Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Improved Measurement of Sea Level Change

Blended data set

A new data set captures sea level changes in the dynamic strip of ocean along the U.S. West Coast, here showing lower (green) to higher (red) sea surface height on Feb. 25, 1999. Dataset fields are shown alongside a coastline from Google Maps. Courtesy Craig Risien.

Sea levels in turbulent coastal regions, such as the U.S. West Coast, are difficult to measure from space-based radar, due to several factors including the presence of land, storms, tides, and other atmospheric variations which can combine to throw off satellite readings.

CEOAS ocean observation specialists Ted Strub and Craig Risien say they've found a way to improve measurements of this strip of coastal water, delivering far more accurate profiles of sea level changes from northern Washington to Southern California.

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