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A newsletter of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University | Fall 2016 Issue

A month ago, I joined Oregon State University as dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. It's been an exciting month, full of opportunity to learn about this outstanding college in the environmental sciences. Already I am inspired by the cross-cutting research and innovation that take place here, the vibrant culture of excellence with people dedicated to solving a host of problems in the Earth system sciences. In fact, few places can boast as broad a spectrum of disciplines, from nearshore oceanography, to natural hazards, to climate change, to geospatial intelligence, to freshwater systems and more.

This issue of Elements provides a sampling of this excellence, including our marine geologists who have devised innovative methods to understand the Greenland Ice Sheet's past behavior and future stability, or our graduate students who are learning what it takes to do science at sea. Learn about the link between ocean fog and coast redwood ecosystems, or how our geographers are helping to advocate for disaster early warning systems and save lives.

In other news, CEOAS will be hosting two events that may be of interest to our alumni and friends:

Students in our GeoClub and faculty leaders Adam Kent and Andrew Meigs are eagerly planning a trip to New Zealand over spring break. These field trips provide a boots-on-the-ground opportunity for our students to learn about regional geology and culture, while building life-long friendships and learning to be citizens of the world (donation information below).

In short, we are kicking off fall term with a bang! I look forward to getting to know you all more in the coming months, and to sharing our successes and strides. Until then, I will be working to make strategic alliances to elevate CEOAS and build on its tradition of excellence across the environmental sciences.

Roberta Marinelli, dean

Those wishing to make a contribution are encouraged to do so by clicking the button below or sending checks to Angela Dammen, CEOAS Admin 104, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331. Make your check out to the OSU Foundation, and on the memo line indicate your choice: Taubeneck-Geology Graduate Student Support Fund (690800), or New Zealand- GeoClub Fieldtrip Fund (692500). See other fund options.
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Alumni in the News

  • Kiya Riverman (Earth Systems Science B.S. ’11) was featured in a PBS NEWSHOUR segment about her research in glacial hydrology.
  • Ellen Tan Drake (Marine Geology M.S., Ph.D. ’76, and ’81) passed away on Aug. 5, 2016.
  • Melissa Errend (MRM M.S. ’15) was named a 2016 Knauss Fellow by Oregon Sea Grant.

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Greenland Ice Sheet
The Story in the Sediment
Marine geologists have uncovered a new method that provides a fine-scale look at the Greenland Ice Sheet's behavior over the last half a million years.


Science At Sea
Doing Science at Sea
In this two-part segment, graduate student Jenessa Duncombe describes her first research cruise to Hawaii, where she worked with fellow students to explore how currents move and change, helping to transport plankton, nutrients and even the seawater itself.


Fog That Nourishes Redwoods
Fog may reduce our visibility at the wheel, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It turns out the ocean’s fog is a hazy highway of nutrients, carrying vital elements and minerals that support the coast redwoods.


mapping movements
Mapping Movements After a Storm
To better understand the human toll of large storms, David Wrathall and collaborators used data provided by mobile networks to track people’s movements in response to weather. His technique highlighted areas with the highest impacts and most in need of disaster recovery.
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