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Making Waves October 5, 2012


Monday, Oct. 8, 6pm, Old World Deli:  341 S.W. Second St. Corvallis. Science Pub, Kathie Dello (CEOAS) will delve into Oregon’s perfect storm, the weather event that still stands as one of the state’s most damaging natural disasters. The deputy director of the Oregon Climate Service warns that it could happen again.

Tuesday, October 9, 4pm, Burt 193. GEM Research Group Seminar Series: Hannah Gosnell (CEOAS) "Payment for Ecosystem Services: Pathway to Rural Sustainability?" & Jenna Tilt (CEOAS), "A Tale of Two Cities:  Land Use Planning in Portland, Oregon and Beijing, China".

Tuesday, October 9, 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Kidder 202. Research-University-based Centers of STEM Education:  Fad, Fictions, Failures and Fulfillment (or, why would anyone want to get involved with this?!). Dr. Bouwma-Gearhart will help us situate our new Center in the greater national movement attempting to improve STEM education. Drawing on her and others’ research and our collective experiences, we will explore the (1) trend of university-based centers of STEM education, including the motivations and missions of organizations pushing their creation, and (2) the associated perils confronted and promises afforded at major research universities like our own. Come and join a lively discussion of why and how you might meaningfully engage in the Center’s activities in ways synergistic with your other professional and personal goals. Lifelong STEM Learning Campus-wide Seminar Series and Discussion Forum 2012-2013- Second Tuesday of every month 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Kidder 202. Contact Julie.Risien@oregonstate.edu for more information or to be added to the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning

Thursday, October 11, 4pm in Gilfillan Auditorium, GEOLOGY & GEOPHYSICS COLLOQUIUM: Dan Bean – Local Petroleum Geologist "Natural gas in Tectonically-Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomites, New York"

Funding Opportunity

OSU: NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI). OSU is requesting Letters of Intent for the NSF MRI program; there is a limit of three proposals per organization. The MRI program serves to increase access to shared scientific and engineering instruments for research and research training in our Nation’s institutions of higher education, museums, science centers, and not-for profit organizations. Deadline to OSU Research Office 11/12/12.

Job Opportunity

The Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut, Avery Point plans to hire three tenure-track faculty this year.  Searching for a numerical modeler (meteorologist or physical oceanographer), a geochemist/paleogeochemist, and a marine ecologist or evolutionary biologist.  For details, please visit: http://www.marinesciences.uconn.edu/jobs.php.

Mineral Samples Needed

Each GEO 310 Mineralogy class has an "unknown" mineral project where the students use observations of physical properties and X-ray Diffractometer scans of an unknown mineral to identify it and describe its significance. We need loans of some interesting mineral samples for this project! If you have a cool mineral and you'd like to know what it is, this is your chance. Please contact Matt Loewen (loewenm@geo.oregonstate.edu, Wilkinson 119) if you think you have something that might work. We're especially interested in samples that have some context and have distinguishing features visible with a hand lens. About a fingernail-sized portion of the mineral will need to be crushed for the x-ray scan, but otherwise your mineral will be returned at the end of fall term.

Library Research Workshops for Students

Undergrads, do you want to “work smarter, not harder” to find and efficiently use sources for your term papers?  Graduate students, do you need some tips for conducting a literature review for your research area or guidance on using one of many available citation management tools?  If so, the library offers many great workshops for students. Two separate series have been designed to meet the real time needs of both graduate students and undergraduates. Faculty, please encourage CEOAS students to take a peek at the line-up for Fall Term 2012. Free registration is highly recommended. For graduate students: For undergraduates. Research Resource Highlight: GeoRef (by the American Geosciences Institute) is the go-to database for discovering research in geology, geophysics, and related disciplines.  GeoRef indexes journals, theses, dissertations, conference papers, books and more.  GeoRef is one of the library’s many subscribed databases that connects to OSU’s online journal subscriptions (use the “360 link” button) and includes features such as search alerts and saved searches. Contact your librarians: Janet Webster or Andrea Wirth

R/V Oceanus

05 Oct/13 Oct Newport/Newport           Reimers, C/1061218    8/NSF-OCE-CO/F
13 Oct/16 Oct Newport/Newport           McManus, J/1147407    3/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
19 Oct/22 Oct Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     3/NSF-Unspecified/F
25 Oct/03 Nov Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     9/NSF-Unspecified/F
05 Nov/05 Nov Newport/Newport           
20 Dec/31 Dec Newport/Apra Harbor       Transit/              11/NSF-OCE/P

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
MacKenzie Mark-Moser (OSU GEO undergrad) and Min Ding (WHOI graduate student) recovering a CTD

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