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College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Graduate Student Committee (GSC)

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The Graduate Student Committee (GSC), formerly known as the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), has several functions.

If you have a question or a concern that you would like us to address, please contact the GSC Chair, Ben Murphy, or the Vice Chair, Laura Hempel, listed below.

2016-2017 GSC Members

Student Travel Reimbursement Awards

Objective: Graduate student travel to conferences, workshops, or off-campus courses is essential for the professional development of CEOAS students. The GSC Travel Reimbursement Award is designed to provide graduate students with financial support to cover part of the cost of actively participating in prestigious conferences and venues, beyond just attending the event.

Applications: The student must submit the completed GSC Travel Reimbursement Application Form (Adobe PDF form) and attach a copy of the submitted abstract or submitted product, an explanation of the conference as it relates to the student's research and professional development (~ 100 words), and all relevant receipts (air travel, conference registration, meals, hotel, gas, shuttles, etc.). Applications must be submitted by the application deadline, to the GSC mailbox in the CEOAS Administration Building.

Visit the GSC reimbursement award page for more details.

Application Deadlines:

Winter 2018Friday March 2, 2018
Spring 2018Friday, May 25, 2018
Summer 2018Friday, August 10, 2018
Fall 2018Friday, November 16, 2018
Winter 2019Friday, March, 1, 2019

CEOAS Awards

GSC seeks nominees for the following four awards that will be presented at the CEOAS all-college meeting, near the beginning of Fall term. There are no formal applications. Please email your nomination with as much support as you want to offer to gsc@coas.oregonstate.edu. The deadline to submit nominations is August 29th.

The Pattullo Award for Excellence in Teaching (Cash award)

Nominations given by students only.

History: Professor June Pattullo played an instrumental role in the inception and early development of graduate education in oceanography at OSU. The award was first given in 1998 and is intended to recognize a teaching faculty member who has achieved excellence in teaching within CEOAS over a period of several years. The same person may not receive the teaching award more than once in seven years. Also, no award needs to be given if no nominations are received.

Past Recipients:

2017 Ricardo Matano (POA)
2016 Bill Smyth (POA)
2015 Jim Lerczak (POA)
2014 George Waldbusser (OEB)
2013 Julia Jones (GEM)
2012 Burke Hales (OEB)
2011 Tuba Ozkan-Haller (G&G)
2010 Jack Barth (POA)
2009 John Nabelek (G&G)
2008 Kipp Shearman (POA)
2007 Jim McManus (G&G)
2006 Eric Maloney (ATS)
2005 Bob Collier (OEB)
2004 Bill Smyth (POA)
2003 Charlie Miller (OEB)
2002 Dudley Chelton (POA)
2001 Gary Klinkhammer (G&G)

The Jack Dymond Excellence in Mentoring Award

Nominations given by students only.

History: The award was developed by students in 1999.

Past Recipients:

2017 Robert Hatfield (G&G)
2016 Anita Grunder (G&G)
2015 Robert Allan
2014 Julia Jones (GEM)
2013 Ed Brook (G&G)
2012 Julia Jones (GEM)
2011 Marta Torres (OEB)
2010 Lorenzo Ciannelli (OEB)
2009 Jim Moum (POA)
2008 Eric Skyllingstad (POA)
2007 Kipp Shearman (POA)
2006 Ricardo Letelier (OEB)
2005 Jim Good (MRM)
2004 Tim Cowles (OEB)
2003 None awarded
2002 Scott Pegau
2001 Dawn Wright (GEO) & Charlie Miller (OEB)

Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award

Nominations open to all of CEOAS

History: Initiated by students in 2000 as a way to recognize the significant contribution FRAs make in supporting student development and research.

Past Recipients:

2017 Katie Watkins-Brandt (OEB)
2016 Sarah Lewis (G&G)
2015 Craig Risien (POA)
2014 Anatoli Erofeev (POA)
2013 Andrew Thurber (OEB)
2012 Andy Ross (OEB)
2011 Chris Romsos (G&G)
2010 Marnie Jo Zirbel (OEB)
2009 Chris Holm (OEB)
2008 Mike Neeley-Brown (POA)
2007 Bill Tahnk (ATS)
2006 Michael Schlax (POA)
2005 Boon Chua
2004 Bill Rugh
2003 Andy Ungerer
2002 Tom Leach
2001 John Stanley

Outstanding Classified Staff Award

Nominations open to all of CEOAS

History: Initiated in 2007 as a way to recognize outstanding service.

Past Recipients:

2017 Hannah Rivera
2016 Stephanie Pearse
2015 Renee Freeman
2014 Stacey Schulte
2013 Stephanie Dewey
2012 Jim Dickson
2011 Meaghan Deitz
2010 Lori Hartline
2009 Sandy Beals
2008 Linda LaFleur
2007 Mary Hitch