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Undergraduate Internships

An internship helps you gain professional and technical skills to complement the academic/conceptual knowledge you learn in the classroom. It involves a paid or unpaid, full or part-time learning experience in either an on-campus department or an off-campus organization (such as a private business, government agency, or non-profit). You should develop a clear conceptual view of specific intern opportunities and responsibilities and establish a work plan and schedule with your internship supervisor that has clear project objectives.

Unsure of whether you should do an internship, when you should do an internship, or what kinds of experiences count as an internship? See the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Finding an internship

First, you must find an internship. You are solely responsible for arranging an internship that is appropriate for your interests, knowledge, skills, educational objectives, and schedule. Your academic advisor, the CEOAS Experiential Learning Coordinator, and your instructors can help identify internship opportunities.

If you would like an internship in the Corvallis area or near your home, consider contacting local organizations, businesses, or government offices that do work related to your interests. They may have space for an intern even if they aren't advertising. Talking to professors and faculty on campus can also be a great way to get connected to opportunities.

Not sure how to get started? Schedule a meeting with CEOAS Head Advisor Mary Chuinard.

Earning Internship Credit
Frequently Asked Questions