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Making Waves September 28, 2012


Tuesday, October 2, 4pm, Burt 193. GEM Research Group Seminar. Julia Jones (CEOAS). "Geography of Changing Climate and Hydrology in the US and Canada".

Thursday, October 4, 4pm in Gilfillan Auditorium.  Geology Colloquium Seminar, Anna Kelbert– CEOAS. "Crust and Upper Mantle Electrical Conductivity Beneath the Yellowstone Hotspot Track."

Thursday, Oct. 4,11-12, Library Seminar Room, HMSC. Candidate for HMSC Director position, Robert Cowan. Streamed here.

Monday, October 8, 2012, 12pm, MU-Joyce Powell Leadership Center Journey Room, Oregon Sea Grant will hold its inaugural Scholars Day Symposium. This event is open to the public.  Attend for all or part of the afternoon.  Join us for posters and presentations by students currently supported by Oregon Sea Grant’s marine and coastal science programs which link research, education, extension, fellowship, and communications. This inter-departmental and inter-institutional event will enhance dialogue related to Oregon Sea Grant’s mission to develop and support an integrated program of research, public engagement, and education that help people understand, rationally use, and conserve marine and coastal resources. For agenda, abstracts, and information, visit here.  Questions: seagrant.admin@oregonstate.edu

Student Defense

Friday, October 5th, 2012, 2pm, Wilkinson 203. M.S. Thesis Defense, Mr. Kevin Konrad, M.S., Geology. Advisor: Dr. David Graham. Title:  “Helium Isotope Variations in Peridotite, Gabbro and Basalt from the Kane Oceanic Core Complex”.

Funding Opportunities

NSF: Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM). The program's goal is to support basic research into the dynamical and structural properties of geospace, leading to the construction of a global Geospace General Circulation Model with predictive capability. Due 10/15/12.

NSF: Integrated Earth Systems. The program focuses on the continental, terrestrial and deep Earth subsystems of the whole Earth system. The overall goal of the program is to provide opportunity for collaborative, multidisciplinary research into the operation, dynamics and complexity of Earth systems at a budgetary scale between that of a typical project in the EAR Division's disciplinary programs and larger scale initiatives at the Directorate or Foundation level. Due 11/14/13.

NSF: Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology, General Program. Track One:

General Program, supports the study of deep-time records of these processes archived in the Earth's sedimentary carapace (crust) at all spatial and temporal scales. Due 1/17/13 and 7/18/13.

NSF: Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology, Earth-Life Transition. This bi-annual spring program has as its goals 1) to address critical questions about Earth-Life interactions in deep-time through the synergistic activities of multi-disciplinary science and 2) to enable team-based interdisciplinary projects involving stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, proxy development, calibration and application studies, geochronology, and climate modeling at appropriately resolved scales of time and space, to understand major linked events of environmental, climate and biotic change at a mechanistic level. Due 1/22/13.

The EdMap Program Announcement is now available on Grants.gov. EdMap, the educational component of the US Geological Survey's National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP), is a matching-funds cooperative agreement program with universities and colleges that provides funding for students to gain experience and knowledge in geologic mapping as well as contribute to the national effort to geologically map the United States. This program is intended to train the next generation of geologic mappers and is part of the congressionally mandated USGS NCGMP. Geology faculty, skilled in geologic mapping, request EdMap funding to support upper-level undergraduate and graduate students at their institution in a one-year mentored geologic mapping project that focuses on a specific geographic area. Every federal dollar awarded must be matched with university funds. To find out more about the EdMap program please visit http://ncgmp.usgs.gov/ and review the EdMap Fact Sheet that is attached. EdMap applications are due online by November 14, 2012 through Grants.gov. To access the program announcement and to apply visit http://www.grants.gov/ and click on "Find Grant Opportunities," then click on "Basic Search" and enter "EdMap" in the Keyword Search or alternatively enter the Funding Opportunity Number: G13AS00007.

Ecology Of Marine Nekton Award- Call for Applicants

Applicants are requested for the Ecology of Marine Nekton Award. This award is available to graduate students proposing or conducting original thesis research for their MS or PhD degrees on the ecology of marine nekton.  The award is most appropriate for graduate students who are already conducting thesis or dissertation research and who may need additional funding. Academic achievement and financial need will be considered for this $1,000 award to be presented in Spring 2013. Interested students should submit an application consisting of the following: Resume, not to exceed two pages, 2-3 page statement of academic goals and summary of past and proposed research, Budget, explaining and justifying how funds will be spent, A letter of support from major professor/advisor. Applications should be submitted to:

Dr. Mark Abbott, Dean, College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, 104 COAS Admin Bldg E-mail to: jcigarran@coas.oregonstate.edu CLOSING DATE: Dec. 1, 2012.

Application Guidance: Applications must be submitted as a complete package by the deadline. Electronic submission, as a single PDF file by e-mail will also be accepted. NOTE: Instructions for applications must be followed exactly or the application will not be considered. Eligibility requirements: any graduate student in good academic standing, excluding students who have previously received this award. This award is specifically for research on the ecology of marine nekton, including fisheries oceanography or the ecology of fishes, squids or swimming crustaceans. Criteria by which applicants will be evaluated include: scientific merit (creativity, feasibility and progress of proposed research, and potential for broader implications); academic qualification and service (to institution, community, profession); soundness of proposed budget; and financial need.

CEOAS All College Meeting- THIS WEDNESDAY 10/3, 3pm in Gilfillan Auditorium- REMINDER!

Just a frieindly reminder (I'm sure you already have your calendars marked!) that the CEOAS All College Meeting is taking place this coming Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 3pm in Gilfillan Auditorium. Dean Abbott, and Associate Deans Barth and Grunder will bring us up to date on the College and what to expect this year. Former OSU President, Dean of Oceanography & Geology & Geophysics Professor Emeritus John Byrne, will address the group about the history of the College. We'll take a fun look at some of the recent CEOAS student field trip activities, and  announce our faculty and staff awards (student awards to be presented at an event this Spring). Directly following the meeting at 4pm, there will be an All College Gathering in the Burt quad...come join your colleagues for food, beverages and conversation as we kick off the new year!

*NOTE* There is a full class in Gilfillan that lets out at 2:50pm. Please do not arrive early and congregate in front of the auditorium doors as this will create messy gridlock. THANKS!

CEOAS Congrats!!

Congratulations to Piero Mazzini, for receiving the Best Student Talk Award for his presentation "Freshwater observations from underwater gliders off the Oregon coast during fall-winter" at the recent 2012 Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference (EPOC)

*due to a COAS server email outage, I have lost in an email vortex a few other congrats that we wanted to acknowledge. If you could resend send me yours that would be great...APOLOGIES! -Jane*

ROCK THE VOTE! New name for Making Waves

It's time to identify a name that is more representative of our merged College (just in case anyone needs a refresher, that means Earth, Ocean, Atmosphere...and Environment too!).  We've narrowed down the top picks for a vote...one of the options is to keep it as Making Waves. Thanks to all you that sumbitted input! Please email jcigarran@coas.oregonstate.edu with your choice from the following. A winner will be announced next week, ROCK THE VOTE!



-CEOAS Weekly Planet

-Making Waves

Cayuse Training

If you missed previous training classes for OSU's new proposal submission system, Cayuse, you can send email to sponsored.programs@oregonstate.edu, to put your name on a list for upcoming trainings. The next training date will be after the new faculty orientation in October.

CEOAS Coffee Service

Coffee service in the CEOAS Admin lounge is open to all CEOAS folks, and we encourage you to stop by, enjoy the lounge and use it as a gathering place to converse with colleagues or just sit and relax. Our coffee service is self supporting and we need to collect enough $$ regularly to buy coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider packets, cups, creamer, sweeteners, etc. Cups are a major expense, so bring your own mug when you can!

Upon request we have been serving Allann Brothers organic fair trade coffee and it does cost more so please remember to stay paid up. The price is 50¢/cup if you use your own cup. If you use a paper cup, the price is 75¢/cup. The price of hot chocolate is 50¢/cup; tea is 25¢/cup. If you prefer to pay ahead for your beverages, that’s fine – we just need everyone to pay their fair share so we can keep this service going. Thank you!


Remember on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. in the CEOAS Admin lounge everyone is invited to stop by for a cookie break. This is a good chance to visit, exchange ideas and views, and get better acquainted with your colleagues.


R/V Oceanus

25 Sep/02 Oct Newport/Newport           Bibee, L/             7/NAVY-NRL/F
05 Oct/13 Oct Newport/Newport           Reimers, C/1061218    8/NSF-OCE-CO/F
13 Oct/16 Oct Newport/Newport           McManus, J/1147407    3/NSF-OCE-MGG/F
19 Oct/22 Oct Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     3/NSF-Unspecified/F
25 Oct/03 Nov Newport/Newport           Levine, M/1002547     9/NSF-Unspecified/F
05 Nov/05 Nov Newport/Newport           
12 Dec/21 Dec Newport/Honolulu          Transit/              9/NSF-OCE/P
24 Dec/12 Jan Honolulu/Honolulu         Gaherty, J/0928270    10/NSF-OCE-MGG/F

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

Photo of the Week

photo of the week
The very first New Student Walk to the Convocation for CEOAS. The student carrying the banner is an incoming freshman, Mackenzie Smith, and Head Adviser, Cori Hall, is in full regalia. Go Cori!

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