Oregon State University

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

CEOAS History


Environmental and Earth Sciences

A brief history of the environmental sciences undergraduate program at Oregon State University

Geology at one hundred

A brief history of geology at Oregon State University, 1913-2014 by Anita Grunder, Jenda Johnson, Mike DiCianna, Henri Sanville, and John Dilles

The first 50 years First 50 years (3.5MB PDF)

The second 50 years Second 50 years (2.4MB PDF)

Geology summer field camp

Geography at Oregon State University (from 1946 to 1989) by J. Granville Jensen

Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State oceanography: A catalyst for change by John V. Byrne (2012)

Charlie Miller and the history of oceanography at OSU (MediaSpace video)

A long history of satellite remote sensing research at OSU by Dudley B. Chelton, Ricardo M. Letelier and P. Ted Strub (2013)

Oceanography pioneers: The Oregon State story by John V. Byrne (2012)

What is the ocean like off Oregon?Exploring, monitoring, and understanding the northern California current by John A. Barth and Robert L. Smith (2012)

Oceanography and atmospheric sciences: 1959–2009 by Vern Kulm, Larry Small, and Bob Smith; photos assembled by Jane Huyer (2009)

Oceanography: The making of a science, the Oregon State story by John V. Byrne (2000)

COAS 50th anniversary - Mark Abbott keynote speech (YouTube video)

COAS 50th anniversary - John Byrne keynote speech (YouTube video)

COAS 50th anniversary - Alan Mix aboard Joides Resolution (YouTube video)