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Al-Quds and Oregon State University students on the Geo Club and Hydrophiles field trip to Israel and Palestine on Spring Break, 2009. Researchers at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences are advancing the frontiers of knowledge about the Earth system.


Approximately 600 undergraduate students are enrolled in one of four majors: Environmental Sciences (offered both on-campus and online), Earth Sciences, Geology, and Geography.

We encourage you to get involved. Geo Club offers once-in-a-lifetime field trips as well as connections to others with shared interests. Out-of-classroom experiences, such as field geology or study abroad, are a great way to synthesize what you've learned. Internships and meaningful research help you envision what you might want to do next.

Below are links that undergraduate students may find helpful. If you have questions, please contact your advisor.


About 200 graduate students are enrolled in Master's and PhD programs (Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences; Marine Resource Management; Geology; and Geography) and are involved in a wide range of research projects.

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