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Making Waves May 11, 2012


Tue., 15 May, 2:30 P.M., ALS 4001. Ecological & Evolutionary Biology Seminar Series. Sam Cushman, Research Landscape Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Flagstaff AZ: “Connecting Movement Behavior and Gene Flow to Infer Population Connectivity in Changing Environments”

Tue., 15 May, 3 P.M., Burt 193. Physics of Oceans & Atmospheres Seminar. Roger Samelson, CEOAS: “Simulations of Frontal Baroclinic Instabilities and Turbulent Mixing: Is There a Forward Cascade?”

Tue., 15 May, 4 P.M., Wilk. 231. Geography, Environmental Sciences, and MRM Seminar. Brenda O. Bateman, Senior Policy Advisor, Oregon Water Resources Department: “Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy.”

Thur., 17 May, 10 A.M., Burt 193. Special Seminar High Latitude Studies. Sebastian Mernild, Climate, Ocean, and Sea Ice Modeling Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory: “Glacier and Ice Cap Melt in Circum-Polar Arctic, Including the Greenland Ice Sheet.”

Thur., 17 May, Noon, Burt 193. Ocean Ecology & Biogeochemistry Seminar. Maria Kavanaugh, CEOAS: “Seasonal and Interannual Shifts in Pelagic Ecosystem Functioning: An Objective Seascape Approach.”

Thur., 17 May, 4 P.M., Gilfillan Auditorium. Geology Colloquium. Steve Hostetler, CEOAS and USGS Research Scientist: “Insights into Past, Present and Future Climatic Controls of Wildfire in Western North America.”

Student Seminars

Fri., 11 May, 4 P.M., Burt 193. OC 407/507/607 Student Seminar Series. The following students will present: Brie Lindsey, Biol. Oc.: “High Density of Inshore Euphausia pacifica Eggs: When Comest Thou?”; Summer Praetorius, MG&G: “Timing of Abrupt Climate Transitions in the North Pacific and North Atlantic during the Last Deglaciation”; and Gaby Mayorga, Biol. Oc.: “Life History of Functionally Important Species in Coral Reef Ecosystems and its Potential Effects on Connectivity.”

Mediators Beyond Borders

Join Mediators Beyond Borders and Team Liberation for the fifth and final installment of their Conflict Resolution Speaker Series with Ken Cloke, the co-founder of Mediators Beyond Borders: “Mediating the Chronic Sources of Social, Economic, Political, and Environmental Conflicts - How Mediators Can Help Save the Planet.” Tue., 15 May at 4 p.m. in MU 206. See Mediators Beyond Borders for more information.

FSF 'Try'-Athlon

Faculty Staff Fitness is sponsoring the 2nd Annual FSF “Try”-Athlon for all OSU faculty, staff and students. Lorenzo Ciannelli has offered to coordinate a team for CEOAS for those interested. A sign-up sheet is located in the foyer of CEOAS Admin. A team consists of 18 individuals, with 6 people participating in each event: walk, run, and swim. Participants will donate $10 each to take part in the event (proceeds from this fundraiser will help sustain the FSF program). The event will take place on Friday, 25 May from Noon – 1 P.M. at the Langton Pool and Reser Stadium. Details are posted on bulletin boards and available next to the sign-up sheet (deadline for registering is Fri., 5/18/12).

2012 Commencement - Planning & Registration

Graduating seniors MUST register on or before Friday, May 18, 2012 – 5:00PM to attend the ceremony (Student Online Services: Student Records: Apply to Graduate). Timeline for commencement:
Sunday, June 17, 2012
12:30 P.M. - Gates Open (all guests entering the stadium will go through “airport style” security checks)
1:15 P.M. - Faculty Marshals arrive at MU Quad
1:30-2:45 P.M. - Graduates lineup within their colleges (in alpha order)
2-2:30 P.M. - Members of the Platform party arrive at Valley Library Quad
2:45 P.M. - Procession leaves Valley Library Quad
3:30 P.M. - Procession enters Reser Stadium (all graduates & platform party members entering the stadium will go through “airport style” security checks)
~4:45 P.M. - Ceremony begins

All Commencement related details including ticket distribution, etc. can be found on the Commencement site. Ticket distribution information.

Auto Deposit of CEOAS Faculty Articles to ScholarsArchive

In January 2012, the Library's Center for Digital Scholarship and Services (CDSS) began monitoring the database, Web of Science, for citations with authors affiliated with Oregon State University. The Web of Science indexes a large number of the peer reviewed journals in both the social sciences and sciences. CDSS anticipates this monitoring will locate~1600 articles from OSU authors in 2012. For each article, CDSS staff check to see which (if any) version can be deposited in ScholarsArchive@OSU. The data, from the first four months of this weekly monitoring and follow-up, show that:

  • For 25-30% of the citations, the publisher's PDF or “version of record” may be deposited. For authors in units like the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences and the College of Forestry that have passed Open Access (OA) policies, these articles are automatically deposited (although deposit is not immediate). For articles by authors in units without an OA Policy, permission is requested prior to article deposit.
  • For another 45-50% of the citations, the version of record cannot be used, but the author's “accepted manuscript” may be deposited. The author will receive an email asking if s/he is willing to provide the accepted manuscript file(s) for deposit. Where possible, these requests will be made one or two times each year so that authors are not inundated with email.
  • For the last 20-25% of citations, the publishers have not made it clear what version may be deposited, have expressly stated that no version may be deposited, OR state that only the author's “original manuscript” can be deposited. No further action will be taken on these citations.

Through the systematic monitoring of OSU author publications in the Web of Science and with the help of authors in providing accepted manuscripts when needed, CDSS hopes to deposit a broad range of OSU's current scholarship in the ScholarsArchive@OSU (OSU's open access repository). Doing so makes the publications freely available online and increases the visibility of the research conducted by OSU faculty. Questions about this service or the ScholarsArchive@OSU can be emailed to scholarsarchive@oregonstate.edu.

R/V Oceanus

12 May - 26 May, Newport, Toomey, UO/Cascadia Initiative
07 June - 04 July, Newport, Carbotte, LDEO/Ridge to Trench

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

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