the number of volunteers that sign up. With over 2,000 acres of parks and open spaces, the Corvallis Parks and Recreation staff are in need of volunteers to help maintain our exceptional parks!
Friends and family are welcome to join in (***no children at CFH, as unattended children pose a safety hazard with Highway 20 nearby***). Hopefully we can surpass the record-breaking number of volunteers we had last year! Don’t forget to sign up! Sheets will be available until noon, Friday January 18th so we can let our organizations know how many people to expect. For more information, please contact Cathleen Vestfals: vestfals@coas.oregonstate.edu

Housing Available

ROOM AVAILABLE: in a beautiful 4-bedroom historic home not far from the north end of Campus (near NW 30th and Harrison). The house is filled with three men, two undergraduate and one graduate, who are all very respectful, clean, quiet, and studious, and two of whom are gone every weekend. The room being rented is a very large basement room with a built in desk, two closets, a personal bathroom with shower and washer/dryer, and personal electric heating. Very cozy and comfortable. Room is available on Feb. 1st! Rent is $375/month plus utilities (which run anywhere between $30 and $70 depending on the season, and includes wifi, water, electricity, garbage) and the lease goes until June 30th. There is a fully refundable $400 deposit required upon signing. I have included images of the room and the house. Please email me and we can set up a time to have you visit the house and meet the current housemates. We will also require a couple of references to ensure timely payments. For more information contact Saskia: madlenes@onid.orst.edu

ROOM AVAILABLE: in Philomath for one grad student, it's a $350/month shared living arrangment which is a 12 minute drive from campus with carpooling available and access to a nearby bus route.  For more info contact David O'Gorman: 616-406-7460

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
Top: Jackie Helm (Undergraduate Student), David Langner (Faculty Research Assistant) and Emily Lemagie (Facutly Research Assistant) conducting small-boat work off Waldport (OR) in Alsea Bay as part of a NSF-funded project to Jim Lerczak and Miguel Goni to investigate the role of floods in coastal rivers in the transport of sediment and organic matter to the coastal ocean. A key component of this project is to conduct rapid-response field work, including ADCP surveys, CTD profiles and water sampling, in the Alsea Bay estuary during and following winter floods. Bottom: Alsea Bay bridge under 'typical' winter conditions.

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