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CEOAS Proposal Survey


We recently conducted a proposal survey in order to get feedback about the services we provide. Thank you to all who participated! Below is a synopsis of the survey including what we have learned and suggestions for improvements made by survey respondents. We have already implemented some changes and are in process of implementing others (as noted). Some concerns will require creative solutions, and we address those at the end of the summary. We welcome continued feedback as we work to improve the proposal submission process in CEOAS.

What we have learned:

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. CEOAS Proposal Information web page:
    • Use a collapsible menu format so that users are not required to download so many individual pdf documents. (Implemented 12/16/14)
    • Provide standard examples of the forms needed for "generic" proposal checklists. (In process)
    • Provide budget templates and examples. (Budget templates completed 1/12/15.)
    • Devise a way to upload the budget directly into Cayuse or FastLane without having the PI manually enter the numbers again. (Feedback provided to OSRAA)
    • Develop step-by-step instructions on using Cayuse SP with screen shots. (Implemented 06/23/15)
    • Develop step-by-step instructions on using Cayuse 424 with screen shots. (In process)
  2. CEOAS Submission Process for Proposals document:
    • List CEOAS proposal contacts with e-mail and phone #; (Implemented 2/16/15)
    • Hire someone to specifically handle proposal submissions.* (See note below)
    • Simplify the document because too much information becomes overwhelming. (Implemented 2/12/15)
  3. CEOAS Proposal Budget Guidelines document:
    • Develop a generic Excel budget template (perhaps that auto-calculates rates) and provide some quick summaries – e.g., the estimated total cost to budget for a graduate student. (Revised guidelines 09/25/15 with new rates. Template includes a grad calculator that auto-fills into budget.)
    • Create a FAQ document: (Implemented 06/23/15)
      • Clarify estimated vs. actual OPE rates
      • Provide guidance for how to calculate OPE rates where the proposal period and the fiscal year do not match up (In process)
      • Describe the available choices for how to support students during the summer (In process)
      • Provide guidance on the RCS calculation
  4. Workshops:
    • Provide a demonstration of an actual proposal submission. (Provided during Proposal/Grant Workshop August 2015 and will be provided in future workshops.))
    • Record and post future workshops online for later viewing. (Workshop slides uploaded to website 08/21/15)
  5. CEOAS routing in Cayuse:
    • Make sure the descriptions of categories and locations in reference documents exactly match the current version of Cayuse. (In process)
    • Hire a specialist that would enter this information for the PI.* (See note below)

*One frequent comment we saw throughout this information gathering process was the need to get help entering data into Cayuse. Although we acknowledge the need for more help with proposal submission, current budget constraints do not allow us to hire a specialist at this time. Our proposal team can offer one-on-one assistance with entering data into Cayuse. Stop by with your laptop to take advantage of this service. In addition, the proposal team can enter budgets into Cayuse SP and Cayuse 424 upon request. Keep in mind if you would like this service we need 48 hours turn around rather than our 24 hour turnaround. OSRAA still requires 3 business days.

Lastly, we are working on a grants life cycle lean improvement process in coordination with the Research Office. We hope the results of this effort will streamline the process. Researchers are included in this team to ensure their perspective is represented.

We will continue to post improved proposal support documents upon completion to our website, and keep you informed by email. Thank you for your involvement and support.

Last updated October 12, 2015

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