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Making Waves April 13, 2012

Special Distinguished Visitor Lecture

Mon., 16 April, 4 p.m., Construction & Engineering Hall, LaSells Stewart Center. First Annual Distinguished Visitor Lecture in Earth & Planetary Sciences. Eugenia Kalnay, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland, College Park: "Population and Climate Change." Reception will follow the lecture in the Ag Leaders Room, LSC, 5:15 - 6:30 p.m.


Tue., 17 April, 2:30 p.m., ALS 4001. Ecological & Evolutionary Biology Seminar Series. Steve Voelker, Biology Dept., Southern Oregon University: "Unraveling a Mystery of Earth History: Linking Tree Physiology and Paleoecology."

Tue., 17 April, 3 p.m., Burt 193. Physics of Oceans & Atmospheres Seminar. Eugenia Kalnay, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland, College Park: "Recent Advances in Data Assimilation."

Tue., 17 April, 4 p.m., Wilk. 231. Geography, Environmental Sciences, and MRM Seminar. Michael Campana, Hydrogeology and Water Resources, CEOAS: "Mississippi vs. Memphis: What Would Elvis Do? The Curious Case of the Memphis Sand Aquifer."

Thur., 19 April, Noon, Burt 193. Ocean Ecology & Ocean Biogeochemistry Seminar. Laurie Juranek, CEOAS: "Biologically-Regulated Ocean Co2 Uptake at Regional and Global Scales: The perspective from Dissolved Gas Tracers."

Thur., 19 April, 4 p.m., Gilfillan Auditorium. Geology Colloquium. Don Anderson, Div. of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech: "The Mantle Plume Myth; the Longest Lived Geological Controversy."

Student Seminars & Defenses

Fri., 13 April, 4 p.m., Burt 193. OC 407/507/607 Student Seminar Series. No student talks today.

Mon., 16 April, 2 p.m., Guin Library Seminar Room, HMSC (via polycom to Burt 193). Amanda Gladics, Marine Resource Management graduate student, will present her M.S. Thesis Defense: "Dietary Responses of Marine Predators to Variable Oceanographic Conditions in the Northern California Current."

Fri., 20 April, Noon, Kelly Engineering Center 1001. Kelsey Gianou, Marine Resource Management graduate student, will present her M.S. Defense: "Aquatic Pesticide Best Management Practices and Relational Database for the Protection of NOAA Trust Species."

Water Research Symposium @ OSU

Hydrophiles, the Institute for Water and Watersheds, and the Water Resources Graduate Program are pleased to announce the Water Research Symposium @ OSU, showcasing student research in water. This event will be held Friday, 18 May in the MU, Rms 211, 212 and 213. For more information, details on registration and abstract submission (deadline 4/27/12), see: Water Research Symposium @ OSU.

Funding Opportunity

NSF: EarthScope. The EarthScope Program provides a framework for broad, integrated studies across the Earth sciences, including research on fault properties and the earthquake process, strain transfer, magmatic and hydrous fluids in the crust and mantle, plate boundary processes, large-scale continental deformation, continental structure and evolution, and composition and structure of the deep Earth. This Solicitation calls for proposals to conduct scientific research and/or education and outreach activities within North America that make use of capabilities and/or data provided through the EarthScope Facility to further the scientific and educational goals of EarthScope. Due 7/16/12.

Marine Science Day at HMSC - Sat. 4/14

Saturday, 14 April, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Join the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) in Newport for Marine Science Day! HMSC will open its doors for a behind-the-scenes peek at the cutting-edge research, education and outreach in marine sciences that makes this marine laboratory unique in the Pacific Northwest. Meet scientists from Oregon State University and six government agency partners. Explore with campus tours and enjoy special family friendly activities in the Visitor Center.

R/V Oceanus

16 Apr. – 18 Apr., Newport, McManus, OSU/Nd in Sediments
18 Apr. – 26 Apr., Newport, Reimers, OSU/Shelf EC Fluxes
30 Apr. – 09 May, Newport, Levine, OSU/CMOP-Renewal
12 May – 26 May, Newport, Toomey, UO/Cascadia Initiative

Where in the World Is R/V Oceanus?

Oceanus Webcam

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