Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Environmental Sciences Specialization Areas (pre 2015-2016)

The Environmental Sciences (ENSC) core curriculum requires that students acquire breadth in the field as a whole, while the specialization requires that they acquire depth in one area. The 27 credit Specialization Area (Option1, Minor2 or Certificate2) is intended to give the student a strong sense of academic identity and to ensure that each student has a specialized3 knowledge of some aspect of environmental science.

1Options reside in the ENSC Program. Requests for substitutions or additional electives should be made to your ENSC advisor.

2Minors and certificates reside in other colleges or departments. Requests for substitutions or additional electives should be made to the advising group of that unit.

3Coursework in a student's chosen specialization cannot double-count with courses taken to complete "Basic Science and Math" and "Environmental Sciences and Humanities Core" in the ENSC Major.

Approved specializations

The on-campus and online specialization choices vary to the extent the courses in the specialization are available online. For a detailed list of approved specializations, see the links below.

Declaring your specializations

Students should be prepared to declare their specialization by the end of their sophomore year. For information on how to declare your specialization and receive guidance on course selection, see the links below.

  • On Campus
  • Ecampus