Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Board of Advisors

Mission Statement

The mission of the Board of Advisors (Board or BOA) is to use the expertise and resources of its members to benefit the students, staff, and faculty of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science (CEOAS). The areas of contribution of the BOA will include at least the following and may be expanded, based on the needs of the Dean, faculty and the students:

Current Members

(Updated 1/24/2017)


  1. Board Capabilities and Engagement
    The members of the BOA are professionals who offer the Dean, faculty and students of CEOAS an outside-the-University point of view, leadership expertise, employment perspective and strategic support. The Board provides a sounding board and source of mentoring for students and faculty. The BOA contributes to efforts that sustain CEOAS as a top tier national education and research program which attracts exceptional faculty and offers compelling learning and research experiences to students. Through its activities, the Board assists with alumni communications and relationships and offers support and assistance to the faculty, staff, and the student body. Although the BOA can be engaged in all aspects of CEOAS activities, the Board reports directly to the Dean of CEOAS. Consequently, Board members serve at the discretion of the CEOAS Dean.
  2. Membership
    The BOA will consist of up to fifteen (15) volunteer members appointed by the Dean of CEOAS. Members should be alumni of CEOAS or its predecessor schools at OSU, although the Dean may also appoint non-alumni members at his/her discretion. Once appointed, a member is expected to serve a four (4) year term, which term may be renewed by the Dean for additional four (4) year terms by mutual consent. Board members are expected to participate in all scheduled meetings to the extent practicable, and to devote time to pre- and post-meeting actions. BOA membership may be revoked, without prejudice, by the Dean for non-participation or other reason at his/her discretion.

    The BOA expects that the Dean will seek to ensure that the membership is reasonably balanced among alumni of the various disciplines within CEOAS. In addition, the BOA expects that the Dean will seek to ensure that the membership of the BOA is reasonably balanced by gender and ethnic representation. Membership on the BOA does not provide any financial benefit or compensation by CEOAS or OSU. Board members are not expected to provide financial contributions to OSU in addition to their participation expenses, and Board membership is not determined based on a member's potential for future donations.
  3. Officers
    Every three (3) years during a regularly scheduled meeting, the membership will elect its officers. The Board will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary who will each serve a 3 year term. Officers may be re-elected to another term by the Board. The Chair will plan and conduct the meetings of the Board and serve as the primary Board liaison with the Dean and other CEOAS faculty. In case of the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair will assume the duties of the Chair. In case of the absence of both the Chair and Vice-Chair, the Secretary will assume those duties. The Secretary will also be responsible for preparing the minutes of each BOA meeting, which the Chair will review, approve, and circulate, to the Dean and other Board members.
  4. Voting
    A quorum of the membership is required before a vote can be performed. A majority of the membership present on the date of the meeting will represent a quorum. A vote will be considered approved if it has the support of a majority of the quorum present at a meeting. Members participating in a meeting via phone may be considered part of the quorum and may vote at the discretion of the meeting Chair. Matters placed before the BOA for vote shall follow an orderly process of a member's proposal, seconding, and voice vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair shall cast the deciding vote.
  5. Meetings
    The BOA will meet at least twice a year, in the spring and fall. Meetings will include opportunities for the BOA to listen to and interact with students and faculty. Meetings will occur at the CEOAS facility in Corvallis, Oregon unless designated elsewhere at the discretion of the Chair. Members are expected to attend BOA meetings in person unless they are approved in advance to participate via phone or other remote means by the Chair. Members do not receive reimbursement for their participation at BOA meetings, and will be expected to help defray the costs for incidental meeting expenses such as snacks, meals and beverage services.


For questions about the CEOAS Board of Advisors, please contact: Anita Bracha