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Little Treasures

Eric Owen

Eric Owen with agarikon

By guest writer Eric Owen

Summer is a time of opportunity. The weather here on the coast is mild enough to get outside and enjoy often. It is an excellent time of year to volunteer for the North Coast Land Conservancy, which provides fun and rewarding experiences. It can be hard work indeed, but there are always little treasures to be found.

I have been with the NCLC for the past two months this summer, along with my cohorts Colin Gilbert and Kristen Daly, as the Conservancy's first-ever intern crew. We have been hard at work, removing all kinds of invasive plant species. We manage everything from the ubiquitous Scotch broom and Himalayan blackberry to the bizarre policeman's helmet and the cartoonish common teasel. But it is not all grueling hard labor. We encounter fascinating wildlife and stunning natural areas on a daily basis.

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Author Eric Owen was one of three summer stewardship interns for the North Coast Land Conservancy. Eric is now back at Oregon State University, where he is completing a bachelor's degree in environmental science with a minor in writing.

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