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Class of 2000 - 2009

Becci (Dale) Anderson (MS Geography 2002)
Becci is a Monitoring Specialist with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board where she uses her geography/mapping skills as a part of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds monitoring team. She and Bill Anderson were married in 2002, and they live in Corvallis with their zany dog Z. (2004)
Pete Bower (MS Geography 2005)
He's been on quite a roller coaster for the past 6 months, including two moves, cycling for 2 weeks down the West Coast, a short construction/painting stint, a trip to Wisconsin, and plenty of Corvallis to Portland driving, but now has landed a really cool job working for a small Portland company, Watershed Sciences, http://www.watershedsciences.com, which does hydrologic modeling, GIS, and remote sensing. He works mostly with an aircraft mounted sensor (LIDAR) that shoots laser light at the ground surface and then collects the reflections to calculate an elevation, similar to sonar. Once the information is collected, it is processed and can be viewed in 3D and overlaid with other geographic data. The company is investing in the most advanced LIDAR system, the first in the world to have it. Working out the bugs should be an interesting challenge. The company primarily focuses on clients in the Northwest, but he may go on a job to North Carolina soon. Now living in Forest Grove but will soon set up a more permanent home in the Portland area. bower.pete@gmail.com. (2006)
David Brastad (BS Geography 2000)
Working as a GIS Analyst with AT&T Wireless Services in Redmond, WA. Mostly perform analysis related to wireless network build-out and design. Also maintain various geographic data/information in relation to where wireless service is offered (zip codes, demographic info, wireless coverage maps, etc). (2004)
Bryan Ciecko (BS Geology 2004)
I currently work for an environmental consulting company in Portland called Ecology & Environment Inc. I am engaged to be married to Amy Bean who graduated from OSU in 2004 with a B.A. in Spanish. The picture is from the spring 2004 field trip to South Africa. (2005) Bryan Ciecko photo
Ryan Dermody (MS Geography 2001)
See Lori Slane (MS Geography 2001) (2005)
Eric Dickerson (BS Geology 2003)
See Allison Osterbur (BS Geology 2003) (2005)
Dave Easter (MS Geography 2000)
Spent the summer in Alaska fishing and now lives in Minnesota. Dave's fellowship is going well in the Lake Superior Basin area. He plans to attend the Coastal Society Conference in Rhode Island in May. (2003)
Andrew (Drew) Eriksson (MS Geology 2003)
Has been working in Indonesia since 2003 as an exploration geologist for a small oil and gas company. Currently living in Jakarta , but spending half time in the jungles of Borneo mapping and exploring remote areas in NE Kalimantan, Indonesia. ateriksson@continentalenergy.com. (2007)
Josh Gates (BS Geography 2000)
GIS Technician and Analyst for CH2M Hill in the Corvallis Office. (2003)
Sebastian Geiger (MS Geology 2000)
After receiving a PhD from ETH Zurich in 2004, moved with wife Stephanie Boschung and daughter Olivia to Imperial College London. In February 2006 took a lecturer position at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Will be setting up his own research group in computational hydrogeology that also will liaise with geologists at the University of Edinburgh. sebastian.geiger@pet.hw.ac.uk. (2007) Sebastian Geiger photo
Carmelita Guiterrez (MS Geography 2000)
Carmen, Bernie, Helen and Fluffy purchased their first home and moved in on January 14th, located in Moreno Valley, California (Riverside County). It's been a great adventure, and they really like their new environment. Come visit them when you can! (now they're really out in the middle of nowhere, but if you visit in the summer, Bernie can make you a great smoothie to drink). (2004) Carmelita Guiterrez photo
Jason Harpole (BS Geography 2004)
Has started a job with North Willamette Research and Extension Center as a Bio Research Technician. (2005)
Kendra Hynes (BS Geography 2001)
Contracting with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and has working in the Cartography Department making Refuge Boundary Maps. (2002)
Chad Keith (MS Geography 2004)
Plans to be married in October 2006. (2006)
Derik Kleibacker (MS Geology 2001)
Moved from Anchorage in late 2008 with wife Annie and two sons, Miles (4) and Jules (2). Now working with ConocoPhillips Canada in Calgary as a regional Arctic exploration geologist. Derik.W.Kleibacker@conocophillips.com. (2009)
Kelli Larson (PhD Geography 2005)
In the fall, she will be starting a tenure-track Assistant Professorship at Arizona State University in Tempe. Her position will be a joint appointment between the Department of Geography and the International Institute for Sustainability. (2005)
Sam Littlefield (MS Geography 2005)
In June of 2006, Sam took a position as a GIS and data analyst with Tetra Tech EC in Portland. In that capacity, he spends most of his time conducting suitability anlayses for wind resource development throughout the country, though mostly from a cubicle. He has embraced the matrix of pavement and parks by purchasing a cyclocross bike, on which he spends most of his free time. sam.littlefield@gmail.com. (2007)
Peter Martin (MS Geography 2004)
Pete is now pursuing a Ph.D. at the Spatial Information Research Centre of the University of Otago in New Zealand, on a New Zealand International Doctoral Research (NZIDR) scholarship. (2006)
Eric Mayes (BS Geography 2002)
Working for the BLM at the Burley, Idaho field office. Eric is working with water resources. (2002)
Steve McClung (MS Geography 2005)
He and Amy are enjoying the winter in Fairbanks with newborn son Elyjah. Is helping the Alaska Satellite Facility tie up loose ends on two web-based projects and at the same time is getting some experience in the world of volcano remote sensing with a possible PhD program at the University of Alaska to start in the Fall. Continually discovering why, other than the job, they are in Alaska. smcclung@asf.alaska.edu. (2006) Steve McClung photo
Claire McKee (MS Geology 2001)
Moved to Arizona and started teaching at a high school. The school is a blue-ribbon school and 90% of the students go to college, and the students have the highest SAT's in the state. (2002)
Ryan Mitcheltree (BS Geology 2000)
Living and working in Los Angeles as a geologist for the firm Hart Crowser Inc. (2003)
Eva Rasdal Moore (BS Geology 2000)
Eva is a project manager and environmental consultant for AECOM in South Carolina. AECOM is a global infrastructure firm that provides consulting services to a number of industries, from architecture to engineering and construction management. In addition to her bachelor's degree, she earned an MBA in December 2014 and aspires to own her own business. She lives with her husband and two boys.
Melinda O'Donnell (BS Geography 2003)
Has been working at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for over 3 years, first as an Analyst/Programmer in the Land Records Information Section and now as a Natural Resource Specialist for the Alaska Coastal Management Program, helping to manage Alaska 's 44,000 miles of coastline. (2006) Melinda O'Donnell photo
Doug R. Oetter (PhD Geography 2002)
Assistant Professor of History and Geography at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA, located only 35 minutes from hometown Macon and under 20 miles from the family farm. Working on ways to grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herbs in the Georgia heat, with the hopes of one day running an awesome breakfast/lunch kitchen. (2004)
Allison Osterbur (BS Geology 2003) and Eric Dickerson (BS Geology 2003)
We met our first year at OSU as geology students, and are now married with a beautiful new daughter, Mariel. She was born on March 24th, 2005. We are living in Bend, Oregon and Eric has just accepted a position working for Kleinfelder Inc. (2005)
Kevin Pendergast (BS Geology 2000)
I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my wife, Rochelle. She is a Beaver also, and a mechanical engineer. Rochelle and I live in a house we bought in 2003 and have renovated rather extensively. Our current recreational focus is sailing (see the attached photo - we are the ones on the right). We have 2 beagles, one black lab mix, and no kids quite yet - but stay tuned. I work as an engineering geologist for R&M Consultants, Inc., where I have been employed for nearly 5 years. I am in the process of earning a second degree in Civil Engineering, with the intent of focusing on Geotechnical Engineering. (2005) Kevin Pendergast photo
Heather Petcovic (PhD Geology 2004)
Currently in her second year as an assistant professor at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, with a joint appointment between the Geosciences Department and the Mallinson Institute for Science Education. She has been revising and teaching a geology course for future elementary school teachers, which is designed to improve their knowledge and interest in earth science. She continues with her geologic research on feeder dikes to the Columbia River flood basalt flows. Her husband Mike Winkler is an environmental consultant for Secor International, Detroit. Their first baby Jessica Lauren Winkler was born on November 10, 2005, and they are looking forward to the adventure of parenthood. heather.petcovic@wmich.edu. (2005)
Jarrett Price (BS Geography 2000)
Working for David Evans & Associates (Portland Office) in the Survey Department. Jarrett is the Instrument Person on field crew. His duties include: construction staking, cadastral, topography, R/W and GPS Surveys. (2003)
Tom Rodhouse (MS Geography 2002)
I work as an ecologist for the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program. Casey and I have a baby, Isabel Louise Rodhouse, born March 10, 2005. We are still living in Bend, Oregon, and having a very nice time. (2005)
Martin Roy (PhD Geology 2003)
Martin has just received an offer for a tenure-track assistant professor position at University of Quebec in Montreal. He is finishing his post-doc at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. (2005)
Marisa Salsig (BA Geology 2000)
Joined a small geotechnical-consulting firm in Portland in 2001 called GeoStandards as staff geologist. Marisa was married in June of 2001. (2002)
Eric Sfetku (BS Geography 2002)
Working for the University of Washington Olympic Natural Resources Center in Forks, WA for over a year. The center's website is http://www.onrc.washington.edu. (2004)
Lori Slane (MS Geography 2001) and Ryan Dermody (MS Geography 2001)
Married in April. Living in Bishop, CA (about 250 miles from LA). Ryan has worked for CalTrans for 4 years and Lori is with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power - Watershed Resources. (2005) Lori Slane photo
Rachel Sours-Page (PhD Geology 2000)
Chris got a job with the Public Defender's Office in Twin Falls, Idaho and started on Aug 2. We're currently renting a house in TF, but plan to buy as soon as we find something we like. I'm still working for Xcel Energy on a contract basis, telecommuting from Twin Falls. (2004)
Jessica Spiegel (BS Geology 2000)
I've worked for the past 4+ years in Portland, Oregon for Ecology and Environment Inc, an environmental consultanting firm based out of Buffalo, NY. I do a range of environmental work with a focus on NEPA permitting. (2005)
Erin (Hille) Stout (MS Geography 2000)
Moved back to Oregon from the Seattle area with her husband and purchased a home in North Albany. Erin has been working for CH2M Hill. (2002)
David "Zan" Strausz (MS Geography 2001)
Zan was fortunate to land a job near his ancestral home in Washington State as the main GIS person in a small electrical utility-Franklin County Public Utility District. Most of his time is spent managing a GIS mapping system involving lots of database management, general network administration, and software support and development in a kind of one-man-band environment. It's lots more fun than being a tiny cog in some larger organization. Their daughter recently received her MS in psychiatric nursing and a Nurse Practitioner's certification. Their engineer son just became an Ensign in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps and is assigned to a ship based in Seattle. dstrausz@franklinpud.com. (2005) David Strausz photo
Lawrence Sullivan (MS Geography 2002)
Working for the Washington State Department of Ecology in Olympia, WA. (2003)
David Theirl (MS Geography 2003)
Shortly after graduation in 2003 David was hired to work for the US Army's Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program in Hawaii. He moved to Oahu and worked out of historic Schofield Barracks performing environmental analysis and mapping on eight training areas spanning several of the Hawaiian Islands. Almost three years later he was offered to manage his own ITAM program for Army training areas in the state of Texas. He made the switch from aloha to yee-haw and currently resides in Austin. (2006) David Theirl photo
Steve Tolzman (MS Geography 2001)
Water Quality Planner with the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks in Seattle, Wash. He and his wife Wendy live in West Seattle and have a 4-year-old son, August. They are also very close to completing an adoption. In early 2006 they will travel to Thailand to bring home their new daughter Kritsana, who was born in April 2005. Steve.Tolzman@metrokc.gov. (2005)
Anna Versluis (MS Geography 2002)
Student at Clark University in Massachusetts. Anna is on a committee that is looking at how to improve the graduate program there. (2004)
Peter Wampler (PhD Geology 2004)
Well we are finally sort of settled out here in Michigan. We had an uneventful (thankfully) trip across the country with our rock-laden U-haul, and we all survived the trip. There were some long days of driving though. western Michigan is not as different from the Willamette Valley as we would have thought, they raise a lot of blueberries and nursery plants in the region we are living in and they even have peaches and apples, which I was a bit surprised by. The girls and I start school on Monday so we are bracing for a bit of a scramble. Peter Wampler, Assistant Professor Grand Valley State University, Department of Geology. (2004)
Elizabeth White (BS Geography 2002)
With the GIS staff at the Virginia Beach office for Michael Baker Jr., Corp. (2002)
Jonathan Williams (BS Geology 2000)
Has worked for BP Alaska in various parts of their Prudhoe Bay operations since graduating. Currently is the Subsurface Lead for the Orion and Polaris viscous oil developments. His technical specialty has become geocellular modeling, and he is getting dangerously close to becoming a reservoir engineer. He and his wife Janelle adopted their first child Abigail earlier this year. She has been an absolute blessing, and they look forward to raising her in Alaska. They have found a great community there, especially for cycling and triathlons that he has competed in since they moved to Anchorage. willijon22@yahoo.com. (2005) Jonathan Williams photo
Daniel Wise (MS Geography 2001)
Hydrologist with the USGS Water Resources Division in Portland. He works with the Yakima Basin as part of the National Water Quality Assessment. He is studying the effect of agricultural practices on water quality in the basin. (2002)
Nathan J. Wood (MS Geography 2002)
Working as a Research Geographer for the US Geological Survey in Portland, Ore. Was recently asked to coauthor a 10-year strategy for geographic sciences at the USGS. Current research focuses on community vulnerability to natural hazards, especially tsunamis on the Oregon Coast and volcanic lahars at Puget Sound. In 2004, married Shelby Oppel, a journalist who covers higher education issues for the Oregonian. nwood@usgs.gov. (2005)
Shira Yoffe (PhD Geography 2002)
Finished her Ph.D. and moved from Oregon to Washington , D.C. Shira is working at the State Department in the Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and Scientific Affairs. (2002)
Chris Zanger (MS Geography 2004)
Has a new job out of Portland with New Urban Research, http://www.urban-research.info , a progressive social research company that specializes in teaching courses to social-services, not-for-profits, and nongovernmental organizations. He is an authorized ESIR instructor and teaches a GIS course on mapping communities and working with census data in GIS. The work involves traveling to various cities around the country. zanger@gmail.com . (2006)

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Class of 1990 - 1999

Tracy H. Allen (PhD Geography 1999)
Assistant Professor and Chair of the Geography Department, State University of New York, Oneonta. Received the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004, and earlier received the SUNY Oneonta Fund for Academic Excellence Award for Innovative Uses of Instructional Technology. Was a joint recipient of a $100,000 NSF grant concerning water quality, received several smaller grants including one from the EPA, and published the book Introduction to Geography. His children are growing-Madison is now 9 and Hunter 6. His wife Melissa is the Director of Financial Aid at Hartwick College. They live in an 1896 Victorian house in a sleepy college town, where snow stays on the ground from November to March. Spent the summer of 2004 completing a grant on deforestation and water-quality research in Tibet with Eric Larsen (PhD Geog 2001). Spent this summer on landscape-change studies in Myanmar. Takes students each year on an environmental trip, so far to the Brazilian rainforest, Costa Rican cloud forest, and Mexican desert. This year, it's to Spain and Morocco. Want to go? allenth@oneonta.edu. (2005) Tracy Allen photo
Dan Antonson (BS Geography 1991)
Returned to Oregon after working in Spokane, WA for Spokane County Planning as a GIS Analyst. Dan is currently working for Otak Inc., which is an engineering/Architecture/Landscape Architecture/Planning Firm in Lake Oswego as a GIS Analyst and planner. (2004)
April (Herb) Boughton (BS Geology 1996)
Received her M.S. in Geology from Portland State University and has worked in Environmental Consulting and as Adjunct Faculty for Indiana University South Bend. April is currently with Bruce Carter Associates (Environmental Consulting) as a Project Manager. She married Eric Boughton in 2002 and they hope to adopt a baby in the next couple of years. (2004)
Aileen Buckley (PhD Geography 1998)
Aileen is a Cartographic Researcher at ESRI in Redlands, Calif. Her work entails developing GIS data models to support mapping, proposing software enhancements for cartography, and working with mapping agencies and organizations around the world. This year her work-related travel took her to England and Spain as well as to many places in the US. She still sails when she can and is now skiing during the snowy seasons. abuckley@esri.com. (2005)
Tony Chakurian (BS in Geology 1997)
Tony received his MS in Geology from University of Nevada, Reno. He is currently working as an environmental geologist for Leighton Consulting in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Tony lives in Corona, CA with his wife Daphne and son Ethan. tchakurian@hotmail.com (2007)
Megan Cogswell (MS Geography 1997)
Enjoying the life of leisure, staying home in Salem, Ore., with Nathan (8) and Noah (5) after leaving her position with OSU Extension in June of 2003. Spouse Paul continues to work hard to support her exercise, political reform, and scrapbooking interests. Megan hopes to do some independent publishing and is working on several projects. She enjoyed teaching Environmental Conservation for Geosciences last summer and Spanish to second graders. Her current goal is to hike half of the Wonderland Trail on Mount Rainier next summer (45 miles). cogswellcamuso@comcast.net. (2005)
Gregg Gaston (PhD Geography 1993)
In his job at the University of Northern Alabama, Gregg is becoming more of a physical geographer, and he designs field courses. (He's taking a class of 15 or so from Alabama to Wyoming during interterm in May 2007). He's remaking himself from a techniques guy (that people are willing to pay for technical expertise) to an academic who looks at rocks and streams and glaciers because they are interesting, not because he can sell the results. He'll always be involved with technical stuff, because students need to have a skill set that will allow them to get a good job, and he himself can't stop playing with the really cool toys. They have over 100 Geography undergraduate majors and 5 faculty, soon to hire a 6th. In the past 4 years, very close to 100% of those who came out with their GIScience emphasis have a job in the field of geography, and several are in graduate school. He has 2 sons and over 100 students, so his office is always full of kids, but he thinks he's doing the job he was made to do. In March 2007 he took a 2-week faculty exchange in Finland (where he taught GIS). He still doesn't care for the Alabama summers (winters are very nice!), so when he is not teaching in July, he tries to get out back West, Oregon usually, but anyplace high up and clear. (2007)
John Godino (MS Geography 1995)
Computer/database/web guy for Mazamas Clubrooms. John also teaches lots of rock and ice climbing classes. He enjoys kayaking and hiking and is in good health. (2003)
James W. Good (PhD Geography 1992)
Retired this fall as Director of the Marine Resources Management Program in OSU's College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. This past summer, Jim and a friend biked from Astoria to Missoula, to the extent possible retracing the route Lewis and Clark took on their return journey. Ever the perceptive observer, Jim noted that the landscape has changed a little, and that most of the fauna was of the flattened variety on the roadway. Jim's partner Janet Morlan (MS Geog 1990) is the Wetland Program Manager at the Oregon Department of State Lands, and she bikes when she can fit it in. They are at home with Kobe, their champion Belgian Tervuren. Good dog! jwg4@yahoo.com. (2005)
Desiree (Scarlett) Graham (MS Geography 1997)
Married Chris Graham Aug 7. 1999, and had a child in Feb. of 2001. Scarlett stopped working in Oct. of 2002 to stay at home with her first child. She and her husband have had another baby in June. They happily reside in Boise Idaho. (2002)
Bret Hazell (MS Geography 1991-1993)
President of GeoTerra /3Di West, an aerial mapping, GIS and survey firm in Eugene. (2002)
Eric Heller (BS Geology 1996)
Completed his Masters in Civil Engineering at University of Washington, and now is working for GeoEngineers as a geotechnical engineer. (2003)
Dan Henderson (BS Geography 1995)
Received the Grand Showcase Award for the San Diego Geography Showcase at the ESRI International Users Conference for his poster entitled, "Modeling Water, Toxics, and Environment Using GIS and 3D Visualization." Dan was appointed to the Board of the California Geographic Information Association and accepted the CGIA award on behalf of UCSD for Excellence in Education. (2003)
Mark D. Hilyard (MS Geology 1997)
After several years of sharpening his skills with a local consulting firm, Mark is now with SAIC and has found a niche studying contaminant transport in fractured bedrock systems. The US government is SAIC's primary client, so he has been able to work on some long term (i.e. well funded) projects, including some work at the Nevada Test Site a couple of summers ago. He is living in Portsmouth, RI and was married three years ago to a truly wonderful person. Together they have a 2 1/2 year old boy, Caleb, and a second child on the way. (2004)
Mary E. Hinkson (MS Geography 1993)
Retired from the US Army in Aug of 2002. Mary is now working as a military program analyst for a Defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama. Her daughter is attending Clemson University and her son is a senior in high school. (2002)
Margaret Hiza (PhD Geology 1999)
Was recently profiled in the Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native American in Science (SACNAS) Spring 2005 newsletter. She now works for the U.S.G.S. studying climate chane on the Navajo Nation, especially the movement of sand dunes and the levels of certains elements in the water. (2005)
Herbert Lloyd Hofer III (BS Geography 1990)
Two years after getting my geography degree in 1990 I went back to college and wound up becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist in 1994. I love my work, what's not to like about helping people get better smiles! I practice here in Portland and put my geography training to use everyday in my ability to empathize, relate and communicate in a meaningful way with any patient I have in front of me. I tried getting married a second time after OSU but I am now single again and loving it. Besides rock climbing I'm active with biking, hiking, yoga, ballet and my 3 grandkids. (2004)
Patrick Kennelly (PhD Geography 1997)
Patrick had a great time for three years as a GIS Manager at the Montana geological survey and is now in a tenure track position at LIU. He's still putting his GIS management experience to work by teaching a class for Penn State's online Master's of GIS program. It all keeps him quite busy, but he's really enjoying it. (2007)
Marvin Kilbourn (BS Geography 1995)
I am working for MDA Federal (formerly Earthsat) as a Senior Geospatial Analyst in Rockville, Maryland. I am doing analysis and extraction with the most up-to-date software on the market. I really enjoy what I am doing since I left OSU with work in the Geospatial industry. Has been an active member of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) since 1999. He and his wife Lyn have been married since 2000 and have a daughter Katherine and son Johnathon. Enjoys spending time with family and tries to watch OSU football when he gets a chance. (2009)
Andrika Kuhle (BS Geology 1992)
After finishing my MS from University of New Mexico (under the tutelage of Gary Smith, one of Ed's PhD graduates) in 1997, I was employed in Kalispell Montana working as an environmental consultant where I specialized in groundwater and wetlands. I married in 2000 and in 2003 I caught the parental bug and quit working. My husband, Gordon Dicus and I now have two sweet little boys, Theo (born January 3, 2003) and Shafer (born August 23, 2004). I am for the time being only a geologist at heart, but content. We now live on the shoulder of Kilauea in Hawaii. Please extend an invitation to any faculty interested in a field trip to the world's most active volcano. They are welcome to stay with us. (2004)
Beth Lambert (MS Geography 1998)
I'm a fluvial geomorphologist working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the Division of Ecological Restoration. I lead a small program (3 full-time staff) dedicated to river restoration, primarily dam removal. We have removed 7 dams so far and have more than 25 projects in the planning stages. I love it! After moving from Oregon back to the east coast in 2005, I also spent time working on salt marsh restoration projects--in fact, I met my husband while collecting vegetation data on a restored marsh. We married last fall and live in a small classic New England town north of Boston. (2009)
Brendan Laurs (MS Geology 1995)
Working as the editor of the Gemological Institute of America's quarterly technical journal called Gems & Gemology(www.gia.edu/gemsandgemology). Brendan gets to travel to an important gem-producing area each year, and last July he visited Madagascar for the second time. The main purpose of that trip was to assist with a World Bank and USAID sponsored program to professionalize the gem industry in Madagascar. He made arrangements for GIA to teach their Gem Identification course there. He also visited some interesting gem deposits there, including the pegmatite where a new mineral and gemstone was recently discovered called pezzottaite He worked with scientists from the United States, Canada, and Switzerland on the original IMA proposal that described this new mineral and coauthored a feature article on this gemstone in the Winter 2003 issue of Gems & Gemology. (2004)
Sharon London (MS Geography 1999 )
Sharon recently re-entered the work world as the interim Executive Director of Seattle Urban Nature, a small, non-profit organization that is "dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Puget Sound region by engaging communities to improve urban forests." The organization has a strong science/GIS focus. http://www.seattleurbannature.org/. She is looking forward to using her non-profit management skills again to help improve people's connection to local nature, and to restore some of Seattle's green spaces. sharon@seattleurbannature.org. (2007)
Andrew Mason (BS Geography 1990)
Works for Harvest House Publishers, a Christian book publisher. Andrew has been in the distribution department since April of 2002. He still is riding motorcycles and is looking for a different model. He is active in a few riding organizations. (2002)
Allyson Mathis (MS Geology 1993)
Works as an interpretive park ranger at Grand Canyon National Park and continues to work in the field of geology interpretation. (2004)
Philip McClellan (BS Geography 1995)
I have been working for Titan Systems in Portland OR for the past nine years. I have worked on many GIS contracts from the creation of Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for the USGS, the creation of the National Hydrographic Dataset (NHD) for the State of Alaska and the USGS. As well as feature extraction with Boeing Autometric for NIMA (DoD). I am currently working with the USDA Forest Service Region 6 Information Resource Management (IRM) for data standardization of the National Forests in Region 6. (2004)
Wendy Mitteager (MS Geography 1999)
I finished my PhD at Rutgers and have started a new job this fall at Oneonta State College in New York State. It is a tenure-track assistant professor position. My email address is mitteawa@oneonta.edu. (2004)
Stephanie Moret (MS Geology 1997)
Currently an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at Lousiana State University, teaching spatial modeling and decision analysis. My oldest daughter, Skye, graduated from OSU in marine biology in 2004 and my youngest daughter Celia will graduate from SOU in anthropology in 2005. (2005)
Jo Beth Mullens (PhD Geography 1995)
Promoted to Associate Professor in 2000 and received Tenure in 2001 at Keene State College in New Hampshire. Jo Beth went on Sabbatical in 2001-2002 and conducted research on water and gender issues. (2002)
Matt Nazar (MS Geography 1992)
Matt is the Deputy Director of Development Services overseeing the city planning for Maine's Capital city, Augusta. After returning to New England in 1992, he worked as a local and regional planner in New Hampshire for seven years then moved back home to Maine. He worked for the Maine State Planning Office, finishing there as the Director of the Land Use Program for the state before returning to local planning in a rapidly changing city. He spends his free time renovating a 160 year old home that he enjoys with his wife and two daughters. They do as much skiing, hiking, biking, and exploring as they can. (2009)
Emily Oatney (MS Geology 1998)
Emily M. Oatney (MS Geol 1998). Chevron Vietnam Subsurface Development Team Leader. Emily moved with Chevron from San Ramon, California to Ho Chi Minh City in May 2006 to help develop a large offshore gas field. The gas will be brought on shore and converted to electricity to meet the increasing demand in Vietnam. Emily is responsible for subsurface characterization and development well planning activities. 400+ upcoming wells should keep her pretty busy over the next few years. In her off time, she is learning Vietnamese and is traveling extensively in the Asian region. eoat@chevron.com. (2006) Emily Oatney photo
Heather Petry (MS Geography 1999)
Moved to the South Island of New Zealand in 2004 and is working for Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Limited, a gold mining company at Macraes Flat in Otago. She is the sole GIS person on site, which keeps her busy on a variety of projects. She and her husband, Greg, (and their dog Bailey) are enjoying life in the historic coastal town of Oamaru, where they have views of the Pacific Ocean from their house on a hill and forested walking tracks just a block away. Heather.Petry@oceanagold.com. (2006)
Ernesto Podaca (BS Geology 1990)
Graduate student in Architecture working towards a Masters of Architecture at UNLV. (2003)
Kevin R. Pogue (PhD Geology 1993)
Professor and chair of geology at Whitman College. He is married to Elisa Weinman who teaches Head Start, and they have two children, Eli age 12, and Keelin age 5. Kevin teaches physical geology, geophysics, structural geology, Cordilleran tectonics, and meteorology. His current research involves Quaternary clastic dikes of the Columbia Basin, the geology of the Elkhorn Mountains of northeastern Oregon, the geologic evolution of the City of Rocks National Reserve in southern Idaho, and a project in Mongolia. He and Elisa are enjoying the Napafication of Walla Walla that has occurred during the past 5 years. About 65 wineries now lie near town along with many nice restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Kevin has lately been moonlighting as a vineyard site consultant, or terroirist as he calls it. They still manage the occasional rock-climbing trip. pogue@whitman.edu. (2005)
William (Don) Reeder (BS Geology 1996)
Working for INOVEC in Eugene, OR as a software engineer. Don and his wife Kerry had a daughter in December of 2002. He is still collecting rocks and likes to study mining history. The family enjoys hiking and camping. (2003)
John Sharrard (BS Geography 1997)
Has worked 11 years in the senior technical staff for the Northwest office of ESRI. Currently living in Canby, Ore., with fiancee Kisha and dachshund Hunter. Planning to build a log home on recently purchased acreage. Highlights of the past year were proposing underwater at night in Hawaii and having an amazing encounter with manta rays. jsharrard@esri.com. (2006)
David Shively (MS Geography 1990, PhD Geography 1999 )
Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Montana , Missoula (2004, Central Michigan University 2000-2004). Teaching land use planning, water resources, and other subjects. Research activities include wintertime air quality in Yellowstone National Park, stream ecology and planning in Montana, and regional diffusion of specialized watercraft in the the American West. Dave lives in Missoula with his wife Gretchen, and sons Rio and Ari, and they regularly sneak over to Oregon to recharge at the coast. (2007) David Shively photo
Lee Sickler (BS Geography 1990)
GIS Technician, City of West Linn Engineering Department. Lives in southwest Portland with son Ben (6), daughter Molly (4), and wife Lisa, who is a teacher. Enjoys making it back to the OSU campus in the fall for football games and occasionally to check in on the Geosciences Department. lsickler@ci.west-linn.or.us. (2005)
Scot Siegel (BS Honors Geography 1990)
Started his own planning consulting business in 2004, Siegel Planning Services, LLC. Based in Lake Oswego, Ore., the company specializes in land-use planning, urban design, code-development projects, and serves public and private clients throughout the West. Scot has served as a prime consultant to the state of Oregon's Transportation and Growth Management Code Assistance Program since 1998. Recently completed projects include the City of Talent Railroad District Master Plan, Oregon's Model Development Code for Small Cities, and zoning and development code updates for the cities of McCall, Ida., and John Day, Ore. He is vice president of Lake Oswego's Talented and Gifted Education PTA, and he serves on the City of Lake Oswego Planning Commission. Siegelplanning@aol.com. (2005)
Diana Sinton (PhD Geography 1997)
Hi all. I've been meaning to write for a while and let you know about the website we've put together for our GIS work at NITLE. There are a number of resources that we've compiled or created that may be of interest or help to you, so when you get a chance, take a look (http://gis.nitle.org). Also, please feel free to send along any suggestions or stuff for me to add (literature citations, links, etc.). The literature database (http://gis.nitle.org/literature.php) is still rather heavy on biogeography & forestry, given my background, but we're always posting new articles, and we've got well over 1200+ at this point. (2004)
Ann Stark (MS Geography 1998)
Ann is currently owner and partner in Salish Coast Sciences, a GIS consulting business in Bellingham, Washington. She serves as President of the Washington Chapter of URISA and is the co-coordinator for the NW WA GIS users group. Ann is also a GIS Analyst at the City of Bellingham, WA. In her spare time she enjoys biking, gardening, and keeping her own urban farm. (2011)
Brian Stonebrink (BS Geology 1991)
Works for the State of Arizona at the Department of Environmental Quality. Brian provides oversight on environmental cleanup projects by the Department of Defense. He is also the project manager for Davis-Monthan Air Force base, Fort Huachuca, and the Corps of Engineers clean up of formerly used defense sites. The projects include the clean up of soils from a jet fuel leak using a soil vapor extraction system, treatment of aluminum dross and implementation of a cap, monitoring landfills and removal of UST, ordnance and soils at contaminated sites. (2004)
Wiley C. Thompson (MS Geography 1999)
After OSU, Lt Col Thompson taught at West Point for 3 years and then moved to Germany in 2003, where after a few weeks he was deployed to Iraq and served in the Sunni Triangle. After Zan Strausz uses old and new technology in his fieldwork. After that he was stationed in Afghanistan, and on October 10, 2005, he led the first US aid effort to the Pakistan earthquake, initially consisting of 8 helicopters and 210 soldiers. It eventually grew to 28 helicopters and 500 personnel from the US, UK, and the Afghan Air Corps (on their very first deployment). Wiley flew on several missions himself and was privileged to spend time on the ground in some severely affected areas, helping to assess the needs of the villagers. "It was a great feeling to be able to ask someone what they needed and then to be able to follow-up over the next few days with a couple of Chinooks full of exactly what they asked for. Incredible job satisfaction and an outstanding experience for a geographer or geologist." One of his photos of an earthquake-triggered landslide is in press in the January 2006 Geotimes. Wiley.C.Thompson@baf.afgn.army.mil. (2005)
Robert Tobys (BS Geography 1999)
GIS Manager of ECORP Consulting, Inc. (2003)
Steve Wilcox (BS Geography 1999)
Post-Bac student in geosciences pending acceptance into the masters program. Steve is currently working in the aquatic monitoring program for the Northwest Forest Plan stationed in Corvallis. (2002)
Dana Willis (MS Geology 1992)
After a five year hiatus from mining, during which time he was a senior scientist with Exponent Failure Analysis Associates working on a wide variety of building and geology related failures, the opportunity came up to work for Newmont Mining Corporation at the Midas Mine in Elko County, Nevada. It was a timely transition because otherwise Dana would have found himself in Iraq working for Exponent as a civilian contractor supporting the 101st Airborne in training and the use of surveillance robots. Now he is a senior mine engineer at Midas, an underground mine producing 220,000 ounces Au and 2,500,000 ounces Ag per year. Dana's main role is deposit modeling and resource estimation, but like many operations he wears a number of other hats. (2004)

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Class of 1980 - 1989

Craig D. Batchelder (BS Geology 1983)
Lives in Carmel, Calif., with his wife Annette and their 6 year old son Matthew. Craig is a Commander in the US Navy and is currently completing an MBA degree. He traded emails a few years ago with Bob Foote (BS Geol 1983), an old Wilkinson Hall mate and workout partner, who was living in the Denver area. CDBatch@ aol.com. (2005) Craig Batchelder photo
David Bird (BS Geology 1983)
David Bird is working for the Colorado Geological Survey. (2004)
Kris Brooks (PhD Geography 1986)
Currently Lead Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems on a subcontract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. She and her husband Patrick Joyce live in Long Beach, Calif., and are still trying to keep up with two teenagers, Michael a senior in high school who is in the process of applying to colleges, and Elizabeth a high school sophomore. She and Pat are not considering retirement any time soon. Kris.Brooks@ngc.com. (2005)
David Carnahan (BS Geology 1986)
Finished another BS degree at OSU in Business Administration and married his wife Gail Goodnough, OSU Bachelor of Fine Arts 1987. Resides in Tualatin, Ore., and worked with Ashland Chemical for a decade, covering the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies in chemical sales distribution. In 1998 opened a new branch for Canadian specialty chemical distributor LV Lomas Ltd in Portland and Seattle. In 2002 opened a warehouse in Denver for the company and currently is responsible for sales and marketing throughout the western US. He and his wife have become quite supportive of Beaver football and basketball and attend many games. Go Beavs! dcarnahan@lvlomas.com. (2006) David Carnahan photo
Michael Collins (BS Geology 1987)
Currently living in Anchorage, AK. Michael is single with four sons, Chris, Matt, Kyle and Colby. He is an account manager with RS Medical, Inc. selling and marketing non-invasive and invasive electrotherapy devices to a variety of physicians throughout the state of Alaska. (2004)
Elizabeth Cox (BS Geography 1987)
Working as a realtor for RE/MAX Equity Group. (2004)
Maya Elrick (MS Geology 1986)
After receiving her MS in 1986, she attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute for her PhD, working with J. Fred Read on Mississippian carbonates in Wyoming and Montana. The day after she turned in her dissertation, she drove west to the University of New Mexico to start her academic career as an assistant professor and has been there ever since. She married in 1995 (Mark Boslough, physicist at Sandia Labs) and has a wonderful and curious daughter. Her research focuses on carbonate stratigraphy, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, and paleoenvionment events in Earth history. dolomite@unm.edu. (2005)
Beverly Fahlstrom (MS Geology 1982)
Beverly and her husband, geologist Bruce Falkenstein, recently donated a subscription to the electronic versions of the publications of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists to OSU's Valley Library. (2005)
Larry Freeman (MS Geology 1982)
After 22 years being a "tramp geologist", exploring and mining Alaska and elsewhere, Larry joined the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys in 2000. He is overseeing development of a statewide geological database, accessed through www.dggs.dnr.state.ak.us and AkGeology.info. He also participated in geologic mapping projects in the Alaska Range and on the Seward Peninsula during the last two summers. At home he and his wife Elizabeth have the empty nest syndrome -- their two sons are studying Philosophy at Reed College in Portland and boat building at the Landing School in Kennebunk, Maine. Alaskan adventures are always on the calendar, and Larry invites any classmates to visit and share in an "Alaskan" experience. (2006) Larry Freeman photo
Bryan Grigsby (MS Geology 1986)
Brian and his wife Anne Dougherty (MS OSU 1984) and their two children have lived in Boulder, Colo., for the past 11 years, where Anne is Associate Chair of the Applied Math Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Bryan is a hydrogeologist with S.S. Papadopulos & Associates. In addition to "normal" environmental contamination projects, his work has included quantifying stream depletion due to water production from coalbed methane wells and evaluating the risks of the geologic sequestration of carbon. The family loves the skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking in Colorado. bgrigsby@sspa.com. (2005)
Patrick A. Jackson (MS Geology 1981)
Since leaving OSU, has worked as a geologist and manager for Amoco Production Company, Basin Exploration Inc, and Stone Energy. His duties have taken him throughout the US, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. During 2003 he and Beth started a small consulting/prospecting firm, Barjay Inc. He is focusing on the generation of oil and gas prospects in the southern and western US. In 2004 for approximately a year, he and his 23 year old son physically built their new home in Golden, Colo. They personally lifted and installed every constitutent piece of the structure and can proudly say that (as of today at least) everything works exactly as it should. barjay1@comcast.net. (2005)
Michael Lewis (MS Geography 1984)
Mike is Associate Professor of Geography and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He teaches courses in earth science and environmental change, and recently published a paper on neighborhood reactions to the return of beaver to urban streams of the Southern Piedmont. He is currently planning a summer field trip to the Pacific Northwest for UNCG Geography students. Suggestions on places to see and stay are welcome! (2004)
Dorothy B. Marshall (BS Geology 1987)
Teaching Earth and Space Science, Horticulture, and Floral Design at a high school in Mukilteo, Washington . Dorothy married Mitchell B. Dodd in Early July of 2003. (2004)
Richard Marston (MS Geography 1976, PhD Geography 1980)
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography at Kansas State University, having retired from KSU in May 2016. Still active as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the international Elsevier journal, Geomorphology, and Consulting Geomorphologist/Hydrologist. Richard was elected President of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) for 2005-06. He was elected a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2005) and Geological Society of America (1997). Richard was selected for the 2007 OSU Geosciences Distinguished Alumni Award. He served as a Jefferson Science Fellow in the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of the Geographer and Global Issues. Richard was awarded the 2016 Melvin G. Marcus Distinguished Career Award from the AAG Geomorphology Specialty Group. He is father to a son, Bryce, and a daughter, Brooke, both of whom have earned graduate degrees in geography. Brooke's masters degree was from OSU Geography and she is employed as a Cartographer at the U.S. Department of State.
Terry J. Meehan (BS Geology 1987)
Assistant Professor of Biology, Chatham College, Pittsburgh, Penna. Got his Master's in geology and PhD in biology at the University of Kansas. Recently published a big paper in the January 2005 Naturwissenschaften on repeating faunas and climatic cycles, including a cover illustration of hippo and hyena ecomorphs. He had Art Boucot for Evolution, and he certainly didn't think then that his research on ecological evolutionary units would ever overlap with Art's. His research specialty is fossil mammals (convergent evolution and climatic cycles), and his teaching specialty is human anatomy with cadavers. In 2003, he went to the Galapagos, and next time must scuba dive there. He's on an ultimate frisbee team that's going to the Ultimate Player's Association National Championships. TMeehan@Chatham.edu. (2005) Terry Meehan photo
Cindy Ricks Myers (MS Geology 1984)
Just celebrated 20 years in Gold Beach since she arrived to work for Siskiyou National Forest. Since 1997 has been consulting for the South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils, performing watershed monitoring and assessment (more details at www.currywatersheds. org). Also, 1997 was the year she married Steve Myers, and now they have a daughter in kindergarten. She's the science club advisor for the middle school, as well as the genotypical soccer mom. ricks@currywatersheds.org. (2005)
Duane Nellis (MS Geography 1977, PhD Geography 1980)
Since June of 2004 I have been Provost at Kansas State University. I returned to K-State after 7 years at West Virginia University as Dean of Arts and Sciences. My wife, who also took classes at OSU in geosciences is now Director of Knowledge Resources at the National Institute for Strategic Technology, Acquisition, and Commercialization in Manhattan. During my time at WVU, I also served as President of the Association of American Geographers (2002-2003). I am proud to be an alum of OSU and felt I had excellent experiences as a masters and Ph.D. student in geography. (2005)
Gary B. Sidder (PhD Geology 1985)
Changed careers in 1996 and now is a Certified Financial Planner and instructor in Metropolitan State College of Denver's Personal Financial Planning Program. He is president of his own finanacial planning and money management firm Life Transition Planners. (2004)
David H. Steinbrugge, (BS Geology 1984)
Licensed mortgage broker with Stonebridge Mortgage Group. David and Ramona have been married for 13 years now. Pictured are David, Ramona, and their children. Sam is now 10 (two digits as he says) and Sarah is 7. (2004) David Steinbrugge photo
Len Stitt (MS Geology 1980)
Len lives with his wife Diane in Peshawar, Pakistan, where he heads the local office of a nongovernmental organization, Shelter Now Afghanistan. They are now responding to the recent earthquake disaster in Kashmir. (2005)
Dale M. Timmons (BS Geology 1980)
Lives with his wife Pamela and youngest son in Issaquah, Wash. President of ARI Technologies, where by applying the principles of geochemistry and thermodynamics, Dale perfected a technology to convert asbestiform minerals into a nonhazardous asbestos-free product consisting of minerals such as olivine, wollastonite, and the pyroxenes. The patented EPA-permitted process takes place without melting the waste, reduces its volume by about 80%, and the treated product can be used as construction aggregate. ARI is in the final permit process for building Europe's first commercial asbestos destruction and recycling facility. It will process about 30 tons a day of asbestos waste. Other systems are in the planning stages in other parts of the world. The process has been further demonstrated to immobilize toxic metals and radionuclides for the US Department of Energy. Recent testing was also completed for the US Army, where the technology was adapted to recycle lead from lead-based paint at military demolition sites. Most of his asbestos work is conducted overseas, and the US still throws all of its asbestos waste into the ground. (2005)
Kenneth J. Yeats (BS Geology 1981)
Ken moved back to Houston in 2004 after a 5-year assignment with Caltex in Duri, Sumatra. He is now working in offshore Nigeria for Chevron. He and his wife Carolyn hosted an OSU fundraiser for the Robert Yeats Professorship in April. They have two children, Emma 18 and Ian 14, plus their pet Basenji named Cleo. They will have a Christmas family reunion at Sunriver, Ore. (2005)

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Class of 1970 - 1979

James (Jed) Day (BS Geology 1979)
I am currently a professor of Geology at Illinois State University teaching Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Invertebrate Paleontology, and Earth History. I am staying busy working on Devonian rocks in a number of western and central North American basins. Most of my work has and continues to focus on Middle and Upper Devonian brachiopod and conodont biostratigraphy, brachiopod systematics, Devonian sea level event history, and more recently paleoclimatology using stable isotopic and paleomagnetic proxies. After completing my B.S. in Geology at OSU, I headed to Northern Arizona University and completed an MS in Geology at Northern Arizona University, then went to the University of Iowa to do the Ph.D. finishing in 1988. I currently have three kids Jamie (14), Patrick (11) and Molly (8) and wife Kathy (age to remain unknown). Keeping busy writing papers and canoeing local rivers when they are not flooding. (2008) James Day photo
Stan Fisher (BS Geology 1975)
Lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Calif., and currently has software contracts with Northrop Grumman and Filemaker. In his spare time he develops webbased applications for small businesses. His wife Ginger keeps busy teaching violin and is the secretary of a San Jose community orchestra. His oldest son graduated in June with a degree in Neuroscience from UC San Diego. He also has a son who is a junior at UC Berkeley, a daughter at West Valley College in Saratoga, and a son who is a sophomore at Scotts Valley High School. He purchased a house on Oahu, Hawaii, along with some 1-acre lots on Hawaii's Big Island, and has an idea about building houses in Hawaii if he gets tired of software consulting. stan@jobhub.com. (2005)
William B. (Bill) Hanson (BS Geol 1971, PhD Geol 1976)
Bill and his family constructed their home in the Upper Nehalem River Basin. They moved into the house during late December 2003, just in time for the big snowstorms of January 2004. They operate a small woodland and find time to relax while the trees grow. In addition Bill will continue to conduct some work in the energy business. alpinehi@aol.com. (2005)
Tom Henricksen (PhD Geology 1974)
Continues to work as a consulting geologist in South America- principally Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina- jungle work, high altitude work, living through the recent Bolivian revolution- no end to problems! Has been involved during the past 3 years in the discovery and development of two porphyry copper deposits, a borate deposit, and a silver deposit. Not bad for an old Beaver, but with early guidance from Cy Field, it probably should be expected. Tom's first wife Christine passed away 5 years ago. His Peruvian wife Yony and her two kids are planning to move to the United States in January 2006. His three boys are in various stages-his oldest son Wynn is a stockbroker in Chicago, married with a young daughter and another child on the way. His second son Wes is finishing law school at the University of Washington, married to an Argentine lady, and will be working in San Diego starting in May 2006. His third son Wade is finishing his Associate Degree in computer science at Spokane Community College and will be attending a four-year college next year. tomhenricksen@hotmail.com. (2005)
Randall Hledik (BS Geography 1973)
Managing land resources for Wildish Sand & Gravel Co. in Eugene since 1979. He is about ready to retire from the Army Reserve after 30 years of service. (2002)
David Klanderman (MS Geology 1977)
Boucot was my advisor. J. Johnson and Niem were on my committee. Left OSU to go to West Virginia University to work on a Devonian Gas Shales project operated by DOE and on PhD. The high point of my time there was working on computer models of Cambrian trilobite community assemblages around the North American craton (crashed the entire state computer network running four-dimension graphic representations) and geochemical concretionary stratigraphy in the Devonian sequence. Left prematurely when Carter cancelled the project. Returned to Arizona for a follow-up eight years of university in studio ceramics, history/applied history, anthropology, folklore, oriental studies, art history, and medieval literature. Became an employed member of society with an exhibits job at the Arizona State Museum, working on projects ranging from prehistoric smoking paraphernalia to historic architecture at the University of Arizona. Interviewed for a job at an inter-museum volleyball game in 1988 and started work at Pima Air and Space Museum soon after, leaving the world of geology once and for all. Have created approximately 200 interpretive exhibits in 16 1/2 years spent as Curator of Exhibits. Themes have ranged from the physics of bomb trajectories; aerodynamics; cultural and social history; Arizona's role in the Manhattan Project; "Buck Rogers: Fantasy Meets Reality;" "Mighty Mars: How Humans Perceive Their Planetary Neighbor;" and most notable (to some), a series of geology exhibits on the Defense National Stockpile in the aerospace industry; "When Rocks Fly," the identification and history of the minerals used to build an SR-71 Blackbird spyplane; the materials technology of aerospace engineering; and most recently, under a NASA grant, "Imagining Mars: Water, Life, and the Geology of the Red Planet," an exhibit consisting of 3500 sqare feet of gallery filled with rocks, geological maps, and even an 11th edition copy of Lyell's Principles of Geology. I am also a mixed media and ceramic sculptor, photographer, and am now becoming involved in digital imagery with an HP scanner and a bunch of friends willing to act as guinea pigs. Too much time has passed to feel that I could ever be a geologist again, so, having once made contact, I doubt you will ever hear from me again. (2004)
Al McGreehan (MS Geography 1974)
In 2001, completed his 27th year of local government public service employed as either a planner or community development professional. Al is contemplating a possible retirement and commencement of a geography-teaching career. (2002)
Randy McKinley (MS Geography 1979)
Geographer, employed by the U.S. Geological Survey. From his offsite office in Sheridan, Wyoming, Randy provides remote sensing support to USGS EROS located in Sioux Falls, SD. His current duties include mapping wildfires in support of Department of Interior Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) teams, using remote sensing and GIS technologies to monitor post wildfire rehabilitation and recovery, and other technical and project management activities. (2008). Randy has two daughters, Sheridan (12) and Kaylin (10), that keep him very busy when he's not riding horses and packing mules in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, fly fishing the Bighorn River, or working on home/barn improvement projects. rmckinley@usgs.gov (2008)
John Moran (BS Geology 1968, MS Geology 1971)
Living in Bakersfield, Calif., since 2001 and currently working with Denny Tower (BS Geol 1969, MS Geol 1972) to fund a new oil and gas exploration company there. John spent the middle part of his career working for Apache Corp in Tulsa, Okla. When he was promoted to VP of Exploration, he moved to Houston for 10 years. He managed an exploration effort primarily on the Gulf Coast. While there, Jim Peters (BS Geol 1968, MS 1971) got him interested in California, and he added California to the exploration of his company. They thought to bring the new 3-D seismic exploration tool to an old basin (the San Joaquin) and to use it to explore for oil and gas. John has been responsible for acquiring over 500 square miles of 3-D seismic since that time, and drilling is just starting on most of this work. He is married to Sherry Shelton, who got a business education degree at OSU in 1971. They have two daughters who are nurses in Cascade, Ida., and Ft Worth, Tex. He looks back on his OSU days with fondness, especially the days in geology graduate school. JMoran@aol.com. (2005) John Moran photo
Duane Nellis (MS Geography 1978; PhD Geography 1980)
Dean of Arts and Sciences as well as Professor of Geography at West Virginia University. Duane is finishing his appointment as Past President of the Association of American Geographers. He will assume the Provost position at Kansas State University July 1, 2004. For more info... (2004)
William Nesmith (BS Geography 1974)
Administrator of the Conservation Division of the Oregon Office of Energy (OOE). William's job responsibilities include management of several energy efficiency and renewable resource programs offered by the State of Oregon. He has been with OOE since 1985. He supervises a staff of about 30 with a biennial budget of $10 million. (2002)
Dennis Pack (BS Geology 1970)
Director of Studies at Seymour College in Adelaide, South Australia, a day and boarding school for girls from all over the world. Received a teaching certificate from OSU in 1971, and since has taught from Oregon to Australia to Paraguay to back to Australia again. His role at Seymour involves constructing the college timetable, course counseling, liaising with the state governing body, organizing vocational education opportunities, taking care of student teachers, and being a member of the College Leadership Team. He also looks after students enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, a worldwide program that awards people between 13 and 25 for various activities. He just finished revamping the geography curriculum for the state. He has been involved in anything outdoors and has extensive experience in bushwalking, kayaking, rock climbing, and snow skiing (yes, Australia has snow!). One of his most rewarding activities was cycling around parts of Tasmania and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. In 2006 he plans to return to central Oregon to get to know his grandchildren, introduce locals to some of the cultures he has encountered, fish in the freshwater lakes of the Northwest, and support the Beavers sporting teams. packd@ optusnet.com.au. (2005)
F. Donald Parsons (BS Geography 1971)
Enjoying retirement and highly recommends it. He is still keeping busy with eight grandkids, and volunteer work. (2002)
Patricia Rogers (BS Geography 1979)
Manager of the Transportation Enhancement program for Oregon Department of Transportation. Patricia works with cities, counties, and other agencies throughout Oregon to select and provide funds for sidewalks, bike paths, historical preservation, and landscaping projects. (2002)
Alexander Schriener, Jr. (MS Geology 1978)
In March of 2009 accepted a position as Director of Geothermal Resources for CalEnergy Operating Corporation, Calipatria, Calif. This is similar to a position held with the same firm from 1996-2001. It involves directing drilling, geology, reservoir engineering, geochemistry and geophysics for the 360 megawatt Salton Sea geothermal field; the largest liquid-dominated geothermal field in the US. The field is currently permitting a 195 gross megawatt expansion, so life is very busy. His wife Margie teaches twenty 3-year-olds at a preschool. Alex and Margie still live in Bermuda Dunes, Calif. Alex (27) and his wife Karina are proud parents of 2-1/2 year old son and a 3 month old daughter. They live about 1 mile from us, so we are grandparents almost every weekend. Alex is still working to get accreditation to be a high school English teacher. Timothy (25) is a Research Assistant and a PhD student at the University of New Mexico in Nuclear Engineering. His research involves simulation modeling of new reactor designs. He graduated from OSU in 2006 with a BS degree in Nuclear Engineering. alexander.schriener@calenergy.com. (2009) Alexander Schriener photo
Amy Sikkema (BS Geology 1976)
Moved to Holland in the end of January with her husband Wytse. (2004)
Dr. Harold Greg Smith (BS 1976, PhD Geography 1982)
Chief scientist for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency in Bethesda, Maryland. He is also a lecturer at the University of Maryland, College Park Geography Department. (2002)
Gary Stedman (MS Geography 1976)
Master planner and land use planner with the Directorate of Public Works in Fort Lewis, Washington. Gary worked nearly 14 years in the Environmental and Natural Resources Management for the army, and now has worked 5 + years at Fort Lewis. (2002)
Patrick M. Tolson (MS Geology 1976)
Changed companies from Marathon Oil Company to Dominion to keep from moving to Houston. Patrick's title changed a little with the move, but he is still working the deep Anadarko Basin in Southwestern Oklahoma. (2004)

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Class of 1960 - 1969

Robert E. Bell (BS Geology 1962)
Retired since 2000, after 35 years as a petroleum geologist. Robert is now currently the owner, operator of LaCampana, Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production company. (2004)
Edward C. Beutner (BS Geology 1963)
Enormously enjoying living in Ashland, but the mountains of Wyoming still call for field work during the summer, although they seem to be getting a bit higher and steeper each year. His paper on the Heart Mountain Fault came out in the Geological Society of America Bulletin in May and got coverage in Geotimes and Natural History. He is now working on another one together with Tom Hauge of ExxonMobil in which they hope to complete the story of the origin and mechanisms of the Earth's largest subaerial rockslide. He led a trip through the area for a group from Caltech in August and gave a talk on it at Washington Univ in St. Louis in October. Between continuing to work on the project, trying to keep up with the local theater and music, teaching a course on geologic catastrophes, preparing one on the misuse of geology by Creation pseudoscientists in the program for retired folks at Southern Oregon University, and keeping the deer and bears out of the garden, retirement doesn't seem to be a whole lot less busy than what preceded it. ebeutner@fandm.edu. (2005)
Richard Bewersdorff (BS Geography 1966)
Planning manager for the city of Tigard since 1991. (2003)
Katherine (Laing) Bladh (BS Geology 1969)
Teaching in the Geology Department at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. Katherine is currently an Associate Professor while her husband is a Provost, as well as a geologist. (2003)
Wallace Hibbard (BS Geography 1968)
Associate Regional Director of Park Operations and Education for Southeast Region National Park Service, which includes nine states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (2003)
Dennis Kalhar (BS Geography 1966)
Passed away on February 23, 2002 as a result of pneumonia complicated by ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). (2002)
Richard A. Klecker (BS Geology 1969)
Rich just celebrated 25 years with Amoco and now BP. He is now 9 years into learning his way around the deepwater part of the Gulf of Mexico, and is currently awaiting the availability of a semisubmersible rig to drill in the Keathley Canyon protraction area. Last December he was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa to have a good look at the world-class Permian turbidite fan systems dramatically exposed in the Karoo Basin. Saw Bill Hanson (BS Geol 1971, PhD Geol 1976) at BP after his retirement last year. Rich and his wife hope to join their daughter Tanya living in Portland in the next year or so. His son Travis will graduate from the University of Houston next spring. kleckera@bp.com. (2005)
George Sharp (MS Geology 1969)
George retired in 2002 from the Weyerhaeuser Company after 25 years as Director of Mineral Resources. He managed exploration and development for all mineral commodities on Weyerhaeuser's timberlands and mineral holdings in the US and Canada. Previously George worked for 8 years in oil and gas exploration as a frontier exploration geologist with Shell Oil and later as Division Geologist for Tenneco Oil in Denver. He is currently serving a 5-year term as a Trustee with the GSA Foundation, is a Trustee Associate with AAPG, a docent at the Forest Learning Center on Mount St Helens, and a member of the OSU Department of Geosciences Board of Advisors. George and Danielle travel extensively-their last trip was a month to the Cook Islands and New Zealand. They continue to live in the Puget Sound area and are in the process of remodeling their cabin at Zigzag on the flanks of Mount Hood. Their son Justin works for a nonprofit in Denver, and their daughter Audrey is teaching high school in Mukiteo, Wash. geosharp@comcast.net. (2005)
Ove F. "Van" VanJepmond (BS Natural Resources 1962)
Lives in Olympia, Wash., with his wife Carolan (a graduate of North Texas State). Van is busy in his third career field managing his real estate investments, and Carolan is busy with her interior design business. He is active with Rotary (Lacey Club) and will be attending the 2006 International Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark. vanjepmond@yahoo.com. (2005)
Daniel Vice (BS Geology 1967)
Teaching introductory geology and earth science courses at Penn State University (campuses of Hazleton and Schuylkill). He is also doing some research on Centralia, a town destroyed by a coal bed fire, and on the use of surface geochemistry for oil and gas exploration. (2003)

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Class of 1950 - 1959

Jules R. Dubar - (MS Geology 1950)
BAD NEWS: Broke his hip Oct. 21, 2003, and is still doing therapy, but recovering fairly rapidly. GOOD NEWS: Book "Never Piss in the Wind" has been published (April 2004) and is now available from Amazon and his publisher, Publish America. (2004)
James Hall (BS Geology 1959)
Semi-retired and developing and selling residential real estate. James is spending time with woodcarvings and wood turning as well. He feels what he has learned about the earth helps him protect his customers from geologic problems. (2003)
Sigmund D. Schwarz (BS Geology 1952)
Sig passed away in October 2005. He had practiced geology and geophysical engineering consulting on a limited basis after he and his wife Penny moved from the Seattle area to Astoria, Ore., in the early 2000s. (2005)

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Class of 1940 - 1949

Ellen James Moore (BA Geology 1946)
Her book Fossil Shells from Western Oregon sells well on the Oregon Coast, and it has been adopted as a geology text at several community colleges. ellen.moore@cmug.com. (2005)
Chris C. Lindseth (BS Geology 1944)
Chris died February 12, 2006, at the age of 85. He farmed Christmas trees and timber at Monroe, Ore. He was a longtime supporter of the Geosciences Department and OSU's football program. (2006)

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Class of 1930 - 1939

Ralph Mason (BS Geology 1937)
Died of stomach cancer March 30, 2003. (2003)

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