Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

CEOAS Institutional Postdoctoral Program

CEOAS supports an Institutional Postdoctoral (IPD) program in the general area of Earth System Sciences. CEOAS is one of the world's leading graduate research institutions for earth, ocean, and atmospheric sciences, with more than 250 faculty and staff members, approximately 180 graduate students, and a wide variety of assets including an excellent computing infrastructure, state-of-the-art analytical facilities, and research vessels.

  1. Program goals. The principle goal of the Institutional Postdoctoral (IPD) program at CEOAS is to support, mentor and foster the careers of new rising stars who are striving to develop new research fields in Earth sciences.

    The current research and funding climate is changing and challenging. The research and education communities need to be creative and proactive in developing the skills of young scientists so that they can be competitive and successful — scientists who can maintain a thriving research and teaching career and help define the direction of the field.

    The central vision of this program is to develop science and education leaders. In addition, the program will provide a means by which new and potentially risky research directions (disciplinary or interdisciplinary) can be jump-started.
  2. Research 'themes.' Each year, the IPD program will be focused on a research 'theme' that identifies disciplinary or interdisciplinary research directions that are potentially transformative and/or show promise for long-term growth. A particular discipline group at CEOAS — Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry (OEB); Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres (POA); Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management (GEM); Geology and Geophysics (G&G) — will be responsible for developing the research theme for that year. The research may be disciplinary or may bridge disciplines. Theme selection will be rotated between discipline groups from year to year.
  3. IPD Selection Process. when call for applications is opened applicants will submit a proposal that includes:
    1. CV (including a list of publications). The candidate must have successfully obtained a PhD or will successfully defend within 6 months after the application deadline.
    2. Educational transcripts.
    3. Research proposal that includes:
      1. research objective(s);
      2. links to the research theme in the announcement;
      3. how and where research is to be conducted;
      4. name of potential collaborators at CEOAS. This will likely include, but should not be necessarily limited to, those who proposed the theme. Applicants are encouraged to contact CEOAS faculty to help formulate a research plan;
      5. required scientific facilities. If the work cannot be conducted utilizing existing CEOAS facilities, limited research funds may be available to support research and travel.
  4. The IPD position.
    1. IPDs will be hired as Research Associate Postdocs.
    2. To facilitate teaching experience the IPD may be appointed as Instructor of record to develop and/or teach a course on a subject in his/her expertise that would be of interest to students in interdisciplinary programs.
    3. This is a full-time (1.0 FTE), fixed-term, appointment with renewal at the discretion of the Dean. The position funding is expected to be two years.
    4. Limited funds to support research and travel may be available.