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Making Waves April 6, 2012


Mon., 9 April, 11 a.m., Burt 193. FHC Special CEOAS Seminar. Alexander Braun, Univ. of Texas, Dallas: "Monitoring the Cryosphere from Space: Dynamics of Sea Ice, Ice Sheets and Mountain Glaciers."

Tue., 10 April, Noon, Burt 193. Geology & Geophysics Seminar. Lisa McNeill, National Oceanographic Centre, University of Southampton: "Variations in Forearc Structure and Properties and Possible Links to the Nature of Earthquake Slip: Sumatra and other Examples."

Tue., 10 April, 2:30 p.m., ALS 4001. Ecological & Evolutionary Biology Seminar Series. Gar Rothwell, Botany & Plant Pathology, OSU: "A Paleobotanical Perspective on Conifer Phylogeny."

Tue., 10 April, 3 p.m., Burt 193. Physics of Oceans & Atmosphere Seminar. Laurie Padman, Earth and Space Research: "Environmental Controls on Mass Balance of Antarctic Ice Shelves; Satellite, Seals, and Models."

Tue., 10 April, 4 p.m., Wilk. 231. GEM Geospatial Intelligence and Planning Seminar. Todd Jarvis, Institute for Water & Watersheds and OCCRI: "Bottling Oregon’s Oil: Conflict and Cooperation or Conquest in Cascade Locks, Oregon."

Tue., 10 April, 7 p.m., Reser Aud., Linus Pauling Science Center. Advancing toward Professorship in Biology, Ecology & Earth Systems Sciences. Laura Huenneke, VP of Research, Northern Arizona Univ.: "Degrees of Freedom: The Seemingly Random Walk of an Academic Ecologist’s Career Path."

Thur., 12 April, Noon, Burt 193. Ocean Ecology & Ocean Biogeochemistry Seminar. Fred Prahl, CEOAS: "Alkenones: A Life and Death Story."

Tue., 12 April, 3:30 p.m., Burt 193. Physics of Oceans & Atmosphere Seminar. Angie Pendergrass, Univ. of Washington: "Global-Mean Precipitation, Aerosol Forcing and Climate Feedbacks in AR4 Simulations."

Thur., 12 April, 4 p.m., Gilfillan Auditorium. Geology Colloquium. Paul Vincent, CEOAS: "Co-, Post-, Inter-, and A-Seismic Events: What InSAR has Revealed at the Surface about What’s Happening Below."

Mon., 16 April, 4 p.m., Construction & Engineering Hall, LaSells Stewart Center. Distinguished Visitor Lecture in Earth & Planetary Sciences. Eugenia Kalnay, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland, College Park: "Population and Climate Change." Reception will follow the lecture in the Ag Leaders Room, LSC.

Student Seminars

Fri., 6 April, 4 p.m., Burt 193. OC 407/507/607 Student Seminar Series. The following students will be presenting: Katy Serafin, G&G: "Extreme Waves and Water Levels in the NE Pacific"; José Montero, MRM: "Density Distribution and Habitat Preference of Eastern Tropical Pacific Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) Related to Nesting Ground Proximity and Oceanic Conditions"; and John Osborne, Phys. Oc.: "Energetic Diurnal Tides along the Oregon Coast."

Funding Opportunity

ONR BAA: Littoral Geosciences and Optics. Areas of interest are motivated by on-going and future Navy and Marine Corps needs, including littoral operations in nearshore, estuarine, and riverine environments; prediction of sediment transport phenomena across a broad spectrum of coastal environments; and assessment of sources of sonar and optical clutter, among many others. Basic research interests include: 1) nearshore, estuarine and riverine processes, 2) remote sensing of coastal and riverine environments, and 3) sediment transport processes. Due 4/15/12.

DOE: Technologies to Ensure Permanent Geologic Carbon Storage. This FOA requests applications that develop technologies and simulation tools to ensure secure geologic storage of CO2. The FOA addresses key Geologic Storage challenges and uncertainties that include the following: improving and validating containment; improving injection operations; increasing reservoir storage efficiency; and mitigating potential releases of CO2 from the engineered containment system. Due 4/17/12.

NSF and NIH: Core Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering (BIGDATA). This solicitation aims to advance the core scientific and technological means of managing, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting useful information from large, diverse, distributed and heterogeneous data sets. Due 6/13/12 (for Mid-Scale Projects) or 7/11/12 (for Small Projects).

NSF: Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics (FESD). FESD will support two types of awards: (A) Type I: Projects that bring together interdisciplinary teams of researchers to address a specific frontier research problem or grand challenge in the geosciences. (B) Type II: Research Synthesis Centers or Geoscience Collaboratories that promote interdisciplinary investigation of frontier research questions in the academic scientific community, build and sustain collaborative and interdisciplinary connections, integrate research results, and attract students and early-career researchers. Due 7/2/12.

Faculty Regalia

Mon., 16 April is the last day to submit Faculty Regalia Order.

Kay is Retiring

From Kay Yates: It's been 25 years since I started working here in the College of Oceanography! What a lot of changes in a quarter of a century: the addition of phones and computers in every office; new buildings; many renovations; lots of special occasions to celebrate; new ships; new names for the College as we grew and grew! I've been lucky to assist an incredible line-up of Deans: Doug Caldwell, Interim Larry Small, Brent Dalrymple, Interim Tim Cowles, and Mark Abbott (best boss ever!). I am grateful for all the people I've known and worked with here in this wonderful College, and I've always felt lucky to be in the right place at the right time. What a rewarding career I've had - but now it's time for me to retire, which I plan to do as of July 1, 2012. I replaced an "institution" when I stepped in for Jeannie Rhodes who retired after 20 years with Oceanography, and now it's time for me to pass the baton. I will miss my life here and all the great people who make this College so special, but I'm ready to spend more time with my grandson, Golden Retrievers, hiking, gardening, traveling, crafting, etc. - Golden years, here I come!

R/V Oceanus

16 Apr. - 18 Apr., Newport, McManus, OSU/Nd in Sediments
18 Apr. - 26 Apr., Newport, Reimers, OSU/Shelf EC Fluxes
30 Apr. - 09 May, Newport, Levine, OSU/CMOP-Renewal

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