Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Graduate GIScience Certificate

Oregon State University offers an undergraduate and graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science. Geographic Information Science ("GIScience") is a discipline that combines theory and principles underlying:
  • geospatial data collection (remotely sensed imagery from satellites, aircraft, and drones, social media, telemetry, GPS, etc.);
  • technologies to manage, analyze, and visualize geospatial data (geographic information systems);
  • computational, statistical, and mathematical methods to analyze and model geospatial data (machine learning, Big Data, spatial statistics, spatial modeling, geovisual analytics, etc.);
  • digital cartography and geovisualization (the science and practice of creating maps); and
  • cognitive, social, and environmental implications of GIScience (professional ethics, privacy, digital divide, etc.).

The GIScience graduate certificate consists of 19 credit hours.

Below are the requirements that need to be completed in order to earn the Geographic Information Science Certificate. Meet with your advisor before you register each term. Make sure you check prerequisites and other course restrictions before attempting to register. You should only schedule a course for which you do not have the prerequisites after consultation with the instructor and your advisor.

Why GIScience at Oregon State

  • World-class faculty who have garnered national and international awards, including the Cartography and Geographic Society's 2014 Distinguished Career Award and the 2014 British Cartographic Society and National Geographic Society New Mapmaker Award for the Atlas of Infectious Diseases.
  • Online program provides an economical and flexible choice for distance education students.
  • Real-world experience through a 10-week internship in a GIScience field.
  • Excellent training to increase your employment opportunities in the growing industry of GIScience technologies.

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