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Undergrad Research: Kyla Grasso

Kyla Grasso

August 30, 2012

Kyla Grasso enrolled at OSU as a post-bacc in the Geology program after completing an Environmental Science degree at the University of Maine at Farmington.

"I took Structural Geology with Andrew Meigs my first term as a Geology major at OSU. From day one in that class, I realized what I wanted to do.

"I got involved with an undergraduate research project through Andrew Meigs, funded by the Department of Energy and AltaRock Energy, Inc., based in Seattle. My project involved working with remotely-sensed imaging to map faults and volcanic landforms at Newberrry Volcano in central Oregon.

"Through my industry sponsorship I was able to complete my project, publish an abstract and present my research at an international conference in Queretaro, Mexico, in March 2012.

"The experience I gained from completing my project and working with my industry sponsor led to my current position as a drillsite geologist with AltaRock Energy, Inc. where I work with well drillers and seismologists at our Newberry Volcano geothermal energy research site."

Her advice to other undergraduate students?

"The best advice I have for students interested in doing research is to reach out to professors by being proactive, self-motivated and dependable. If you want to design and carry out a research project, you need to make it happen and be open to the project evolving over time.

"Most professors are incredibly busy, but if you are honestly committed to a project, they will make time for you and help you find the support, funding and resources needed for undergraduates to get involved.

"The University also now officially recognizes those that complete an undergraduate research project and publicly shows this with the title Undergraduate Research Fellow reflected on academic transcripts and with Honors cords at Commencement. This is a great way to build your skills in an area of interest and build your resume!"

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