Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

CEOAS offers B.S. degrees in Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Geography and Geospatial Science. Minors span the areas of undergraduate study in the College, and a certificate in GIScience is also offered. All students participate in experiential learning through field courses, research, or internships.

The Earth Sciences degree has three distinct options that build on an integrated curriculum core which includes courses in Earth, ocean, atmospheric sciences, and field skills.

  • Geology - the physical Earth: its history, interior structure, and processes that shape its surface
  • Ocean Science - the physical, chemical, and biological workings of the ocean
  • Climate Science - the climate system and its interrelationships with society

The Environmental Sciences degree can be completed on campus or online. The interdisciplinary core includes courses on natural systems and human interaction with the environment. In addition to the interdisciplinary core, students choose an area of specialization.

The Geography and Geospatial Science degree covers the interaction of people with their environment and resources and spatial information.