Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

CEOAS Room Reservations

To book a room, log in to the CEOAS Skedda page.

To create a log in, please contact Biana.

The CEOAS Skedda page will open in a new tab or window in your browser, so you can refer back to the room descriptions below.

Burt 152Holds 12, secure wifi available, has screen and phone jack. 541-737-5038
Wecoma Conference RoomHolds 20-24, secure wifi available, has screen and phone jack. 541-737-8983
Burt 193 (CEOAS Only)Holds 50, secure wifi available, no phone jack, but there is a built-in speaker phone 541-737-8998. *see Memo below
Burt 326Holds 8, secure wifi available, NO phone.
Strand Ag 340Holds 15-20, secure wifi available, phone 541-737-4506
Wilkinson 203Holds 15-20, secure wifi available,phone, projector

Projectors can be scheduled and picked up through Biana in the CEOAS Admin office.
Polycoms are available for use. See Biana to check one out.

Use of Burt 193 Seminar Room
The Dean has reiterated the policy on the use of the Burt 193 seminar room. This room contains equipment which often involves support. CEOAS does not have the support personnel to train users, to provide outside support, or perform repairs. The Dean requires that the room is used only by CEOAS experienced personnel who know how to use the equipment properly. Burt 193 is to remain a seminar room available to CEOAS users only. For defenses, if a student from another college who has a CEOAS faculty member as his/her major advisor, the use of this room would be available to him or her. The CEOAS faculty member would be in attendance to monitor the use of the equipment in the room (and unlock the room which is kept locked when not in use). No classes are to be scheduled in Burt 193 except for the seminar series classes (with seminars that are advertised and open to the College). As a rule, the primary function of Burt 193 is for seminars and graduate student defenses. Any long-term use (e.g., all-day meetings) or meetings requiring reconfiguring the furniture must be pre-arranged with the Jason Balderston, CEOAS Facilities and approved by the Dean.

Updated 10/5/2018