Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Ecampus New Admit – Program Orientation Instructions

Welcome to the Environmental Sciences (ENSC) Undergraduate Program through OSU Ecampus!
If you have received your official letter of Admission from OSU, you are ready to get started. If you have not yet been admitted, please refer to the Office of Admissions website to apply, or check on the status of your application.

All new distance ENSC students are required to schedule a phone orientation appointment to discuss the ENSC major, and to address any questions that you may have, such as transfer credits. If you are prepared, this will take approximately one hour. Your registration PIN will be released once you have completed the program orientation, and agreed upon a course plan for the academic year with your advisor.

  • Before your first advising appointment

    1. Complete the Ecampus university orientation
    2. Complete the ALEKS math placement test
    3. Download and review the ENSC Ecampus Undergraduate Advising Guide
    4. Review your MyDegrees electronic checklist.
    5. Review the resources in Canvas ENSC Advising organization site
    6. "Like" us on Facebook (optional)
  • At the time of your advising appointment
  • After your first advising appointment

If you have any questions or concerns, contact CEOAS Student Services.