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We'd Like to Stay in Contact with You

Three times a year, we plan to send an e-newsletter to alumni, highlighting stories about students, researchers, other alumni, and upcoming events. We also plan to send an annual print piece with highlights and may send occasional postcards if there is a major event, such as Geology's 100th anniversary celebrations next year. Certain degree programs, such as Marine Resource Management, offer an opt-in listserv of open job postings in the industry. If you would like us to be able to find you, please fill out this Alumni Contact Form, which will be emailed to the Office of the Dean. Thank you.

Geology 100th anniversary celebrations, June 2014

See the Geology at One Hundred page for more information.

History of Geology at OSU

A Brief History of Geology at Oregon State University, 1913-2014 by Anita Grunder, Jenda Johnson, Mike DiCianna, Henri Sanville, and John Dilles is available at Scholar's Archive.

Also see The first 50 years The first 50 years (1.7MB PDF) and The second 50 years The second 50 years (1.8MB PDF) timelines.

Multi-platform "Flip Book" Published

For the first time this winter, the College placed a 16-page insert inside the Oregon Stater that will be delivered to all CEOAS alumni. See this as a tablet-friendly, digital flip book.

Also, please check out the Geology Pop Quiz for all OSU alumni, on page 12 of Oregon Stater. The quiz was written by Anita Grunder

2013 College Highlights

This year's CEOAS Highlights (pdf) describes a selection of faculty and student projects across the college. Stories are divided into coastal oceanography, climate change, water resources, solid earth geology, elemental cycles and food webs, natural hazards such as earthquakes, GIScience, and ocean/air flows. Eight new faculty members are introduced.

Alumni News

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